Affirming Your Life

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Affirming Your Life

Ginger Bennett, CMH
Practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ginger Bennett, CMH, 1220 University Drive, Suite 201, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States, Phone: (650) 324-0239,  For hypnotherapeutic services or workshops, please contact Ms Bennett by phone or email.

Copyright © 2003by Ginger Bennett.  This material is part of Ms Bennett’s workshop handout "Affirming Your Life" and is published in this website with expressed permit from the author.

Published on August 8, 2003.


Have you felt that affirmations are ineffectual or difficult to use consistently enough to achieve results?  Here is a powerful, uncomplicated technique which cuts directly to the core secret of manifestation and is so simple you will really use it.



Have you wondered why some people have more while others have less?  Why some people are happy and fulfilled in life while others live in misery and lack?  It isn’t because life is inherently unjust, it has to do with deeply held beliefs, many of which are very subconscious.

You may believe that it is difficult, unlikely or even impossible to have more than you have now; more love, more health, more money, more meaning.  Or you may believe that you can have more of some things but not of others.  You may be taking this class because you hope something will change, even though it hasn’t in the past.

The happy truth is that the past has nothing to do with what your can create and have in your present and future.

The real truth about your life is that you have everything within you that you will ever need to create whatever you want —perfect health, greater financial abundance, fulfilling relationships, meaningful contribution to the world and consistent happiness.


How to Affirm Effectively

Suppose you had, at all times, a beautiful Jaguar or Maseratti automobile sitting in front of your house, just waiting to take you wherever you want to go.  The motor is idling powerfully, eager to be put into gear so that it can fulfill the purpose for which it was made.

Maseratti 3200 GT

Why can’t you manifest the car you need if you are dwelling in God’s Light and doing God’s service?  Affirmations can make you a co-creator with God.  Would you deserve a car like this?  Of course, you do!  You can be wealthy and spiritual asSaint Germain was and is.

Your subconscious mind is that powerful engine and it truly is waiting to take you wherever you want to go in life.  All that is needed is for your to instruct your subconscious mind in a way that is in alignment with its nature.

The subconscious mind is very literal.  It does not judge or discriminate but takes suggestions that are simple, clear, direct, contain some emotional energy and are presented as a statement of factThe guidelines for effectively instructing the subconscious mind are simple:

    1)  Decide what you want to create.
    2)  Devise a simple, clear statement.
    3)  Say the statement aloud or in your mind, with the attitudethat it is a statement of fact"Yes, this is the way it is."
    4)  At the end of your statement of fact, use your will and your consciousness to access a monetary feeling of the reality of it.
    5)  Repeat your statement two or three times, until it feels true.  It is that moment of certainty, that instant of feeling true, that does the creating.

You are not consulting your old reality or your habitual beliefs.  You are creating a separate new reality.

Your statement of fact should be simple and clear and in the present tense.  Some examples:

    "All of my needs are met abundantly."
    "I am a happy person, living a happy life."
    "I deserve good things."
    "I love myself." 
    "I have a wonderful mate who is perfect for me."
    "My path is clear."
    "My body is strong and healthy."
    "I relax and sleep easily."
    "My life is filled with peace and balance."

Additional Notes:

Here are a couple of general affirmations that are quite good:

    "I am always provided for abundantly."
(This affirmation has been used for many years by a woman who lives in Palm Beach, Florida.  She says it has steadily increased her abundance until now she has everything she could possibly want.)

    "I choose to live in joy and abundance."
(This one is good for when negative feelings and beliefs are coloring your experience and a new, conscious, choice needs to be made.)

Bear in mind that attempting to create someone else‘s reality is unlawful and destructive and will backfire on you.  Rather than saying, "Dick loves me and asks me to marry him."  It will ultimately yield far better results to say, "I am happily married to the perfect mate."  Rather than saying, "The neighbors move so I can have their house."  It would be better to say, "The perfect house comes to me."  The happiest solution is not always evident to our linear conscious intellect and ego.  The "zigzag path of the Creative" can be far more powerful and fulfilling.

Some days are easier, however making the statement will change your consciousness.  Easiest of all is when your are already in a good mood.

You can devise several statements around the same subject, experimenting with them until you find the ones that really resonate.  You can also work with more than one subject, or project, at a time.

Saying your statements of fact aloud is the very best.  However, saying them in your mind is also perfectly effective.  Whenever you are in the car, walking on a path in nature, upon awakening in the morning —anytime you are alone and have privacy— is a good time to say affirmations aloud.  In your mind, they can be repeated anytime and anyplace.  However you do them, quietly or aloud, they need to have some emotional energy, meaning a take-charge attitude.  Repeating things in a rote manner does not generate enough "juice" to create.  You will be delighted at how good it feels to give yourself the experience of taking dominion.

When old beliefs are intruding and your are feeling fear or doubt, let the feelings "play through" like a golfing party on the course.  That is, feel them for a bit, then go back to making your statements firmly and clearly.  If there is a lot of fear and doubt getting in the way, find a quiet time to sit and simply feel the negative feelings, and perhaps the incidents or messages/commands from caregivers in childhood that created them.  Your body knows how to heal itself of the stored negativity by feeling whatever needs to be felt, in the body.  All of our stored negative beliefs and feelings are stored in the body and can be released by allowing your body to feel them.  Yes, it can be uncomfortable or tedious to sit and feel the old experiences, messages and beliefs until they have no more power but it is far preferable to constantly trying to push them down, transcend them, or allow them to continue creating your reality by default.

In doing affirmations you are not asking, begging or supplicating.  You are using your Word as the divine being that your are.

If you have trouble believing that you are a divine being, here are the words of Nelson Mandela, a man who knows a lot about life, in his 1994 Inaugural Address:

Nelson Mandela

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small doesn’t serve the world."


Simple Self-Hypnosis Induction

The point of self-hypnosis is to train your mind to go into relaxation quickly and reliably.  A simple formula is all that is necessary and the following is one that works well for many people.

Practice creates a conditioned response pattern which will allow you to go deeper, faster.  The ability to do this will give you a feeling of control as well as a means to resolve emotional patterns with the Emotional Self Healing technique.  It is also possible to retain more while listening or reading in this state and writing while in relaxation also works very well.

Say to yourself: "I am now going into a deep state of hypnosis (or relaxation, whichever word you like best).  On the count of ten (or one, if your prefer going in the other direction) I will be in a deep state of relaxation."

Count from one to ten (or ten down to one) at a natural pace —a pace which feels right for you.

After the count of ten (or one) say to yourself, "I am now in a deep state of relaxation (or hypnosis)."

When you have finished the induction you can then go into a beautiful place to meet your Higher Self or Inner Child or simply to rest, or you can go into your childhood environment and do self-healing work with your conditioning or beliefs.

When you are ready to leave the relaxed state, count yourself back.  You can use a count of five (or whatever number you prefer) and reverse the process: "I am now returning to my normal conscious state.  On the count to five I will be fully returned to ordinary consciousness, feeling relaxed and peaceful and fully alert."


How to Release Negative Beliefs

There will be times when doubtful or negative feelings surface while your are affirming and it is enough to feel them for a bit and go on.  Or you can shift your consciousness by putting a little more energy into your affirming and get past it.  However, if you are running into a major negative core belief or significant negative feelings that seem to want to hang around, you may profit by doing some self-healing work.  Following is a very simple method that works well.

1) Identify the opposing belief (s)

You may find that reversing your positive affirmation will show you the opposing belief.  For example, if you are affirming that you are very successful in your job or business, the opposing belief might be something like, "Success is not possible" or ‘I don’t deserve success."  There may be a number of possible negative beliefs but one or two will really resonate and feel true.  The best ones to work on are those that are "bottom line," really cover the territory and have feelings attached.

Another way to identify your negative or opposing beliefs is Sondra Ray’s "response" technique, which is included in the section on "Other Affirmation Methods."

2) Feel the negative belief until it stops or changes

As counter-intuitive as this may seem, the very act of feeling a negative belief steadily and continuously for awhile will dissipate it out of your system.  Some beliefs may take only a few minutes to release while others could take an hour or more, or more than one sitting.  A really affecting core belief, one that is deep and chronic and has been dogging you for your life, will understandably take the longer time.

When you are first learning to do this, you may find it easier to be in a quiet place where you can be comfortable and focuswithout distraction.  Here are some simple steps:

a) Find the words that really express the negative belief.

b) In your mind, drift back into your childhood and see how that belief is being played out or who there is believing and projecting that belief.  (Most beliefs begin in childhood, either absorbed from authority figures or arrived at in response to experiences or situations.)  If you can’t find it in childhood or in any particular place, just feel it as a belief.

c) Feel the truth of the belieffor as long as the belief feels true.  The belief will either stop, and you will feel the freedom to do things differently, or it will change to something else which may also need to be felt to completion.  Sometimes there are also additional "layers" of belief which will come up to be felt.

 Most negative feeling states are caused by a negative belief, or set of beliefs, and feeling the belief (s) to completion will change the state.

[Note of Luis Prada:  I attended this workshop and made a comment during this part of the class which was agreed by Ginger Bennett.  I said that with this healing we can also heal our inner child and a past life where the belief may have originated.  Also we may help heal the humanity’s mass consciousness where this belief may reside and, the author added, even our ancestry who provided our DNA can be healed.  This healing, by reliving the traumatic experiences and by letting them surface, is indeed very powerful for personal growth and a contribution to mankind.  It was used in the Great Pyramid initiations.  See An Egyptian Initiation, 0 Deg. Initiation Ceremony, Part II: The Dark Light Chamber or Chamber of Chaos, The Pit. The ancient Egyptians knew it!]


Recommended Reading

Being in Sacred Relationship with oneself (treating oneself with respect and love) and with others will help increase wellbeing on every front.  Here is some great reading (all available):

"The Conscious Heart" by Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks
"Embracing the Beloved" by Stephen & Ondrea Levine
"St. Germain’s Twin Souls and Soulmates", channeled by Azena Ramanda & Claire Heartsong
"Anna, Grandmother of Jesus", channeled by Claire Heartsong.  This is an exquisitely well written book, the true story of Jeshua, Mary Magdalene and the crucifixion drama.


"As a son/daughter of the Light I decree and accept that the Divine Abundance lavishes on me always.  I recognize that I AM the Providing Presence in my home, in my business, in my world, in my life and in all my affairs and I accept that I AM the wealth of God flowing abundantly to my hands and for my use that no man can stop, because I AM THE OPEN DOOR THAT NEVER CLOSES AND I AM GOD IN ACTION."

From the Book: "Decrees for A Better Life" ("Decretos para Una Vida Mejor") by Madeleine E. Belliard.  Book in Spanish, translation.


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