Practical Value of the Great Invocation

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Practical Value and Transcendence of The Great Invocation

In the Daily Work of World Aspirants and Disciples


ByWalter Maverino

November 14, 2002.  Buena Voluntad Rosario –  – [email protected] . Original text in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada.
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Each twenty eight days we send you an invitation to participate in Full Moon Retreats we perform in the Chapel del Monte, Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

Alice A. Bailey
channeled the Great Invocation given by Master Djwhal Khul, The Tibetan.

Keeping in mind that in the full moons of Scorpio and Pisces we perform activities appropriate to the inner needs and of those of the members that coordinate the activities of the UniDiversitywe are creating, in this occasion we are not developing the normal activities open to the public.  However, we are pleased to send you our reflections overThe practical value and transcendence of the Great Invocation in the daily work of World Aspirants and Disciples,a subject we consider of rigorous current importance and of a growing importance as the organizational and social decomposition moves forward generated by the intense and varied purification to which humanity and the planet are subjected.

It was imparted for the first time in 1945and considered by Alice A. Bailey, the author that presented it in her various works, as the Mantram of the Age of Aquarius and described as equivalent to the value the Lord’s Prayer had during the Age of Pisces,The Great Invocation since then has been translated to dozens of languages and included in hundreds of books as well as spread in most diverse ways and by most varied media of communication all over the world.  We could say that we deal with the most known invocation, most universal and inclusive and also the most daily used in all cultures.

But one think is to know, use and spread it and other very different is to carry on its content into practice.

Of course it is an excellent reality the fact that in little more that half a century it has reached that level of spreading, which is continuously growing, but keeping in mind that the human and social reality humanity lives is probably the most adverse with respect to others which it can be compared against along history for the most part of world population, the Great Invocation can and must have a real and concrete gravitation in human transformations and in the social innovations that are approaching.


Propositions of The Great Invocation

Which ones are the propositions of The Great Invocation applicable to our reality and our present needs?

The necessity that humanity illumines its mind with Divine Light.
The necessity that humanity’s heart runneth over with Divine Love.
The necessity that humanity comprehend and be guided by Divine Purpose which was presented in all cultures and all epochs by Masters of Wisdom who integrate the Planetary Hierarchy.
The necessity that humanity assume the responsibility to bring to fulfillment the Plan of Love and Light and seal the door where evil dwells, this one understood as the negative effects on people’s and Planet’s life provoked by the preeminence of ignorance, greed and materialism in world affairs.
The necessity that humanity understand that the Eternalthe search for Common Goodcannot be defeated by the ephemeralthe search for personal goodand face the reality assuming their responsibilities with determination and certainty that Light, Love and Power will restore the Plan on Earth.

These five great subjects resume the most brief and powerful message of all times.  These five great subjects constitute the major commitment of World Aspirants and Disciples.


Answers of World Aspirants and Disciples

Channeled by Alice A. Bailey.  Given by Master Djwhal Khul, The Tibetan.
Great Invocation distributed
in Spanish under this format by Buena Voluntad Rosario (

Which are the answers that World Aspirants and Disciples can and should give to the propositions formulated by The Great Invocation?

To manifest the Purpose the Masters know and serve.
To work toward getting the Plan of Love and Light worked out.
To work for the sealing of the door where evil dwells.


Promotion of Human Transformations and Innovations

Which are the human transformations and the organizational innovations that World Aspirants and Disciples should promote and humanity experiment so that in the present and immediate future the propositions of The Great Invocation be converted into a reality, for the greater Good of the greatest possible number of persons in the whole world?

The awareness of her double origin, human and Divine.
The manifestation of her double planetary and Cosmic nature.
The re-edification of the Sanctuary in which she lives.
The reconstruction of the form in which she lives and relates with other Kingdoms of Nature.
The way to transcend the main World Problems.
The construction of a New Social Order without excluded ones.
The creation of a New Civilization, mixed, open, spiritual, inoffensive, solidary, participative and creative.
The reorganization of the world thought and politics.
The comprehension and respect of the Universal Laws of Human and Higher Evolution.
The creation of suitable conditions for the manifestation of the Fifth Kingdom on the Planet.
The redistribution of world resources in accordance with Divine Purpose.


How Will HumanityBring This Transformation to Fruition?

How will humanity bring to fruition such a transformation to pass from a macho-oriented, closed, materialistic, aggressive, greedy, totalitarian and depredatory civilization that degenerated into an irreversible mode and inevitably extinguishes away with all the burden of perverse effects that it endures, into a New Civilization and to enjoy the before enunciated constructive effects?

We could not say it with less words and great certainty that it is all expressed by reproducing the Mantram of Unity of World Disciple:

"The children of men are one and I am one with them.
I try to love and not hate;
I try to serve and not demand service;
I try to heal and not hurt.

"May the pain bring the due reward of Light and Love.
May the soul control the external form,
Life and all events
And bring to light the underlying love of all which is happening at this time.

 "May the vision and internal perception come;
May the future be revealed;
May the inner vision be demonstrated;
May external divisions cease.

"May love prevail;
May all men love."

For all of this, which is as real as the Sun and crocodiles, to be fulfilled it is needed that World Aspirants and Disciples be avant-garde, not just from the mystic viewpoint of meditation, invocation and reflection about the content of The Great Invocation but, and fundamentally from the practical viewpoint, of working guided by the inner inspiration of its content and by the Unity of external Group Purpose to make the human, organizational and social transformationhappen.


Final Conclusion

The Great Invocation in the Russian language.
It has been translated to all the major world languages.

In synthesis:"God helps those who help themselves"because prayer and meditation based on the content of The Great Invocation without tangible and concrete results so that Common Good prevail over individual good could be, in the best of cases, pure illusion accompanied with futility in the action.

And for sure that was not the result expected by the Planetary Hierarchy which as Guide and Keeper of the Universal Evolutionary Plan, which it is too, was the Source from which The Great Invocation emanated.

This is to our understanding the best way we can express today the practical value and the transcendence of The Great Invocation in the daily work of the World Aspirants and Disciples.  We hope these our reflections originate other reflections from you and perhaps actions too so that the potentiality of the most powerful and synthetic Mantram we have today be converted into a reality equally powerful and constructive for the majority of beings that populate the Earth.


So be it and may each one of us fulfill their part.

Very sincerely,

Walter Maverino



The new world will express light, love and knowledge of God in a crescendo of revelation, producing seven great results:


1.   Power will be granted to world disciples and initiates to work in a way that can efficaciously and wisely lead to the reconstruction process.


2.   The will to love will stimulate people of good will around the world, gradually defeating hate.  The inner need to live together and cooperating exists already and it is subjected to stimulation.


3.   The will to act will lead intelligent people of the world to inaugurate those activities that will constitute the foundations of a new better and happier world



4.   The will to cooperate will augment in a growing manner.  People will wish and demand the correct human relationships as a form of natural life.


5.   The will to a correct and creative knowing and thinking will be an outstanding characteristic of the masses.  Knowledge is the first step towards wisdom.


6.   The will to persist will be converted in a human characteristic, a sublimation of the basic instinct of survival.  That will lead to the persisting belief in the ideals presented by the Hierarchy and in the demonstration of immortality.



7.   The will to organize will advance a constructive process that will unfold under the direct inspiration of the Hierarchy.  Its developing means will be the power of will-to-good of world servers and the receptivity of the good will of humanity.


Excerpt taken from the Meditation "Full Moon of Aries, Festival of Passover ("Plenilunio de Aries, Festival de Pascua"), from Buena Voluntad Rosario, .  Translation from Spanish.

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