Reflections On the New Aquarian Consciousness

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Reflections On the Dawning of the New Aquarian Consciousness

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran

Channel: Ramaathis-Mam,

Originals in Spanish. English translations found in the same Website. Translations corrected and edited by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.

Reflections On the Dawning of the New Aquarian Consciousness

March 27, 2002

From the vastness of the cosmos Commander Ashtar Sheran salutes fraternally all those who feel the calling of the Earthin this glorious and sublime cycle of evolution that has been showered over the Earth and in your hearts.

We as the guardians of the Laws of Evolution and the Principals of Life in the universe are in expectation, alert and joyful that you are entering the last stretch that will take you, in this Third Millennium, to discover a new universal vision of life. We can perceive, observe and experience how many of you are asking, from the depths of your Self, for a reference of Light to guide and confirm what your Higher Self is transmitting to you. We want you to know that we are with you and that we have never abandoned you, on the contrary, we have been directing your process of evolution since millions of years ago. The Light of the New Aquarian Age is spreading to the galactic horizons of the universe and your solar system is receiving all the intense and heavy potential that the worlds of atoms, molecules and cells are receiving. You are all made of different structure levels and energy densification. You are a holistic whole and these changes start from the most subtle, refined and intelligent planes of the Self to the material planes. That is why we, your brothers from the cosmos, are positively affecting this radioactive and transforming aperture that is affecting the most densified lower worlds and development in evolution.

It is important that you be aware of this whole energy-vibratory wave that has a very specific job to do and that was programmed since long ago and that you chose to experience because of your development in evolution. Now, beloved sons and daughters of the universe, the date of your exam has come and all the experience that you have accumulated in your genetic biology and conscience field of your Higher Self will be put to test. You think that everything that we are transmitting is uncertain, abstract and has very little to do with your daily life, but the reality is very different and we are imploring you to take this seriously. Because the times of change have come and if you are not ready you can have experiences that are not to your liking and that your State of Being will have to repeat again as something necessary for your comprehension and spiritual expansion.

We are observing how there are more groups that are sensitive to the environment and are aware of how the political and economic models are deficient and cause the planet to deteriorate. But, the universe is here to develop a whole project to balance, recuperate and change the defective parts with its profound and unfathomable wisdom and conscious of the alteration the is happening in its machinery. The universe will do this through your genes of evolution and inferior bodies when the Earth begins to completely integrate the new vibratory codes that will unleash your automatic instincts if you are not aligned with the Earth.

Obviously there is a great sector of the population that each time more reclaims a new social, economic, and political stance, still there does not exist the strength, cohesion and enough organization to once and for all affect the governments that direct the social development of the planet. Because of this, we are a little worried, because there are still many aspects of your life that you have not transmuted, integrated and understood. What we are trying to say with all this, is that the real revolution begins inside you when you dive deep inside yourself and face all the abnormalities that separate you from the cosmic consciousness of fraternity, compassion, comprehension, respect and unconditional solidarity by giving yourselves to the others in an act of love. Your ego is still very predominate and this generates a contradiction and obstruction in the flow of spiritual values that should manifest in your life as something tangible, real and dominate. Because of that we are asking you to seriously and honestly dive deep inside and decide what you want your life to really be like, if you really want to be reborn in a new conceptual, conscience abundance or continue to resist yourselves and not pay attention to the needs of the planet or of your Higher Self that is demanding you to take heed.

The Aquarian Consciousness is not a determined event produced at some point in your existential trajectory, it is a whole process of awareness and inner activation of the values of the pure ones, vibrating in the frequency of divine mastery that the masters of the past demonstrated. And you are not an exception nor were the masters special beings that had the capacity to conquer their spiritual Ascension and mastery. Even though we are in constant vigil and our commandos of follow up and supervision are alert and active, we also need you to participate in this vibratory push that we are channeling from the plasma center of the galaxy. At this moment, I can guarantee that even if your contribution is very small, from the point of view of the universe, the repercussion that it has is immense and that is where your spiritual practices, awareness and inner visualization of your spiritual program comes into play. You should continue with your spiritual discipline because every time you immerse in it, you are making a big energy and vibratory contribution and the Earth is absorbing and integrating it in her energy nucleus.

The Awakening of the Aquarian Consciousness is the underlying effect of the cycles of evolution that you have gone through and now in your brain and genetic codes you will be allowed to understand that something extraordinary is happening in your planet that was chosen as a place of training, redemption and rectification of evolution of beings that came from different points of the universe. As parts of the Universal Whole, we must all build the New World that the universe and the Great Hierarchy has programmed and sanctioned as a priority and important event in your solar system. Even though you might think that this process only concerns the Earth, it is affecting and influencing the planets and dimensional realms that make up your solar system. We are all a great universal family and when one is going through a crisis, the others immediately come to the rescue with help, orientation and fraternal solidarity that is needed in these cases.

Generally speaking, the Great Hierarchy of the Universe already knows the end result of the spiritual catharsis that the Earth and her inhabitants are going through, but since free will is the instrument of evolution, it depends on you if the change happens in harmony, comprehension, tolerance and peace or if you will have to experiment the alterations, rattles and rolls that this implies. A fascinating panorama of transformation of planetary and human awakening is waiting for you and it is important that you be conscious of this fact because that way the passage and implantation of the new paradigm of evolution that will rule this Third Millennium will be easier. Do you think that everything that is happening on the planet is an accident and has nothing to do with you?

We, as the designers, supervisors and knowers of your cycles of evolution say that it has a lot to do with you and we are willing, as we have always been, to guide, teach and give you the guidelines and tools that you need so that you can build a New Aquarian Earth. In order to do this you must uproot your ego that has caused so much pain, suffering and destruction in your lives, the planet and the human collective. You must come out of the shell that you have closed yourselves in and open to a new universal reality that is spreading to the galactic horizon and that like a whirlwind comes to communicate that the time has come to transmute, purify and transcend.

The angels or brothers of cosmic Light are in expectation, they are active and have high hopes because many hearts that were dead and corroded by negative tendencies are being revitalized and restructured. If you are Light why do you insist on activating the darkness that separates you from your Divine Self and from God? Only respect for the essence that you contain and that maintains you united to the Infinite Father is what has to manifest and guide your lives. When you realize that everything comes down to that point in the path, then you will discover the greatest Truth that makes up, gives life and cohesion to the universe.

"Only love made the Great God of the Universe manifest His Infinite and Luminous Heart in the individualized consciousnesses so that His Beauty, Magnificence and Omniscience could unfold its aroma in each atom of the spiritual consciousness that makes up your Divine Essence."

Because you are the sons and daughters of the Supreme absolute, your royal and sublime lineage will allow you to form part of the great Cosmic Dance of Universal Love that beats and underlies every conscious organism of the universe. We are all a deep breath in the unfathomable and unlimited eternity of God and as such we form a collage where harmony, wisdom and spiritual peace is the oxygen that transports vitality, power, strength and energy to the amazing, sacred and great heart of God.

The time has come to get rid of the debris that you have been taking with you during thousands of lifetimes that like a heavy load has maintained you immersed in the depths of spiritual ignorance. Now, from sensitivity and inner reflection, we beg you to get rid of that debris and tear off the mask that you have been using up to now. You are the gods of the Light of the Universal Father and you do not need to act like mindless idiots that everything they do and say has a destructive and harmful effect. Has your destructive behavior contributed to generate peace, satisfaction, serenity and inner abundance in your life? This is why I say that you should not continue to follow the path of the destructive and segregating ego, follow the path of righteousness, harmony, fraternal and loving equableness of your heart when it shines in the spiritual frequency of the I AM.

Be what you have always been and do not disregard your Divine Essence, nor spoil your Inner God that like a faithful and solidarity friend observes, advises and waits for you to return to the divine luminous meeting point with your spiritual natural essence. If I am speaking to you in these condescending and loving terms, it is so that you can understand that you are very much loved, beyond your comprehension and we want to share our achievements in evolution with you on all levels. But, you must get rid of that instinctive, transgressing, aggressive and destructive attitude that like a dark shadow invades and takes hold of you when your immeasurable ambitions are not met. There is only one necessity and primordial ambition that all beings of Light and those in process of evolution should develop and that is fraternal, solidarity and unattached cooperation so that the God that vibrates in love in each Being, recreates Himself in His infinite dance of compassion and infinite wisdom.

I hope that my words have been of use to you and that they penetrate deeply in the metal layer that you have built around you and that it be dissolved so that the Light of the Highest can shine with joy, peace, and harmony inside you. Your brother from the stars, Ashtar Sheran, bids farewell in a loving and brotherly way.

End of transmission.

The Essence of Cosmic Love

June, 2005. Taken from:

Greetings to all the Earth human beings and brothers of planetary Light that jointly we are implied in the sequence of opening of a new conscience.

There are many humans who speak of the love, but the conception that they have not corresponds with their attitudes, values and paradigms when create group of discord and separation.  The ego and his multiple expressions are the protagonists of the social scene in worlds like yours, which tries to hide under many masks that are a fraudulent and injurious projection of them.  The essence of the love is not to cover the internal emptiness of Being and the connection with God by means of ideologies and thoughts that radiate manipulation and exploitation. Is harmonic, and not it essence of love, that is managing your activities, because you have not really get to contact with your Divine Essence, that only emanate harmonic flows of fraternal Light, solidarity feeling and collaboration.  Instead of exhibiting the essence of the Being, that is unconditional service, you express ideas that foment separation and destruction.

Most of your daily transactions foment in parameters of benefits and personal satisfaction, no matter what repercussion will have in the others and in environment. The egoism, synonymous of I myself, is the discordant paradigm that is managing the evolutionary scene of your planet. You have been educated to be center and to act of an independent form, without understanding that you are interdependent and that you are interconnected to a series of electromagnetic networks and gravitational that is those that facilitates the survival of your physical bodies and the life in your planet. The egoism, is an archetype in shade of the love, only seeks for personal satisfaction, where the principle and the center are one the same and not Creator and his universe. This false condition is the origin of all the conflicts that take place in your lives. You are fomenting the egoism instead of union.  The union is a group constituted by many individuals that collaborate of harmonic form, solidarity and shared with a Common Center.  That Common Center or Essential Nucleus is the one who produces the cohesion, the harmony, the respect, the collaboration, the wisdom and prosperity between all.

Everybody you have EGOCENTRIC behavior that is collision with behavior EGOCENTRIC of the others and for that reason it does not exist synergy or connection.

There is a single center, which is God, like nucleus primary and cohesive of the cosmic order, and all the other elements must seek the connection with Him. The paradigm of involution is to foment many egocentric being creating a dispersion of energies, spirit of competition and exploitation that reinforces egocentric behavior. We are organizations of individualized conscience, but simultaneously we are a plurality expression from Unified Whole that is God, like energy, Light and vibration that we must structure for the evolution and the life in the universe. It is the same energy, vibratory frequency and wavelength that is transformed infinitely to be creating new levels of conscience and evolution in the universe.

Everybody are in some of the sequences of the evolution, that has purpose developing the feeling and understanding, to power our singularity and cohesion the plurality, that is the one that nourishes the Whole. The essence of the cosmic love reposes in the understanding of that we are all parts of a great evolutionary project cosmic that we must go cohesion and giving form so that the Light of the Divine Love, joint our hearts.  The Essential Being only vibrates in dynamic on help disinterested, shaping the creative power of God in beauty thoughts, harmonic words and brotherly activities. We must be like the petals of a rose, each one of them with its specific shade and texture, but creating one structure aromatic and morphologic which express beauty, tact, freshness and creativity like an expression of the creative power of God. We have designed our lives to create a front united and solidarity, where the Magna Eighth of the Divine Love which is the base that cohesion and gives sense to our evolution. The wisdom is based in understanding that serving All Unified only we can create a flow of peace, harmony and love, because that is the inexorable dynamics of the love expressed in the cosmic order. If you observe cosmogony attentively, how the Solar System, galaxies, nebulas and stars are integrated in unified fields which not collision with the others. How the stars and planets create a scene of harmony, extraordinary beauty and cohesion, and they are component singulars within the cosmic order which express the Power, Beauty, Genius and Creativity of the Great Cosmic Architect. There are not conflicts in the universal structure nor laws that govern the cosmic mechanism, because all of them turn around love that God has deposited like a quiet and magnificent gesture in its atomic and subatomic structures.

Everything is an energy flow that obeys to a only evolutionary intention, that is showed in many of states of the energy, that is abstraction of Infinite feeling of the Creator. How is it possible to experience the essence of love?

– Each Time your MYSELF wishes to deal to the others with censorship and disqualification, you must invoke to the Essential Center to transmute in an act of respect and spiritual sensitivity that he is also seeking for their own identity like being of immortal Light.

– Each Time your MYSELF wishes to qualify to the others with thoughts that injure to spiritual integrity and human dignity, you must replace it by an understanding thought and respect, because he also is a son of the universe and is contributing to the evolution.

– Each Time your MYSELF wishes to manipulate to the others to satisfy personal ambitions, you must invoke the wisdom to seek how to help them to wake up and to share that evolutionary sequence that the universe has arranged so that you show tolerance, that only the love can exhibit.

– Each Time your MYSELF wishes to do any kind of exploitation in the others, you must understand that the law of cause and effect will demand its compensation, because you are not showing loyalty to the service and well-being that everybody deserve to being parts of Creator.

– Each Time your MYSELF wishes leading role, needs to understand that you are atom of Light that can to illuminate with infinite power of Sun Divine, that is the source of which everything emanates, allowing everybody shine with the Light of the Cosmic Father has granted.

– Each Time your MYSELF wishes to blackmail emotionally to the others, you must understand that you are outrage the gladness to love and to serve to God and the universe with which you were endowed to create a world of love, harmony, Light and peace.

Only thus, loved cosmic brothers, we will be able to understand the essence of cosmic love, the key that open the doors and connect to the divine creative power with the universe, Divine Beings and God. Look for the concord, liberate for always your MYSELF that are only source of separation, chaos, affliction and destruction. The true spiritual heal is when we allowed to our Essential Being shows the universal values of the evolution that Creator has located like principles of harmonization and spiritual cohesion. We are Light Beings, and the differences between our MYSELF not correspond to our divine essence, they are substitutes that we have created erroneously, but instead we were been designed to serve and to love unconditionally. That all the MYSELF joint in All Unified, producing a symphony of plurality, creativity, harmony and stellar beauty, like a gratitude gesture and love towards the Great God of the Universe, that has given to impulse and life to our evolution. I take leave of you and send a bright pulse and emotive of the beings who look for the essence of the cosmic love, like Me.

I am in you the divine Light that provides hope and harmony,
Looking for a love whisper that pulse the destinies of the evolution.
Only when we connected ourselves with our essence of Light, we can express
The will of God that, like a divine breath,
It has impregnated the galaxies, stars and planets, having activated the energies of the creation That make us feel infinite reverence and astonishment.

We are the children of the cosmos, in which God has hidden to its face and sweetness,
Speaking to us in our hearts of the happiness to serve
With loyalty, honor and wisdom to all expression of life
That it looks for to project in multidimensional folds of the evolution.

We are pulsating rays of luminescent energy
That the Great God of the Universe has scattered in nebulas of the time,
In the infinite spaces of the evolution.

We are particles of stellar conscience
That it is traveling in the tunnels of the time
Looking for answers the cosmic enigma of the evolution,
Infinity types and levels of conscience that, like seeds,
They appear in the infinite spaces of the universe
Proclaiming the creative power of God.

We are the stellar children who cross the galaxies
In order to recover the divine origins.
The cosmic harmony that pulse the creative energies gives life and expression
To the cosmic phenomena, covered of biochemical structures
And sacred geometries, representing the greatness of the Creator.

We are the gentleman of the Light who guard the stellar gates,
Where the Brotherly Love is the expression and emblem of those
That they look for the honor, the wisdom, the service and the beauty
To feel like parts of the Cosmic Process of the Evolution.

God created our minds, to deposit them
The divine particles of the beauty
That pulse the dynamic centers of our energetic bodies,
Vibrant in harmony and synergy with the Magna Symphony of the Unconditional Service,
By love and to feel like integral parts of the Cosmic Mind Unifying,
Installs whispers of beauty, serenity and spiritual greatness in our inner being.

We are the warriors of the Light who have sealed with its lives the pact of the love,
Fulfilling with the cosmic laws that they unify the universe.
Energy Pulse, frequencies of Light, geometric structures and sonic vibrations
They are abstract representations of Nucleus Divine Primary,
Which infuse security, serenity, guide and beauty in all cosmos.

We are the evolutionary travelers
Furrowing worlds of the evolution,
Conquering more degrees of inner Light,
For the Divine Mind installs its freshness, harmony and love
In our Essences of Light.

We are the immortal beings, for implant the Magna Eighth of the Love
As Impersonal Service, unconditional Love and Brotherly Feeling,
Looking for the well-being, cohesion and integration of all worlds
In the Spheres of the Divine Sun that, with its invisible irradiations and loving,
Anchor the energies of the creation and disintegration in many forms,
Biochemical structures and sequences, electromagnetic and astrophysics.

We are science of Light in empirical sciences, based
In the conscience, as organizations that emit Light, Harmony and Love.
That the peace and brotherly unit locate in our hearts,
Creating a bridge of communication between the universe, the civilizations and the Creator.

Dissolution of the Evolutionary Pattern of Resistance

October 2006. Taken from:

From the intergalactic operational base of the Confederation in Andromeda, Ashtar Sheran to all the operators of cosmic Light salutes to you who you are it jeopardize with the installation of the new planetary Earth conscience.

All those that you sail in this sequence of the Now universal one you are passing through processes of internal metamorphosis of greater or smaller intensity, causing many kind of evolutionary crises. These evolutionary crises have a therapeutic background because they are acting like emetics and catalysts of waking up to a vibratory frequency that will activate gradually the new cosmic-planetary conscience at same time.

Depending on the level of spiritual presence that you have, you will be able to make in front of the resistance patterns that to you maintain anchored in reactionary psycho-emotional dynamics of suffering and pain. This is the evidence of the blockades or patterns of resistance that there is in your lower bodies, taking all your attention and energy in the world of duality. The duality is the consequence to remain trapped in the oscillating sequences of mental-ego like the average one to reinforce its identity and control on you. The circumstances you experience them based on the conscience level that you have, and this means that the parameters of the relative space-time dilate or contract based on the perception that you have of the life and the evolution. The conscience is the interaction mechanism that your Essential Being uses to interact with the mythical world of the forms, governed by the mental-ego one, so that you prune to experience and to explore its illusory projections.

As the installation of the Earth fifth dimensional vibratory frequency is taking place, this affects the terrestrial and stellar electromagnetic fields that, as well, affect the unified fields of your lower bodies. Until now, you have yourselves been adapting to the many circumstances with the hope to continue transporting the evolutionary baggage based on stationary parameters or of resistance to the change. Each time you are against to that certain episodes and circumstances they take place in your life, you are harnessing the vibratory density of the mental-ego one that is associate with the emotional body. The emotional body is basically where the patterns of resistance to the change are installed which they generate pain and suffering.

At this time where everything is developed and transformed, the Earth, like a cell of cosmic evolution, it is receiving new vibratory codes of evolution, and this will move you to collaborate and tuned with her in proportion you wish it. The resistance pattern is a structure of generic evolution that characterizes when you not admit the reality, tied with your Essential Being and the world of the universal evolution. Through the mental-ego one you have created a shell of isolation of the cosmic dynamics of the evolution, holding down you in painful processes where the conflict, the violence and the unconsciousness are the dominant tonic. When the mental-ego drives your lives, you are being in tune with virtual realities, where the duality is very strong and it holds down to you in aggressive and painful psycho-emotional processes. This means that you perceive the reality from a distorted prism that makes feel, think you and react on the basis of the mental fluctuations in fictitious spaces of time. The mental-ego one takes the control of the situation and distorted your conscience caught your compulsive attention and energy by thoughts, emotions and reactions that generate high negative power loads in your lower bodies.

You are trapped in the shell of the mental-ego one that has obstructed the flow of cosmic life in your life, having produced entangled energies difficult to dissolve and that they contaminate your lower bodies. All this is the synthesis of not accepting the circumstances like devices of transformation and expansion of your level of spiritual conscience. You are not in the Earth to have a comfortable life and that can satisfy your ego-centrisms, but so that you become conscious and you activate the important facet of your spiritual conscience. Your evaluation of the life and the evolution is out of focus, and for that reason it produces all an ample range of circumstances that habitually are negative and that alter the power frequency of your lower bodies. You live through the image ideal on the ego-mental one that is nourished of your unconsciousness and distorts your perception of the reality. What you conceive like reality is not more than a no-permanent projection of the mental world that activates discordant emotions that wear away your vital energy and debilitate your body of energy. Like consequence, they take place an ample range of psycho-emotional and physiological dysfunctions that are the counterpoint of the negation and resistance to accept the Reality of your immortal essence like units on watch divine.

Your lives and circumstances are not an average one to arrive at an aim that is tie with the designs of the ego-mental one and which they separate from the Reality of the evolution. You do not accept your life like a device of constant spiritual growth, where the circumstances are evolutionary instruments that they will help you to be conscious of your function like organizations on watch divine that must collaborate with the cosmic plan of the evolution. While you follow anchored in the retrograde parameters to look for the satisfaction and happiness in something external you and through circumstances connected with the control of your mental-ego one, you will follow experienced the life like a constant convulsion that produces an ample range of tensions, anxiety, resentment, fear, displeasure and frustration. These symptoms or effects are which materialize of the pattern of resistance associated to the identification with your ego-mental one. If you identify more yourselves and you act from the mental-ego one, more energies you are extracting of your conscience, and this means loss of conscience that submerges to you in dynamic of evolutionary rectification painful.

You are accumulating historical time in your lower bodies, and this means to generate thoughts, emotions and compulsive reactions that crystallize your body of energy and prevent you to accede to your Divine Presence. It is through Divine Presence or connection with the plane of the evolution where you can really express the life current, and the alchemy of the Essential Being will dilute the prison of the mental-ego one in which you are caught. The time is not more than a negative catalyst of your processes of evolution that you live like recurrent sequences of emotions and thoughts that derive in fears, power phobias, depressions, anxieties, tensions, violence and other expressions of the ego-mental one.

You find in crest of wave of change, which it is creating a pressure in your interior to detonate the resistance patterns that they prevent you to accede to the vestibule of the Now cosmic one, where takes place the expansion and elevation of your conscience. All the process of the evolution is based on the vehicle of the conscience that your Essential Being uses to reprogramming itself and to project in planes of superior evolution, to experience the beauty, the joy and the love like essential state of the universe and the connection with the Creator. These patterns of resistance are the accumulation of all your generated last experiences from the historical time, in which the mental-ego one exists and controls your life.

The basic principle of the spiritual evolution is to dilute the mental-ego one by the state of Conscious awareness, where you are in tune with the internal current of the evolution that is outside the world of the forms and the relative time-space that generates the duality. It is the world of the Transcendent Conscience that breaks the compulsive and declining continuity of the mental-ego one to stay present and conscious of the necessities that the circumstances supply for your greater and infinite well-being and joy. It is the world of the total and conscious acceptance of your Essential Being like perfect and complete vehicle, where the illumination already is a fact when you accept yourself like a divine unit on watch beyond the relative time-space. This vehicle of divine service is the Light body that extends the duality when entering in communion and connection with everything what is, and to accept totally understanding it yet that is part of the Divine Plan and mechanism of expansion and connection with the Magna Cosmic Conscience.

The dissolution of the resistance pattern implies the acceptance of here and now like a unique and culminating experience of evolution that will allow you to accede to the same essence of the universe that is the unconditional Love like an active function which you must promote. The conscience of unity being unit on divine service is not a sentimental paradigm, but a dynamic process that you must be developing so that you understand that you are an active element of hyper-complex program of cosmic evolution. You are the microcosm working from the quantum resonance of the macrocosm that is nourished and regenerated through the processes of its evolutionary cells, that we are each one of us. The collaboration with the program of cosmic evolution is necessary and important in your life, omitting of the meager one and limited understanding to look for your own satisfaction and happiness. The dissolution of the resistance pattern takes place when we accepted our function like units of divine service that must cooperate with the Divine Plan of the evolution to generate a spiral of conscience and brotherly and shared in common conscience in the universe.

We are expression atomic of Cosmic Conscience Magna that it looks for to express themselves and to recreate through our evolution processes which we must accept like the device that will allow us to ascend to the peak of the evolution, that is to spread the beauty, harmony and love that each atomic particle of the universe impregnates. It is, loved evolutionary comrades, to accept that we are elements of the magnificent planetary and universal linen cloth, fascinating and beautiful that we can decorate with our active and conscious presence in all the circumstances. It is to understand and to feel deeply that the happiness and inner fullness that as much we yearned for produce when we accepted to collaborate and to tune them with our function on watch to recreate worlds of the evolution. It is the ideal more sublime and magnificent to which we can aspire, and that honors like emanations of the Creator and active and components for transmute to us of the processes of the universal evolution.

The dissolution of the resistance pattern is another form of say that you must completely stop identifying with your ego-centrisms, that to only separate you of the flow of the life and the evolution. This pattern of resistance is like the carcinogenic cells that are muting and absorbing the vital energy of the others, obstructing the flow of the life in the physical body. While you follow on line with your mental-ego one, whose purpose is to look for its own happiness by means of the identification and experimentation with the sensorial and psychological experiences, you will follow trapped in mythical worlds of the evolution. They are mythical worlds because the conception of the time-space is distorted and it prevents you to accede to the cosmic current of the evolution, isolating in the virtual jurisdiction of the past and future, that is where it operates and extracts its identity and to be able the ego-mental one. With the dissolution of the resistance pattern a separating from the virtual time it takes place, incorporating greater level of conscience and invoking more connection with your Essential Being or Divine Presence.

This Divine Presence of which as much it is spoken is the conscious being of your identity of divine service like a connection device and communication with the universe and God. When you incorporate this divine function on watch in your life is when you break the shell of the mental-ego one, and the Peace, satisfaction and inner harmony will arise like a natural sequence, because you will be vibrating in the attitude of your Essential Being. You will not need any type external elements so that you may to experience the sensorial happiness that hide and it prevents you to accede to the state of infinite joy that emanates of the recognition and connection with the plane of the divine service. The fears, anxieties, frustrations and others you damage psycho-emotional that deteriorate and distort the power and vibratory frequency of your power body, will be diluted when you accept that you are here and now to collaborate with the process of the installation of the new level of planetary conscience.

The survival that as much energy and time it extracts of you, is not more than the consequence of the negation of the purpose of your existence like beings of immortal Light whom they have to reactivate his conscience of divine service. All the problems and conflicts that you experiment are the consequence to have disconnected of the internal process of the evolution. You are in the planet Earth to make tune with this fabulous and powerful current of power-vibratory metamorphosis that it illuminates to you and it connects with the Light of your Important Conscience that vibrates in the attitude of the divine service.

We are here to help in your processes of evolution, as well as to impel the planetary transition towards a new vibratory frequency, where you are the catalysts and protagonists of the scene. We are not here to make an exception of the circumstances that collective and individually you are generating in every moment, but so that you are conscious that you are evolutionary alchemists and who you must transmute the negativity and make of every moment a transformation by means of the expansion and refinement of your spiritual conscience. Although supposedly we took part in the planetary circumstances this would not solve the problem, because these are a reflection of your level of conscience that you live from the unconsciousness or spiritual insensibility towards which it means to be a "Operator of Light", that is a synonymous one of being conscious and to assume responsibility to transmute the shades of the mental-ego one which they invade and they destroy your life.

The dissolution of the pattern of resistance to the transformation is when we accepted at any moment that we are units on watch and we must act from the total conscience to generate more harmony, integrity, peace and love in our interior. It is to understand totally that being conscious of your identity on watch you can contribute the best thing of you to contribute greater degree of harmony, communication and brotherly collaboration and love between all the beings of the universe. Only thus you will manage to leave the prison of the mental-ego one that to you maintains trapped in mythical worlds of the evolution, where the suffering and the pain are the expression of the spiritual unconsciousness.

Introspection as a Way of Inner Growth

September 2007. Taken from:

All you, although have spiritual tendencies and look for an inner experience, you are in different levels from evolution. Our messages have integral projection that you can use to harness and to improve your practices and to expand the more your spiritual conscience. We are conscious of evolutionary ballasts, psycho-emotional, power and karmic limitations and agreements that you have. This does not have to be a reason for loss of heart for which really inner transformation flow of and connection with the divine spheres wish to connect themselves with the incessant. We do not make distinctions of any type with the people interested in waking up and developing their connection with their Essential Being and God. Sometimes you receive messages of informative type where we spoke of our strategies of action and of the electromagnetic readjustments of your planet and to catch your attention. Our primary target is to foment in all you the yearning to install the new evolutionary paradigms of the third millennium that are required to accede at a level of superior evolution.

Due to your psychological configuration, you feel attraction towards which we represented and our form of life and evolution. What you must understand is that so that someday you prune to be elevated to evolutionary ours status, you must integrate the evolutionary archetypes that will allow to develop a cosmic conscience you, exempts of all type of ego-centring and fissures of the ego. For that reason, in this official notice we will speak of the introspection like via of inner growth. This is not a simple subject because it requires of certain level of sincerity and integrity for which they are interested in experiencing the "Metamorphosis of the Cosmic warrior". He is advisable that you become honest with you yourself and not to self-deceived and that you reflect with respect to your objectives in the life. The spiritual footpath is not a playful aspect of your life nor an interesting and amused option, but a personal commitment of inner transformation. This means to leave all those aspects of your life that are incoherent, pernicious and an obstacle for your inner growth. All you are not arranged to it because it supposes a great sacrifice, where the bases of the success are the perseverance, the determination and the sincerity of intention.

The introspection is a device that helps you to explore and to analyze those aspects of your evolution which they must be recycled. It is to detect the discordant patterns and tendencies that prevent your real vision of the life and the evolution. Everything in your life requires of a methodology, and this also is applicable to the aspect of the inner transformation or spiritual growth. Fast nor miraculous formulas do not exist that foment the expansion of the cosmic-spiritual conscience, but rather sincere and deep desire to use those guidelines of action and work that from the Light spheres are transmitted to you. You are beings of retrograde tendencies, not because it is your inherent nature, but because you act from the egocentrism and ignorance of the reality. It is to you easier to project your energy and attention towards external or the trivial aspects of your life that do not contribute to growth nor spiritual sensitivity to you. Another one of your agreements is not to accept certain guidelines of spiritual growth that you consider an imposition or dogmatism. Your resistance to everything what supposes to accept methodologies that go against your egocentrism is very accused. The rebellious attitude or opposition to the Divine Plan is the synthesis of your evolutionary file that generates all type of conflicts in your life. I have described these agreements so that you reflect on the matter and you are conscious that if you wish a more optimal standard of life and an evolutionary ascent, you must review and modify your attitude and conduct.

The introspection is a powerful tool which you have to your disposition, but must be based on the sincerity and integrity of intention. Through this personal, direct and deep attitude you can penetrate in the dark zones of your life that your ego intelligently has condemned the ostracism. To be introspective means to be conscious of the purpose of the life and the evolution, and of adopting necessary means so that the Light of the divine knowledge and the love is the foundation of your existence. It is not easy to face one same one and to discover the shades of the ego that invade your perception and connection with your Essential Being and Divinity. The crises that you have are an evident symptom that there are internal aspects that you must modify and that they require of attention, therapeutic diagnosis and. The habitual tendency is to avoid them or to mask them with the veils of the mental ego that is the teacher of the disguise and the fraud. You have a noticeable tendency to the manipulation and the operation, nevertheless, you are not conscious that you are manipulated and controlled by your mental ego. There is not any kind of obstacles or problems that cannot be solved if you really wish it. For that reason, I reiterate that the sincerity and honesty of intention are elements fundamental to be able to approach the ballasts of the ego that are the cause of your suffering, frustration and fear.

Through the introspection you can include/understand that with the mental ego or thinking shade cannot be agreed, but that there is to treat it therapeutically. You are not conscious of the power that has on you the being responsible for to him to have yielded your power. The great challenge that waits for to you, if wishes to happen to a level of superior evolution or graduation, is to recover the power that you have granted to him to the mental ego. You are enslaved of its strategies and exigencies because you think that of that form you are going to be happy, but this is a conceptual error. Through the introspection and the suitable methodology you will be discovering the strategies that the mental ego uses and how habitually it turns aside to you of the reality with false expectations of being able, future control and happiness. It is not easy to leave the egocentric labyrinth in which you have introduced yourselves voluntarily and that you have been extending and improving in the course of your evolution. The introspection is the conscience that it will indicate how to again disassemble the egocentric labyrinth to you for tuning with the Light of your Essential Being.

The introspection is the footpath that leads you to the connection with the Divine Source of the love, the beauty and immortality. It is part of your Essential Being and is to per Light that nourishes and dissipates the dark that you have created in your interior. The illumination or spiritual ascent does not depend on some external mechanism, but on your responsibility, conscience and commitment of transformation. The anchorages that you have are very deep, but they are possible to be diluted, because its foundation is the shade of the ego that dissipates in the presence of the Light of the honesty and spiritual sincerity that emanate of your Essential Being. If you live under the influence of the shades of the ego it is by personal, not by evolutionary divine imposition or corrective election. Sometimes, the universe and the spheres of the Light design certain circumstances for helping you to walk and to discover your intentions and ambitions that move away to you of God and your Essential Being. Everything what happens in your life is appropriate, and if you are introspective you will not offer resistance or you will look for infinity of pretexts not to accept it and to intercept the flow of the transformation.

The introspection is a divine gift that the Creator has conferred to us so that we pruned to include/understand and to choose the Light or the dark. This is an option available to all the beings of the universe that nothing or nobody can transgress. Although you are fragile psycho-emotionally, you can strengthen yourselves through the introspection that will be in tune to you immediately with the divine plane, giving you the means for it. To be introspective is a characteristic of the horsemen of the Light that as a divine emblem honors to them and distinguishes to them of the others, with the power to generate harmony, love and brotherly collaboration there where they go or they live. Through the introspection you can develop the divine attributes that have the teachers and evolved beings more of the cosmos. The more introspective you are, the more discernment, compassion, tolerance and spiritual wisdom you will develop. The virtues are many that are developed through the introspection, in addition to transmute the shades of the ego that darken your inner Light and divine love.

It is important that you include/understand that this tool of personal transformation is to your disposition that you can use constantly without any type of restriction. The introspection is a therapy of inner growth that only requires of sincerity and integrity, and the results can be unusual and enlighten yourselves. The more introspective you are, the more Light, wisdom and harmony you will obtain that you will be able to share with which they need it. This tool of personal work has the special characteristic to create an affective, compassionate and shared in common bond with other spiritual activists. This gradually is generating a circle of brotherhood, communication and collaboration between you from the respect and the understanding. Without introspection it is not possible to detect nor to modify the patterns and retrograde anchorages that direct your lives and make you suffer. Whenever you transmute the aspects shades of the ego you create a center of inner Light that, as well, expands your connection and communication with the Divine Source and your stellar brothers.

We wished that you are developed integrally so that you undress of the retrograde tendencies and you prune to comprise Graduated of the internal circle of the "Cosmic Graduates". Whenever some of you Integrate the parameters of superior evolution activate a Light center and increase the vibratory frequency in your planet. If you really wish that your civilization and planet ascend spiritually you must use the introspection so that the Divine Light and of your cosmic brothers descends on you. The objective of these inspiring messages is to foment the inner transformation with our words and contributing action guidelines that help you to include/understand that kindness, the love and the beauty are in your interior and you only must activate it.

Commitment with the Opening of the Spiritual Conscience

April 2008. Taken from:

Greetings to all the operators of Light of the planet Earth who have themselves jeopardize with the flow of ascent and inner transformation.

It is the desire of spirituals terraces of the universe that your planet integrates and, settles in, the new flow of cosmic-spiritual thought. We, members of the Intergalactic Confederation, are supervising from the secrecy and the superior dimensions this program of spiritual ascent of the humanity. The most important thing is that individually you are conscious of the evolutionary relevance through which is passing your planet and the humanity. All of you are being summoned to participate in this event of great cosmic-planetary repercussion of your civilization.

The moment from which you decide to collaborate or not with the Aquarian evolutionary project has arrived, that will be settled in the Earth. Most important it is than you are conscious that your collaboration is important if you really wish to avoid discordant circumstances that they can generate more chaos and collective suffering. We needed to create a critical mass of people who can be receiving and channels of the new vibratory frequency and superhuman values in the Earth. This requires of a sincere and honest commitment of your part so that jointly we pruned to impel and to install the new paradigms of spiritual evolution. This implies an opening of the spiritual conscience that has remained underdeveloped in the last human cycle of evolution.

The opening of the spiritual conscience is a commitment that it requires of your delivery, integrity and availability. We remembered to you that you are responsible for your evolution and we only facilitated direction and guidelines of action to accelerate your processes of inner transformation. It is important that you are conscious that the internal changes that take place in your lives affect the scene in which you live. Everything is interrelated and, like protagonists of the scene of human-planetary transformation, you have the responsibility to commit your-selves and to confront with dignity the challenges that the cycle of Aquarian evolution has come to offer to you. Our messages have the purpose of sensitizing you and of waking up you of the spiritual lethargy in which you are submerged. Your Solar System is happening through a vortex of energies of high vibratory frequency that emanate of the center of your galaxy, and this implies power alterations at all the levels and great geophysicist-magnetic changes in your planet. This means that your bodies and all the other biological structures of the planet will be affected by these galactic radiations of ample evolutionary phantom.

This, loved terrestrial luminance operators, implies to develop an attitude, conscience and super-human sensitivity that will allow you to integrate the vibratory archetypes of the fifth dimension, producing a greater and deeper opening of the conscience and spiritual sensitivity. What attempt to explain to you is that has arrived the moment from which you become disconnected of your ancestral human baggage to transform into super-humans with a cosmic evolutionary genetics of high frequency and superior vibratory phantom. All you will not be able to install and to integrate these evolutionary-vibratory archetypes, but the impact will help to dilute the accumulated negative power loads them, purifying its mental spheres and inferior bodies. For that they manage to integrate the new vibratory paradigms will enter in tune and synergy with the new codes of communication and interdimensional evolution of Aquarius.

The opening of the spiritual conscience is an individual commitment that will result in the human group, and this implies to assume responsibility to modify those aspects of your life that do not vibrate in harmony and synergy with the values and spiritual concepts of the third millennium. When we spoke of commitment we are referring the intrinsic necessity to incorporate those archetypes of evolution that foment solidarity, brotherhood and harmonic communication. A commitment of opening of the spiritual conscience is a conscious and mature decision that it generates an attitude of collaboration and harmonic communication so that the divine values reign in your life.

At the present time a series of information that focus the attention in certain dates, impregnating them of an apocalyptic shade exists that only generates fear and negativity. Most important are not the dates that determined ancestral and visionary cultures of the past predicted, but the conscience of which you are in an evolutionary crisis which you must use to impel your spiritual ascent. The crises are not negative mechanisms nor that there are to avoid, but processes that help us to be conscious of whom we are and which is our purpose in the life. Without crisis there would not be transformation, and if it is approached from the perspective of the change, it will help to discover them the shades of the ego that habitually sabotage your life and evolution.

Our mission is to inspire them so that you confront with dignity and intrepidity the dark that has created in your interior and that has scattered by the Earth, eclipsing the Light and the divine conscience. It is hour of which you begin to behave like cosmic-spiritual beings who use human suits to discover your power and inner divinity. When it is developed this understanding new perspective are opened that contribute to reinforce and to amplify your knowledge and vision of the reality. You are not in the Earth to subsist best the possible thing, but disinterestedly to serve to your Essential Being and the evolution of the humanity towards the opening and Aquarian spiritual conscience. You must remember always that you implied and protagonists of the scene are, and what you do will result in your evolution. The universe is all unified that retreating of itself, and their components are those that must use their evolutionary current to tune with pressing primary of the evolution that is God.

All the messages that have been transmitted to you until now have had the purpose of which you feel the necessity to become spiritually. Diverse kinds of strategies for it with the purpose have been designed of which you mature and your spirituality or divine nature is identified with. Now the times have changed and the guidelines of action and messages are different. The objective is that you assume responsibility by the opening of the spiritual conscience, and this requires of self-commitment. When you feel it and really understand, you will be able to tune with the frequency of the love and wisdom more elevated of the universe in which it vibrates your Essential Being and Divinity. Without commitment there is no evolution, and without evolution it is not possible to enjoy well-being, peace and inner happiness. You are the great protagonists, and we are the evolutionary mentors who wish your spiritual Ascent.

The commitment with the opening of the spiritual conscience is to live from the values on respect, harmony and understanding of which all form leaves from the Divine Plan of the evolution. The opening of the spiritual conscience takes place when you discover that you are essences of immortal Light experiencing infinity of virtual realities. The commitment takes place when really you feel the necessity to live in harmony with God, the universe and your Essential Being. To commit itself is to feel the necessity to transmit the ideals of the love, the beauty and the harmony through your thoughts, words and actions generating joy and prosperity in the world. To commit itself with the spiritual opening is the elevated altruism more than it is possible to be made like a manifestation of the honour and respect towards the life and the evolution.

You are divine evolutionary mutants who have come to experience and to discover that, like God, the tessitura of the infinite love and the happiness vibrate in. Your Essential Being is the Maxima expression of loyalty to the principles of the evolution and the inner transformation. Therefore, it is your responsibility and opportunity to feel it, to live it and to transmit it so that the unit, the respect and the brotherly collaboration are the point of convergence of the humanity.

Collaboration and Access Bridge Cosmic-Planetary

January 2009. Taken from:

Once again I have the honor to all of planet Earth activists expressing spiritual support, assistance and guidance on behalf of your brothers stellar.

Obviously there is a global alert, where the collective subconscious of planetary consciousness and spiritual activists converge, creating a spiral of electromagnetic charges that are affecting not only the planet but also to all living species including humans. The predictions of the end of a life cycle of some ancient civilizations of the past and visionaries are gaining importance in the social scene of your planet. The circumstances are reaching a critical tone in your society, affecting the basic foundations of your civilization, such as economics and political ideology, no longer vibrate in tune with the changing needs of the new Earth that is emerging from fourth to fifth dimension.

To date, experiments have many dramatic events, harmonized cycles by some socio-political stability and economic, within the spiral of chaos, violence and destruction that have governed the global scene. Now, as part of a different cycle of evolution and inexorably, we are facing the end of the synthesis process with the resulting chaos, uncertainty and fear own evolutionary cycles. Although apparently the crisis is becoming global and dramatic negative nuances, it is important to understand that you have an educational background and processor. Every time your body gets sick, your immune system is strengthened and produces a cellular regeneration and elimination of toxins. The processing methods are not negative per se, but your attitude is the perception and the way in establishing how to deal with and live.

To transmit to you what I want is that, while seemingly adverse circumstances seem, there is a comprehensive monitoring and supervision by a large part of the areas of Light in which your brothers stellar, with various entities and cosmic hierarchy, we are directing the entire process . You have an invisible support from higher dimensions in which they are working on the logistics and infrastructure-vibrational energy of the planet, and the new evolutionary Aquarian.

You must be alert, because the forces of darkness use their last resources to try to sabotage the plan at any cost and without any scruples. The panic created by the economic crisis and political mechanism that is being used to intimidate and gain time to try and regain the power they have not. There is a key element in this process of transformation that the highest levels of Light being used, and is contrary to wear energy and neutralize the harmful effects of the forces of darkness. The key to the social crisis of your planet that has begun with the economic collapse has been a strategy that the cosmic hierarchy of Light used to destabilize the foundations of control of the forces of darkness. We have used their investing strategies law of attraction which has now been transformed into a negative reactive and destructive effect that is affecting them. Obviously there are always side effects when performing such procedures but we are arranging to be the least damaging potential.

There is a flood of information about corruption, dynamic control, secret military research programs, so that the forces of darkness by certain governments are doing. Some of the information reporting the origin of the socio-economic crisis are infiltrated the forces of darkness have been disclosed as a strategy to mislead activists and spiritual cosmic hierarchy. It is important that you use your discretion to avoid being victims of fraudulent information and apocalyptic nature where the negativity is what dominates. You must not fall into the drama involving the end of an evolutionary cycle because you have lived many times such as when your bodies are changing, when the experimental process of biological death, when there is an inner transformation of the individual. The problem is not the process per se but how to tackle it and your perspective, attitude and level of consciousness are relevant factors when it comes to experience.

We are aware of your level of resistance to change your product to rise to concern yourselves and discover the divine essence incessant vibrating in harmony, connection and communion with God and the universe. During the evolutionary process of transition that is occurring is extremely important that you develop an attitude of full cooperation and availability with yourselves and with the agenda of the spiritual hierarchy. If you let yourself be overwhelmed by external events and do not align with the flow of Divine Light behind the apparent adversity, you will be affected by fear, confusion and loss of objectivity and clarity mental and spiritual. We need a critical mass of spiritual activists raise their vibrational frequency and tune with the flow-energy vibration that we are installing from the larger as a cushion to reduce the impact of the radioactive core plasma is emanating from the galaxy. We invite you that ye may be carriers and monitors the new codes of cosmic evolution that is being installed on Earth.

As it is important for spiritual activists to tune with your body by holographic Light purification chakras or energy centers and to be activated new receptacles and coders codes penta-dimensional vibrating. Your cooperation and availability implies full and complete assumption of responsibility by align yourselves with new energy-vibrating and spiritual archetypes Aquarian. The availability means to bring charges and negative aspects discordant watering can and use as central transmuting energy carriers and the new awareness of solar fraternal cooperation and solidarity between you and the other civilizations in the universe.

From the larger ground forces of the Intergalactic Confederation, we have created a bridge of connection and communication through various technology devices that will Light to clean and neutralize the field causal unified land and fields of the Earth energy from aberrant various sources of scientific-technological pollutants. There is an intense activity by our command and we want you to join your work by staff and opening your body to radiate Light and can absorb the increased flow of rays that we are injecting energy into the Earth.

The collaboration should extend not only to your brothers stellar but also to other spiritual activities to create a cohesive core and strong enough to dilute the structures of your negative and harmful social system. Transparency and purity of your body and mind is a vitally important element in the Ascension. It is imperative for those who are considered spiritual and activists seeking to banish spiritual Ascension dynamics, attitudes, habits and behaviors are harmful, which promote conflict, aggression, exploitation and separation. Your bodies are of a spiritual evolution and should be maintained at the highest level of energy and this often means keeping a mental, emotional and physical that promote the absorption of energy codes and vibrating Aquarian. You cannot continue from unconsciousness and think that certain practices and techniques you have finished your work of internal growth. You must be an example for others and this means acting as teachers or beings of Light with an attitude, habits, concepts and behavior that promotes harmony and cooperation and communication and fraternal solidarity.

You are crossing the line or belt antimagnetic Bond of the galaxy, and this means that you must meet the requirements for that you may be recognized and the new frequency and integrate Aquarian consciousness. Otherwise, you would be marginalized by the dynamics of evolution. We wish to encourage but not to create false expectations and take full responsibility for your personal growth and transformation. The alchemy of the spirit is that the Grail is hidden in your heart and only you can access it with the purity of spirit, balance of mind, firmness of purpose and spiritual integrity.

Your brothers in the cosmos and the cosmic hierarchy have created a bridge of communication and connection of Light for all those wishing to vibrate in the new position to be evolutionary and Light a flame for the welfare, peace and harmony of your planet and humanity. You are loved and honored all without exception and are always ready to help even when resistance to change is present, because we know that you are divine essence trapped in the labyrinth of the unconscious you have chosen and created by desire. You are our brothers in the cosmos and we hope that in this new life cycle form part of the confederation of worlds unified Light, harmony and love. On behalf of the Board of Regents Intergalactic Confederation and the hierarchy of your galaxy Ashtar Sheran greets you and sends his support, guidance and love.

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