Alchemical Transmutation

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The AlchemicalTransmutation of the Soul

Luis E. Prada
Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website

This is a two part presentation. The first part deals with the three stages the humansoul goes through in its evolution through multiple incarnations to achieve the state ofperfection. The soul evolution follows a universal process expressed here as Desire-Thought-Action.The process is a manifestation of the Law of the Triangle. This lecture compares the innertransformation to the process of creation as outlined in cabalistic studies of the Tree ofLife. The set of figures that illustrate the subject are graphical representations of aresearch based mainly in the book Arcadiaby Peter Dawkins, published bythe Francis Bacon Research Trust.

The second part contains a healing visualization where the audience is taken to themystical experience in the tent witnessed by seventy two AMORCmembers during the 1929 historical trip to Egypt with Dr. H. Spencer Lewis. The authorreenacts that experience adding fictional material that covers a Violet Flame healingknown to the Egyptian mystery schools.

PART I: The Three Stages of the PerfectHuman Soul: The Law of Desire, Thought and Action(1)

The fusion of spirit with matter and the initiation process that follows generates afull manifestation of God as the fully developed and perfect human soul. This developmentcan schematically be represented by the three stages of Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Three Stages ofInitiation to Obtain a Perfect Human Soul and Its Relations toGizah Initiations

Adapted by Luis Prada from the Book Arcadia, Studies inAncient Wisdom, by Peter Dawkins, published by the Francis Bacon Research Trust, Chapter:"Egyptian Prehistory", page 29.

These stages can be symbolized by the Wheel of Fortune, the Wheel of Karma, the Wheelof Fate or the Medicine Wheel as events common to all living creatures and in particularto man. They follow the basic Law of the Triangle. At the completion of one action is thecompletion of one cycle. See Fig. 2, left. Desire of the heart (if Pure Love) or of theSolar Plexus (if Imperfect Love) turns into a thought seated in the head followed byaction with its seat in the stomach.

Fig. 2. The Human SoulTransformation Process: The Alchemy
The Wheel of Fortune (TheEgyptian ‘Taro’)
The Wheel of Fortune(Left) and the Perfecting of the Cycle Through Initiation (Right)
Note: Both wheels have a clockwise rotation: the one onthe left leading to the one on the right

And so as a cycle dies, another cycle is turn on from its ashes as the wheel turnsinexorably on. If the lessons are properly learned, the wheel turns into the Royal Path orWay of Initiation called Taro by the Egyptians, see Fig. 2, right, when all desires becomePure Love, all thoughts, Clear Understanding and all actions, an Act of Service.

In the above description it is also seen that this law operates within an outer formthat is spatial in nature. See Fig. 3. The organs associated with loving, life itself orthe breath of life, are found in the heart central part of the body, protected in bothanimals and humans by a bony rib cage; all organs associated with thought lie in the upperpart of the body inside a bony skull; and all organs associated with bodily activitiesthat provide energy for creation and procreation are located in the abdomen or lower partof the body. There is a flow of energy in the process of life that moves from the heart(or solar plexus) to the head to the abdomen for the completion of one cycle, and againfor subsequent cycles.

Fig. 3. Three Stages of Life Process: TheSpatial Layout of the Soul

Adapted by Luis Prada from the Book Arcadia, Studies in Ancient Wisdom,by Peter Dawkins, published by the Francis Bacon Research Trust, Chapter: "The MasterPlan and High Council of Ancient Egypt", page 34.

These areas exist spatially as upper, middle and lower regions and also are connectedor linked by a spinal column or central axis, see Fig. 4, left. The whole law is summed upin the ancient symbol of Man, the symbol known as the Sign of Mercury. This symbol is arepresentation of the archetypal design of the living soul. The explanation of the meaningof its elements is shown in Fig. 4, right.

Fig. 4. Three Stages of Life Process: TheSpatial Layout of the Soul and the Symbol of Man

Adapted by Luis Prada from the Book Arcadia, Studies in Ancient Wisdom,by Peter Dawkins, published by the Francis Bacon Research Trust, Chapter: "The MasterPlan and High Council of Ancient Egypt", page 35.

The alchemical process follows the only One Law the soul goes through, this basicformula: 1. Matter materializes Spirit imprisoning it and binding up with its inertia thefree movement of the spiritual thought. 2. Spirit gradually spiritualizes Matter in aprocess known as Alchemy or Initiation. This alchemical universal process known as Desire-Thought-Actioncan be viewed as a ‘feedback’ process or as a ‘commonality’ or‘clustering of self’ process, see Figs. 5a and 5b.

Fig. 5a. Three Stages of Life Process:
The Human Soul Transformation Process
The Alchemy

1. Mind materializes Spirit imprisoning it and binding up with its inertiathe free movement of the spiritual thought.
2. Spirit gradually spiritualizes Matter in a process known as Alchemy orInitiation. The alchemical process of Desire-Thought-Action is as follows:

The ‘Feedback’ Viewpoint

Adapted by Luis Prada from the Book Arcadia, Studies in Ancient Wisdom,by Peter Dawkins, published by the Francis Bacon Research Trust, Chapter:"Incarnation and Resurrection", page 46.

Fig. 5b. The ‘Commonality’Viewpoint

Notes: The first symbolic initiation is equivalentto the expression: "Do what I say and not what I do." or "Talkthe talk instead of walk the walk." The three Conflicting Natures. Adissociation of the Three Spheres. In the second initiation the three spheres start tointegrate and work cooperatively. In the third initiation the integration is inprogress… leading more to the "Walk the walk instead of talk the talk."Fracturing or clustering of self still present. Finally at the ‘n’ initiation a fullintegration has occurred: a state of harmonium.

Adapted by Luis Prada from the Book Arcadia, Studies inAncient Wisdom, by Peter Dawkins, published by the Francis Bacon Research Trust, Chapter:"Incarnation and Resurrection", page 46.

The ‘feedback’ viewpoint involves the soul recapitulation at each cycle whereresults of actions are evaluated in the head and then in the heart against the currentprogressive pattern of conduct of the soul. The whole action/feedback cycle represents aninitiation or threshold in which death and dissolution of man’s imperfections areleft behind and out of their ashes is born more whiteness of purity. This is a feminineaspect of the process in which spirit reincarnates in matter. Further refinements of thisprocess in future initiations transmute the soul and render it to its final stage of love,service and understanding.

The ‘commonality’ or ‘clustering of self’ viewpoint relates to thecommon grounds between the three centers. Initially the individual has a conflictingnature as the three centers are dissociated. As more actions result in kindliness andcompassionate understanding, the three centers start overlapping, thus reducing theirconflict of interests and leading to a more holistic integration with less clustering. Inthe final state of spiritual growth (the ‘n’ initiation) the soul has achievedits integrative objective, resulting in a state of harmonium.

Interesting enough, the Great Pyramid basic layout followed the same law of humanevolution, see Fig. 6.

The thought of God created this law of Desire-Thought-Action: The ‘Void’unmanifested Divinity desired to live, to become, to be manifested, Fig. 7a. This desirewas a movement that instantaneously set up the polarity of Heaven and Earth or Mind andMatter, movement and inertia. Thus were created the first three sephirah energies of theTree of Life. The divine mind heard the vibration of the Desire as Voice or Sound and sawit as Light. This archetypal Thought perceived as Sound and Light is known as the HolySpirit. The Holy Spirit reincarnated in matter as time and space. All this process waspossible since God can exist simultaneously in more than one place. And so God dividedhim/herself: part stayed outside the experiment and part moved into it.

Fig. 6. Three Stages of Life Process: The Gizah Pyramid

Fig. 7a. Three Stages of Life Process: TheThought of God, the Whole Being of God – The Holy Spirit

Adapted by Luis Prada from the Book Arcadia, Studies inAncient Wisdom, by Peter Dawkins, published by the Francis Bacon Research Trust, Chapter:"The Master Plan and High Council of Ancient Egypt", page 35.

See Fig. 7b. From the intercourse of mind and matter the son was born as a natural soulwith all its qualities in perfection. After its ‘Fall’ the natural soul returnsback to perfection through the alchemical process of Desire-Thought-Action,outlined previously. It is transmuted or ‘raised’ to manifest its archetypeperfectly and completely. Thus Mind and Matter, or Heaven and Earth have been reunited or‘married’ to manifest the Life of God in its best expression, as represented bythe sephirah number 6 of the Tree of Life, Tiphareth, Beauty. “The healing processtakes place through the restoration of Christ’s wholeness, first in your soul (bothspiritually and emotionally), then in your mind (mental and visually) and finally in yourbody, which always reflects the state of your ‘higher’ vehicles.” (2)The soul as a synthesized aspect or Celestial ‘True’ is the result of theinteraction between the earthly aspect, body, and the spiritual heavenly aspect,mind/spirit. In its perfect balance it can be symbolically represented by an equilateraltriangle or by the sign of Thoth or Hermes.

Fig. 7b. Three Stages of Life Process: TheThought of God, the Whole Being of God – The Son

Being the heart the most perfect part of man and his spark of divinity, whatever thesoul has brought to perfection in the course of its evolution is built around the heart,Fig. 8. In a location in the heart the heavenly trinity expresses in the form as theenergies of Father (blue flame), Son (yellow) and Holy Spirit (pink). The threefold flamecorresponds with the trinity of the body, mind and soul. Imbalance, or the gigantism of oneaspect over the others, prevents the achievement of Christmastery. For instance, with anincrease of wisdom, power and love must also rise or else the wisdom will not be retained.Also, to achieve mastery your emotional, mental and physical bodies need to be cleansed ofall impurities and sins.

Fig. 8. Three Stages of Life Process:

The physical world is tied up to the spiritual world at the heart. It is the pointwhere the inner self absorbs and gives its OK to all that is seen, heard, felt andtouched.

PART II: The Violet Flame

The Aquarian Age

The cycles of Self-awareness move in two-thousand year periods. In each of theseperiods there is a dawning of Greater Light. The Age of Aries brought the understanding ofthe concept of God as the Father, the I AM THAT I AM experienced by Moses. Then, thePiscean Age with the coming of the avatar Jesus Christ brought the understating of God asthe Son. During the Aquarian Age it is the energy of the Holy Spirit that is to berevealed to us, and with it a new sense of freedom.

The Aquarian Age brings also a perfect blending and balance of the two polarities ormasculine and feminine principles of the universe: Spirit (heaven)/Matter (earth).

Now we will have a healing meditation using the Violet Flame. As you make yourvisualization, please live the story as if it really happened as told, identifyingyourself with the writer. This narration uses as reference a report of an Egyptian trippublished in 1929 in several issues of the Rosicrucian magazine The Mystic Triangle(3). The last part of this story has been modified adding some fictional material toillustrate the healing with the Violet Flame:

The Reception at the DesertTent

With our Beloved Imperator H. Spencer Lewis we departed from San Jose, California, onJanuary 4th 1929 for a historical tour to Egypt, Palestine and mystical places of Europe.We traversed the country by train gathering members in several cities of the US and Canadabefore arriving to New York City where we boarded the transatlantic ship ‘Adriatic’for our journey to the Mediterranean Sea, Palestine and Egypt. The tour in general wasvery pleasant and efficient and competently conducted. On our way back we visited severalEuropean cities and England focusing always on points of mystical interest toRosicrucians. The Imperator Dr. Lewis spent enormous sums of money to cover many wonderfulsurprises and extra things that made our trip a most delightful experience to neverforget. I am planning here to describe only one of those special events of most mysticalimportance: A reception at a desert tent.

After breakfast in our hotel in Cairo and when ready to aboard the cars that would takeus about the city, Dr. Lewis was approached by the chief guide in Northern Egypt dressedin an official costume of a Sheik. He was in charge of over six thousand Arab tribesmen inthe Egyptian desert and possessed thirty-five large tents out in the desert where we hopedto camp for mystical experiences. He was also a member of the Order affiliated withAkhnaton Lodge in Egypt. Initially he toured us through various places of interest inCairo.

On Saturday February 9th we packed our luggage for a light travel and went in a longparade of automobiles to the Great Pyramid. At the famous Mena House and Gardens on theedge of the desert we found hundreds of camels provided by the Sheik, all covered in gailycloths and accompanied by servants in the most fantastic costumes. There were also donkeysand donkey carts for those who preferred that type of transportation. The whole scene wasexciting with bustling and rushing and yelling to control the animals and to coordinatesuch a tangling operation worth of a Hollywood filmmaker.

Temple of Osiris at Abydos

After mounting the camels and donkeys we traveled for more than an hour in a longcaravan that stretched for more than three miles, being escorted by British officers andArabian police in native costumes riding on white horses. We reached the Great Pyramid anddismounted at the Sphinx to have a mystical ceremony at the altar between its paws. Thenwe mounted back our camels and traveled westwards to the Sheik’s tents. The Imperatorwas mounted on a fast camel so he could go to the front or back of the caravan with hismotion picture camera filming the parade line or to return to the center of the scene.

The sunset glow streaked our long parade of camels with purple and gold as the membersrocked side to side in rhythm with the camel’s movement. Each guide in bizarrecostume followed us chanting or singing. We continued over mountains of sand down tovalleys to rise up again over toward the sunset. Finally, there it was: on a great flatplain of the desert we found the Sheik’s great reception tent made of oriental clothsand a group of sleeping tents and a host of slave-servants ready to serve us. From herethere was a view of hundreds of miles to the East and West and the waters of the Nilecould be seen like silver thread crossing the sand. The pyramids as tiny triangles werejust fading out of view in the distant horizon.



Pyramids of Gizah from The Nile by DavidRoberts (

After checking our sleeping tents, we headed to the reception tent for the afternoontea. Inside the tent to our surprise we found a huge one hundred and twenty five feet longtable set as for a banquet with pastries and delicacies as well as coffee and tea. Afterenjoying the food and fellowship, we left the tent to prepare for the evening receptionprogram. Above our heads the sky was clear with millions of brilliant twinkling stars andthe night was so peaceful, away from any trace of civilization.

At about 8 o’clock we returned to the tent for dinner. We enjoyed a most deliciousdinner. From the adjacent cooking tent an endless supply of food continued to come withwines and all sort of delicacies. We remained at the table for two hours. After dinner thenative service removed the table and the program started. First, a group of Egyptianmusicians using ancient instruments played rhythmic music of temple ceremonies. Then theSheik introduced a mysterious Egyptian magician who for a half an hour entertained theaudience making appear animals, articles of clothing and souvenirs in our pockets, hatsand purses. All the while his assistant played a weird tum-tum and chanted the words“galli, galli”. After the magician, two Egyptian dancing girls inoriental costume danced and later the Sheik himself joined them in a wild Arabian dance.

The Mystical Message

Stepping to the center of the tent Dr. Lewis announced that the midnight hour had comeand it was time for the next stage in our initiatory process. Only those members allowedto participate in the initiation ceremony were permitted to remain in the tent. TheImperator also arranged to have the group of temple musicians play outside the tent at adistance so the music would come soft to ambient the ceremony but to not interfere withit. He asked to remove all the lamps from the tent and to extinguish all outside lamps.This left us in complete darkness and in a moonless Egyptian desert, that was quite dark!He asked us to sit in absolute silence, then invoked the presence of ascended mastersmembers of the Great White Brotherhood using an ancient method chanted in rhythm with themusic coming from outside. As his chanting continued the vibrations in the tent increasedmaking us tremble and intensifying our auras. The aura of the Imperator of an intenseViolet Light became so brilliant that actually illumined the tent for all of us to seeeach other even the ones in the opposite side.

Dr. Lewis stepped then to one corner of the tent. In the center appeared a mist thatdivided in various mists. These various apparitions took the form of a number of Mastersof the Great White Brotherhood who have been closely associated with the spiritualevolution of our Order. We were delighted with the presence of venerated masters El Moria,Kut-Hu-Mi, Danius, Christian Rosenkreuz, Louis Claude de Saint Martin and CountCagliostro. They displaced themselves around the room touching and giving benedictions tothe presents.

As the masters positioned at the corners of the tent, another mist at the center tookthe form of venerated master Count St. Germain. This master, closely associated with theRosicrucian Order, was the illustrious figure that appeared on and off in Europe from 1710to 1822. Confidant of kings and friend of the poor, St. Germain was a master alchemist andman of mystery. As his figure became more distinct he looked about 45 years old, withbeard, dressed in purple blue and wearing on his chest a pendent Maltese cross with aroyal blue sapphire at its center. He delivered a message related to the spiritual innertransformation of self. These are excerpts I recall from his discourse(4):

St. Germain

“Each of the seven rays in which light is decomposed is a concentrated action ofthe Light of God having a specific color and frequency resulting in a specific action inbody, mind and soul. The Violet Flame is the specific of the Holy Spirit, the antidote,that dissolves the delusions of the pseudo self and even the laws of old age and death. Itis the fulfillment of the prophecy of God’s own law of transmutation: ‘ …though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red likecrimson, they shall be as wool’ [Isaiah 1:18].

“All problems of the economy, the ecology and the government can be resolved ifyou will take only ten minutes each day to go within and to find your own God Self; tomeditate and to use the science of the Spoken Word whereby you chant the mantra of thefree:


“This is my mantra which I give to you as your initiation into theAquarian Age. The sacred name I AM releases the fire locked in the nucleus of thepermanent atom of Self. Remember when Moses was on the mountain and there was a bush thatburned but was not consumed and then God called to him out of the midst of the burningbush? Moses understood God as fire. But at the precise moment that God reveals himself asthe energy, as that flaming flame, at that moment the Lord God steps right through thatenergy and becomes a person talking with Moses face-to-face. The energy speaks. It becomesan identity, an individuality, the very person of the Holy Spirit.

“When you look at the nature of energy, you realize that it is alwayssimultaneously principle and person. Principle and person is simply the plus and minuspolarity. The positive polarity becomes negative as the negative polarity realizesindividuality.

“God is the cloven tongues of the fire Spirit/Matter. Spirit represents theprinciple of universal energy. Matter represents that energy becoming a person. By the lawof polarity, that which is principle must become person. It is a lesson in science andmathematics.

“What does initiation mean? It means that God imparts to us as individuals anincrement of Light, or energy, which enters into our soul and gives us a push, a thrust, aconsciousness, an idea, an awareness. It’s like wind in our sails. So Moses stoodthere and the voice spoke out of the flame and the Lord God said to him: ‘Let mypeople go!’ God is sending Moses to rescue the people of Israel from a false sense offreedom, a very entrenched materialism. But Moses was very timid. He feared. He doubtedhis own ability.

“The resounding Word that comes back is the resounding Word that hear in our owninner being, the declaration of the presence of God where we are. The voice of the Lordspeaks out of the flame to Moses and says: I AM THAT I AM. I AM WHO I AM. I will be what Iwill be. OM TAT SAT OM.

“The name of God I AM THAT I AM is a key to energy. Every time you use ‘IAM’ you are declaring ‘God in me is.’ It is an affirmation of your trueSelf. It releases the fire of your heart to fulfill the destiny to which you send itforth. This is more than the power of positive thinking. Make no mistake. This is thealchemy of the sacred fire.

“Start getting rid of the consciousness of self as old, dense, feeble, ugly,stupid, bored, poor. All of a sudden you are ‘a being of the Violet Fire.’You’re just a flaming flame, pulsating, moving with the Spirit. You move in abeautiful sea of Violet Flame. Visualize your morning shower of Violet Flame. See theflame scrubbing the pores, passing through the nervous system, the arteries, thebloodstream, right down the marrow of your bones. The Violet Flame will unlock in youeverything else that you have ever sought as consciousness and teaching and self-mastery.It’s the key. It locks in everything else, because it transmutes the dross thatimpedes the flow of this stupendous Light of the Holy Spirit.

"I AM the resurrection and the life
of every cell and atom of my heart
now made manifest!

"I AM the resurrection and the life
of my perfect health now made manifest!"

Comte de St. Germain’s words did not sound in any physical sense but were felt ascoming from within. As he was just talking or, better, projecting on us these last words,small bodies of light moved across the tent just like the cloven tongues that hovered overthe apostles’ heads at Pentecost [Acts 2: 1 through 4]. We felt more illumined,higher, lighter and, with an increase of our auras, felt the magnetism of a Cosmic influx.We knew that we were receiving the Cosmic Spirit that descended upon the supplicants forinitiation in the ancient Egyptian temples. I knew also that this Violet Flame was anenergy of mercy, forgiveness and transmutation. And instantly realized that in a previousreincarnation in Egypt I was a member of the Secret Brotherhood and had used the power ofthis mystical flame. I also knew that in that bygone past had cherished a deep violetamethyst as a soothing healing stone to protect myself from evil. He continued hisdiscourse:

“The space between the electron and the fiery nucleus is known as‘virgin’ or ‘hollow’ space. It is filled with the pulsating energy ofthe Holy Spirit. It is essence, an essence of God. We are constantly using this vitalessence that is between the electrons and the nucleus of the atom. We are constantlyqualifying that energy, stamping it with the impressions of our minds and hearts. And thisis how densification occurs. You can imagine filling the space between the electrons withmolasses, a sticky astral glue that blocks the flow of Light from the Macrocosm of God tothe microcosm of man. What happens to the electrons? They slow down. They can’t passthrough. That is, in effect, what we’ve been doing for hundreds of thousands ofyears. We have been filling the space between the electrons with discord, with a lack ofwholeness, call it what you will. Call it ‘bad karma’. Call it ‘sin’if you must. Essentially any manifestation of imperfection fills that ‘hallowed’space with density. Hatred and other negative thoughts and feelings actually create acids(excess amount of phosphoric acid, uric acid and carbonic acid gases) that the body cannotassimilate. Hence the density of disease persists within the physical orbit.

“Atoms of consciousness have become so polluted that our environment is nowpolluted as well. We have polluted the atoms of air, polluted the atoms of earth, pollutedthe atoms of water, not simply with chemicals but with our thoughts and feelings. Physicalpollution is but an effect of mental and emotional pollution. Therefore to solve theproblem of pollution we must restore the native flow of the Holy Spirit.

“The accelerating Violet Flame of the Holy Spirit envelops each atom individually.Can you imagine what a tiny particle of substance an atom is? Yet the flame of Godcaresses and wraps each atom individually. Instantaneously, a polarity is set up betweenthe white fire core of the atom (which, being matter, assumes the negative pole) and thewhite fire core of the flame (which, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole). The dualaction of the sacred fire in the center of the atom and in the Violet Flame withoutestablishes a force field that causes the untransmuted densities to be dislodged frombetween the electrons. As this substance is loosed, the electrons begin to spin morerapidly in their orbits and by centrifugal force it is thrown into the Violet Flame. Oncontact with this fiery essence of freedom’s flame, the disqualified energy istransmuted into its native purity, its archetypal blueprint.

“There is a ‘giving’ and ‘taking’ or interactive flow betweenGod and man. This flow is the return to the Source of energy so that Source can releasemore energy. All of cosmos depends for its very existence upon that flow. When you stopthe flow, you have death, disease, disintegration. Disintegration, the‘dis-integration’ of the atom that is devoid of the integrating essence of theHoly Spirit. When the spirit of man flows into the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Godflows into the spirit of man, there is a divine exchange, a cosmic transmutation and bothGod and man enjoy the feeling of sharing and of belonging to one another.

"Violet Fire, thou love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you."

“Practice my mantra many times over with your strongest and most concentratedvisualization, for and by the love of Jesus Christ.

"O mighty Presence of God I AM
In and behind the Sun:
I welcome thy Light,
Which floods all the Earth
Into my life, into my mind,
Into my spirit, into my soul!
Radiate and blaze forth thy Light!
Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!
Charge me with the great clearness
Of the white-fire radiance!
I am thy child and each day I shall
Become more of thy manifestation!"

“Now be still and know that the “I AM” Presence who is God within you(the Immanuel-God with us) is victorious over every outer condition. Accept it done in thefull power of the Godhead and reaffirm it each time the slightest fear or doubt assailsyour soul:

"I AM the Violet Flamemiracle healing of the heart
Every hour of every day now made manifest!
And I praise the Lord of Life
For my perfect healing now made manifest!"

“Visualize the Violet Flame of freedom and forgiveness transmuting all impuritiesin your heart: Physical, mental, emotional and etheric.

“Neglect not your heart as the altar of God. Neglect it not as the sun of yourmanifest being. Draw from God the power of love and amplify it within your heart. Thensend it out into the world at large as the bulwark of that which shall overcome thedarkness of the planet, saying:

"I AM the Light of theHeart shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury of the mind of Christ.
I AM projecting my love out into the world to erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.
I AM the power of Infinite Love, amplifying itself
Until it is victorious, World without end."

“Remember that as long as you face the Light, the shadows are always behind. Andthe Light is there, too, to transmute them all. I leave you now. May Love abide within allof you.”

La Trinidad, Detail, by El Greco (1540-1614)

As the last prayer was felt in my heart I saw a white dove in its silvery, radiant,mother-of-pearl suffusing glow, a misty essence hovering above our heads and being clearlyperceived by those prepared to understand the message. The presence of the dove over headsand shoulders was indicative of the advancement of those members who had attained thehighest degrees of initiation. The Ascended Masters now returned to the center of the tentand united, disappeared in the mist. I asked myself this question: "Did everybodyhear St. Germain’s message, or was it just me?" We had a half an hour of meditation.In my meditation I saw myself “in a pillar of swirling opalescent rainbowspirals”. Cosmic impressions of different nature came to other members according totheir personal missions. Then we united in the prayers with the Imperator and close thismost unusual ceremony.

Due to the sacredness of the hour some members instead of heading to their sleepingtents wandered miles away in solitude, even some preferred to stretch out on the opensands and there sleep until morning. I wandered too in the distance while in my head Ireplayed this prayer over and over:

"I AM the Flame of Resurrection
Blazing God’s pure Light through me,
Now I AM raising every atom,
From every shadow I AM free!

"I AM the Light of God’s fullPresence,
I AM living ever free.
Now the Flame of Life Eternal
Rises up to victory!"

There, alone, distant from the tents, I waited until the early morning bugle call.


1. Arcadia Studies in Ancient Wisdom byPeter Dawkins, published by The Francis Bacon Research Trust. See Part I:The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, pages 34 to 47.
2. The Summit Lighthouse.
3. The Mystic Triangle, Rosicrucian Magazine, eleven numbers from Feb. through Dec. 1929,Rosicrucian Order,
AMORC, San Jose, California, USA.
4. The Summit Lighthouse,Violet Flame and Healing with the Violet Flame.


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