A Biography of Saint Germain


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ABiography of Saint Germain

By Luis E. Prada

Image Credits:

  • Louis XV, by F. H. Drouais, from "Small Larousse in Color" or "Petit Larousse Illustré", Spanish version  by Ramón García-Pelayo y Gross, Larousse Publishing.
  • Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania – Comte de St. Germain.  Painting by J. Augustus Knapp illustrating the book "Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy" by Manly P. Hall.

Updates: July 29, 2003; January 7, 2004; May 28, 2005.

Count Saint-Germain

violet-flame-ib.jpg (4306 bytes)The Ascended Master that brings the Violet Flame of Healing andTransmutation for the Aquarian Age is St. Germain. I am going to give some facts about the life of this Rosicrucianmaster and mystic as presented in Rosicrucian literature and other sources.

His complete name is Violinio Germaine, yes, with final "e", however, it is spelt more commonly as "Germain."  He is affectionately called "The Lavender Lad."

The place of his birth is not historically known simply because he was Francis Bacon and never died since, more on this later.  It is claimed that in childhood he livedin the home of one of the last of the Medici and that he was educated at theUniversity of Siena. This is not true.

From 1710 to 1822 was known in various parts ofEurope under the names of the Marquis of Montferrat, the Count Bellamarre,Chevalier Schoening, Chevalier Weldon, Count Solticoff, Graf Tzarogy and PrinceRakoczi or Rakoczy and some identified him as the last Commander of the Knights ofMalta.  Throughout Europe he was recognized as a diplomat, scholar andlinguist.  His knowledge of other languages was impressive:  he washighly proficient in Latin, Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit and Chinese and had fluencyin German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.  His abilityto acquire a new language was so great that after coming in contact with a groupfor a short time started speaking their own language.  He was the emissary parexcellence because of his multilingual skills, knowledge of places throughextensive traveling, acquaintance with international law and advocacy for peace.

Far above average were his abilities in art and music.  The CountessGenlis in her memories wrote enthusiastically of the extraordinary effectachieved by the quality of his color, especially when painting jewels andornaments in his pictures.  So great was his interest in gems, according tothe Countess, that he willingly sacrificed his pictures as a whole to make thegems seem real.  His pictures may have been signed but with apseudonym.  In music very little has been known except by some compositionsbearing the name Giovannini, supposedly an Italian composer that has beendiscovered to be Count St. Germain’s compositions.  Of his literary workfew has survived except for a copy kept in the French city of Troyes of theoriginal manuscript by St. Germain called "La Tres Sainte Trinosophia"["The Most Holy Threefold Wisdom"].  The Count destroyed theoriginal.  Divided in twelve sections, suggesting the divisions of theZodiac and the conditions and life experiences of the candidate, this workdescribes the stages of progress and initiation from the neophyte to the finalstage of perfection as this enfoldment progresses through the four elements,earth, air, fire, and water.  The manuscript is filled with hieroglyphs andsymbolic pictures that present difficulties of interpretation even to advancedstudents.

Because of his unusual activities, permanent youth, his mysterious remarksabout his origin, the extravagances people believed and repeated about him, St.Germain was called "Wonder Man" and the "man who neverdied."  His age was the most mysterious thing since for more than ahundred years he seemed to look about forty five years old.  In 1710, whenhe already looked forty five and was already known in social circles of Holland,he was in Venice and met with Countess von Georgy.  One interesting detailto mention here, referred to by Franz Graeffer in his book "Recollectionsof Vienna", is that the mentioned Countess, now elderly, in coming face toface with Count St. Germain stepped back in surprise, saying that fifty yearsago in Venice with her husband, then Ambassador, she had known theCount.   It seemed incredible to her that he could have changed solittle in appearance, nevertheless St. Germain confirmed to her that he was thesame person she had known fifty years earlier.

His knowledge of the courts and of events that happened fifty, sixty or moreyears ago was so detailed that people were convinced that he actuallyexperienced those circumstances.  For instance, he could describe scenes ofthe court of Francis I and depict the king with high degree of exactness, evenimitating his voice, language and mannerisms.  (Here referring to FrancisI,  German Emperor from 1745 to 1765, father of Marie Antoinette.)

Napoleon III is said to have ordered a complete documentation of everythingbelonging to the Count.  The material then collected was destroyed by firewhen the building in which it was deposited was burned during the Commune.

In 1735 he was in Holland again.  Between 1737 to 1742 he was at thecourt of the Shah of Persia.  From 1743 to 1745 he was active in Englandduring the Jacobite Revolution.  At this time he was arrested in Londonduring his diplomatic efforts on the grounds of being a spy.

In 1745 St. Germain left London for Vienna where he was known as a mystic andphilosopher.  He became intimate friend of Emperor Francis I’s chiefMinister, Prince Ferdinand von Lobkowitz.  Through this friendship he metthe Marshal of France, the Duc de Belle-Isle, special emissary of Louis XV ofFrance at the Viennese Court.  In 1757 Duc de Belle-Isle took Saint-Germainto Paris and, being the Minister of War and associated with the high class, theDuc of Belle-Isle most likely introduced the Count to the Court Circles ofFrance and to both Louis XV and Madame Pompadour.  Count St. Germain becamewell known to the court of Louis XV who in 1758 assigned him a spaciousapartment in the castle Chateau de Chambord on the river Loire.  The kingregarded him as one of his friends.  At this Chateau the Count wrote muchand performed important Alchemical experiments.  There he built aRosicrucian laboratory and set aside various rooms for his secret meetings withmystical councils of Rosicrucian leaders and representatives of various parts ofEurope who came there to confer with the Count.  Among these were Baron deGleichen, Marquise d’Urfé and the Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst, the mother of CatherineII of Russia.

In 1760 Louis XV sent Count Saint-Germain on a diplomatic mission to TheHague and from there he went to England.  Two or three years later he wasin St. Petersburg and at the end of 1763 he met the well-known Casanova atTournay in Belgium.  Count Cobenzl in a letter written in 1763 said thatSt. Germain had performed "under my own eyes … the transmutation ofiron into a metal as beautiful as gold".  From 1764 to 1768 theCount was in Berlin.  There he closely associated himself with the AbbéPernety, Princess Amelie, the old Baron Knyhausen and Madame de Troussel. In 1770 he went to Tunis with the Comte Maximilian de Lamberg and to Leghornwhile the Russian fleet was there.Louis XV (1710-1774), great grandson of Louis XIV, King of France from 1715 to 1774.  Governed primarily under the regency of Phillip of Orleans.  France intervined in the wars of Succession of Polony and Austria.  In the War of the Seven Years (1756-1763), against England and Prussia, he had to surrender the possessions of India, Canada and Louisiana.  The First Minister Choiseul was able to get together the four Borbonic reigning branches in the so called Family Pact (1761).  The preponderant influence of the royal favorates and the internal politics of the monarch, sometimes contradictory, contributed to favor the action of encyclopedic philosophers, who prepared the way for the French Revolution.  His grandson, Louis XVI, married Marie Antoinette, the daughter of Francis I.

Louis XV, King of France (1710-1774), painting by F. H. Drouais

In 1773 he traveled to Mantua after meeting his pupil Cagliostro inParis.  In 1774, after the death of Louis XV on May 10, the Count went toThe Hague as diplomat representing several governments.  From there he mayhave made a trip to Schwalbach and returned to Holland.

From 1774 to 1776 he met several Rosicrucian and alchemists atTriesdorf.  In the later part of 1776 he attended a high council meeting ofRosicrucians at Leipzig, and next year he helped to establish a RosicrucianCollege and Alchemical laboratory at Dresden. During the signing of the AmericanConstitution the continental congress assembled with doors locked was indecisiveto sign the proclamation of independence when a "stranger" appearedamong them and delivered a passionate speech exhorting them to sign with thecommanding words: "Sign that document."  This stranger wasSt. Germain.  In 1779 he was in Hamburg to consult with a group of Rosicruciansand then he visited the home of Prince Karl of Hesse, who was then the GrandMaster of the Rosicrucians in Germany.  Around that time he paid a visit tothe Castle of the Duc of the Medici which had an archive for the preservation ofthe Rosicrucian material from all parts of Europe.  Here was the place formany Rosicrucian conventions and for the addition of Rosicrucian material.

In 1785 and 1786 he had a conference with the Empress of Russia, he visitedthe Princess de Lamballe while she stood before the tribunal only shortly beforeshe was killed by a bullet.  In 1788, according to the Comte de Challons,St. Germain conversed with him in St. Mark’s square in Venice.  In 1793 theCount appeared to Jeanne Du Barry while she waited for the scaffold to beguillotined.Príncipe Ragoczy de Transilvania - Comte de San Germán.  Pintura por J. Augustus Knapp que ilustra el libro "Filosofía Simbólica Masónica, Hermética, Cabalística y Rosacruz" por Manly P. Hall.

Frivolous as their life may seem, members of nobility needed mystical truthto be imparted to their souls and unfolding Inner selves. And so St. Germain set himselfto give guidance and instruction of high spiritual level to some of these leaders orleaders-to-be who were tired of the fictitious and hypocritical manners and etiquette ofsocial life and whose education was rigid and shallow and, in that sense, deprived ofnatural spontaneity. He also contacted -and contacts- Rosicrucians and mystics of thehighest degrees to help them with their social manners and ethical development. Inconjunction with other ascended masters associated with the sacred violet flame, he trainsand activates this energy in their bodies. His typical appearance is of medium height, ofsoft pleasing voice, piercing eyes and wearing a velvet violet coat highly embroidered,with vest of velvet, a ruffled lace front and fancy cuffs. He wears a powdered wig, makinghim look as a personage of the eighteenth century.

(Clickhere to read a description of the current physical appearance of Saint Germain.)

He ascended on May 1, 1684.

There is an excellent channeling he gave through Claire Heartsong where he talks about his life as Sir Francis Bacon, he said:[Allison Heartsong poses clarifying questions to St. Germain.]

"Indeed, my mother was Queen of England[referring to Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), daughter of Henry VIII]who epitomized the colonization of nations, which was part of her soul memory of ‘star wars’.  Indeed beloveds, it is true —Queen Elizabeth was a grand fiery-haired one, to be sure, with a grand heart and a grand mind and a grand vision and a grand knowingness.  She conceived that which be I and she sent me off onto other parentage, the home of the Bacons, where I became quite a boar[the boar was one of the Francis Bacon’s signature codes.]
"Allison Heartsong:So you are confirming that Francis Bacon was a son of Queen Elizabeth who gave her son to one of the ladies in waiting.[Francis Bacon was an English Renaissance philosopher (1561-1626 (?)]
And so you became Francis Bacon?
Quite a rowdy, to be sure and not altogether boring.  I did gather to myself the ways and means of impressing others in the high places and a way of being quite witty and quite wondrous with verbiage.  Yet do you know my beloveds, deep within my soul was a knowingness of who I be and of the design of my coming.  The miracles occurred, appearances and ‘encounters of the close kind’.  Though I was yet a youngster, I was made aware as Francis Bacon of the knowingness of the ancients and where I had hidden certain treasures.  I did find all of that, which was quite exciting —to open the box of myself, the time capsule, and to come into a completion in Ascension in that lifetime.
I staged the death
(of Francis Bacon), that still has some scratching their heads, and continued on to work upon the European scene with a grand vision of union, a grand vision to be in the footsteps of that One who was my son, the One you call Jesus."
A.H. As I understand it, you are saying that even during your youth as Francis Bacon you became aware of soul memory, including your life as Joseph?
Indeed, not only soul memory, beloved, but that which I had buried in a variety of different places, actual tangible records that I had laid up for myself for a later time."
Sir Francis Bacon, a reencarnation of Count St. Germain (francisb.jpg (12709 bytes))A.H.:  So in the middle of your life as Francis Bacon, you has awareness that you had these previous lifetimes and you had awareness of your mission, including the United States of America?
Indeed, what the planet was coming into, the shift from the Piscean understanding to the Aquarian and to the Era of God."
A.H.: …that you were laying the foundation for that shift.
Yes, it burned brightly within me.  I was entorched with the passion of it and so was that which was my mate, whose name was Portia."
A.H.: And do I understand you mean that at the end of the life of Francis Bacon an ascension or expansion of consciousness into seventh level occurred that did not involve physical death and reincarnating in a body, but simply staging a false death and burial so that you could continue as the embodiment of Francis Bacon now Ascended as a seventh level Ascended Master and that you moved to Europe to continue as St. Germain?
A.H.: Approximately how long was it from the time you staged the artificial death of Francis Bacon and moved from England to the European continent, before your met Portia?
"We knew one another before."
A.H.: Was she in a physical embodiment or in an ethereal…?
"In an embodiment.  We knew —she knew better than I— we knew the purpose of the ascension was for Union."
A.H.: You mean while you were living the life of Francis Bacon, you met Portia?
"Yes.  She too Ascended in that timing.  She lifted her frequency into a grand understating of who she be, so that we might facilitate one another…"

[If you want to know the rest of the story, buy the book. See Reference 3.]

He hasreincarnated previously as:

Saint-Germainserves on the Seven Ray. He is known as the "Lord of the Seven Ray", he is alsothe "seventh angel" prophesied in Revelation 10:7.  He is themaster of the crown chakra which he helps to cleanse.

His twinflame is Portia, the Goddess of Justice who serves on the Karmic Board, hismaster is Master Rakoczi, of the First Ray, the Great Divine Director, the Manuof the Seventh Root Race, the founder of the Rakoczi dynasty.

With respect to the reincarnation as a ruler of the Golden Age civilization in the Sahara Desert, St. Germain says through Candace Frieze (see the complete discourse inSt. Germain on NESARA & Money):

"In my distant past I learned personally the hard way, as most do in Earth, the follies of misusing of money. I headed up a very large civilization that came to an end 50,000 years ago in the area which is now the Sahara Desert. I practiced personally at the time money management, much as the Federal Reserve does today. My peoples lost their sense of spirituality because they became so engulfed in money, wealth, and materialism.

"My society failed from my mismanagement. The money became worthless, just as is what is happening now, on a large scale basis over much of the world. My society collapsed, and had nothing to fall back on, when the money became worthless. We basically just printed and spent, and developed little other skills that we could fall back on, for survival. I learned much then. I did not do this to bring about collapse and control. I did this because I wanted the peoples to be happy and comfortable. They were too comfortable. But I learned much about how money works in that venture.

"Over the last 200 years I have worked behind the scenes to get electronic money up and running. Well, it wasn’t electronic then the way it is now, but I did start the banking up that has become what it is today. I did not start up the Federal Reserve System, this mess is the work entirely of the BBB&G’s [Big Bad Boys & Girls]. But electronic transfer of money is efficient and makes it easy to use…"

His physical sacred sitesare as follows:

1. Mount Shasta, in Northern California, USA;
2. His Cave of Symbols inTable Mountain, near Jackson Hole in the State of Wyoming, USA, where he has achair of ascension of his own invention;
3. The Retreat of the Great DivineDirector, the Rakoczi Mansion in Transylvania, Romania (on the etheric planethere has been established there the Sacred Temple of the Maltese Cross);
4.Royal Teton Retreat at the Grand Tetons mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming,USA.;
5. The Cave of Light in India, in the Himalayas;
6. An etheric CelestialCity located over the Sahara Desert;
7. An office in Maryland, USA, where he coordinates mainly all the NESARA activities and the prosperity program fund distribution.
8. A UFO-type spaceship within the solar system where he coordinates operations with the Galactic Federation.

His teachings, being known also as the I AM Presence, are todaypresented worldwide by various mystical and metaphysical organizations not associated witheach other. No one can claim ownership of these teachings as no one can claim ownership ofthe air you breathe or the law of gravity, since the violet flame is a universal solventand agent, a spiritual law available toanyone.

As sponsor of the Aquarian Age, Saint-Germain brings the Violet Flame teachings forpeace, freedom and enlightenment to humankind. The Violet Flame is the ideal tool to healemotional and physical problems, improve relationships and help grow spiritually. Thisflame is invoked using decrees or mantras said rhythmically while utilizing meditation andvisualization techniques.

In a three dimensional world of the present paradigm the law of polarity and dualitymanifests implacable as Karma in human affairs. The Violet Flame being a higher spirituallaw of the fourth dimensional world and beyond is able to overcome this lower law of causeand effect by transmuting the negative energy and even erasing memories of past mistakes.This flame changes negative into positive and darkness into light.

For each lower law there is always a higher law thatsupersedes it.  For the law of gravity, there is the law of levitation, for the lawof karma, there is the law of forgiveness and compensation through the violet flame,dispensations, intercessions and other meditative techniques and actions.  Theomnipotence of the Supreme Director always prevails over his/her laws.  If you do your daily prayers and meditations withthe violet flame in humbleness, with clear intention and devotion, you will discover thatwhat was written in that arcane forgotten manuscript that seemed so incredible, miraculousand magic will come to be true word by word and line by line

This biography would be incomplete without mentioning that Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain helped Alan Greenspan, the Head of the Federal Reserve, write the NESARA Law draft.  St. Germain is the main coordinator of the Celestial Extraterrestrial Forces, the Ascended Masters and the Earth Allies (White Knights) in the conception and writing of the law, its announcement, the protection of allied terrestrial forces during the preannouncement period, the implementation of NESARA and the funding and distribution of the prosperity programs.  See information on NESARA here: https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/NESARA_law.htm .In the navigation bar see several articles about St. Germain and his involvement with this US Law.  He also predicted the Fall from power of the Illuminati and their Evil Empire as is covered in the article "NESARA Foreseen by St. Germain" athttps://www.luisprada.com/Protected/NESARA_foreseen_by_st_germain.htm .  NESARA ushers in the Aquarian Golden Age and marks the crumbling, arrest and trial of the Evil Illuminati who for centuries have positioned themselves in power and in control of the monetary system of the world.  For the coordination of all these activities St. Germain has an office in Maryland, USA.


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