When Are We Going to Show Up?


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When Are We Going to Show Up
Creating "We Are One World"

ByCandace Frieze
May 25, 2006

 Published in this website on September 6, 2006.

Hi everyone, it’s time to get back into writing mode again. I haven’t written much for the main site because the software is just not the best. Most of my writing has been on the forum. We recently purchased new software for the main site. I thank all of you who made financial contributions to make this possible. Many thanks also to my webmaster who has donated so much time to AbundantHope. We will open it up shortly, when we have finished the transferring and get it linked together correctly. You will find the new software much easier to use.

Now, for a little updating, before I get on the purpose of this piece, as implied by the title. Starting around Saturday, April 29, the Earth shifted higher into the 4th Dimension. It has been barely 4.0 for a few months now. There was some assistance given to this, and over a few days, the vibrations rose to 4.5. The vibratory assistance is an important gift of Christ Michael, and will cause the dark side to experience more rapid aging, depression, and health issues and Lightworkers should be noticing brighter colors and a positive energy change.

From 4.0 to 4.49, the dark side is at its «best.»  Very dark. From 4.5 to 5.0, it begins to dwindle rapidly, and the good guys begin to prepare in greater earnest for the state of 5.0. Any entity who has reached 5.0 is «Christ Conscious.» The Earth has since then made a slight gain, to about 4.52. It will stay there until we have further positive changes about the planet, including those expected in the USA. All souls now incarnating into the Earth plane are 5.0 or above. The dark does not incarnate into a planet above 4.5.

There are at this moment 65 indictments of a wide variety of people in USA government and media in the hands of the media. As per usual there have been substantial efforts to depress their release. I am allowed to say no more. More indictments are in various stages of being prepared, and there is continual work at determining who else is eligible for indictment.

As a rough average, about 25% of Congress are seriously corrupt and with substantial charges pending. About 25% are «medium» corrupt and another 25% with minor corruption. The remaining 25% are decent folks. As to the release of any prosperity and farm claim monies we must have the new government and banking system in place.  Otherwise the monies would be easily stolen and harm possibly intentionally brought to recipients.

There continue to be various stories circulating such as on May 25 part of a comet will hit the planet. Another story is a huge bomb to be set off in Nevada in June that will fracture important plates causing harm. And we have «Plan B» suggesting the probable evacuation of the planet because of failure of the ground crew and other issues. We were told to expect a suitcase bomb detonation in Houston on Easter. All these stories are usually false and are used to create fear.

Some are used to cover for dark side plans, such as the comet story, to cover a Tsunami practice session in the Northwest by the US Department of Transportation. There was a plan to cause harm in it. Today is the 26th and nothing came of it.  I remind all that there have been many attempts to create 911-type events in the USA since 911. The only one that was successful sadly was the bombing on the levies in New Orleans. Katrina was the cover story for the bombing of the levies.

The other event from New Orleans, the poisoning of the water supply shortly before Katrina, was interfered with. The hurricane was also lessened and its direction changed. In this continued wait remember the work accomplished so far and remember that problems solved now are problems that will not surface after the government stands down in theUSA.  We will be ahead of schedule in this sense.  Remember also that the Dark folks did not stand down as ordered.

There were also recent statements that Earth nearly reversed her poles. This did not happen and is not going to happen, nor will there be a roll over. We have come too far for that scenario. We would not have even started the Second Coming process, if that were a possibility. Please ignore any such statements. That the planet is ascending above 4.0 and is now 4.52 is a very positive statement. Please let’s not assist the dark side in maintaining the fear.

The last few days the dark are at the bird flu thing again. I had bird flu, diagnosed by AA Raphael in March. It is just a nasty flu that leaves one coughing for a couple weeks. Yes, it could be hard on those whose immune system is compromised but it’s just a respiratory flu and it’s endemic in the USA and around the world. I got it from my cats! One found herself in the pound and brought it home to the others and me. All of us were sneezing and hacking like crazy and we all recovered just fine.

There are posts on the Internet from people who have paid for private testing, and found out they had the bird flu too. Viral infection between animal and human species is more common than discussed. When I was growing up, we had a cat catch mumps from a human family member. This was confirmed by the Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Recently a 3 year old message circulated again on the Internet. The article was from star folks who were asking Earth if we wanted them to show up. [Note of E.: Change the World By the Lever Effect,https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/change_the_world.htm .] Recently through Jess, Germain was making a statement that all might happen along a bit better, if we were to show up. Buddha did a work through me last summer asking just what happened to the late 60’s and early 70’s, when there was so much political activism. In that piece I covered some of my excuses, and worked with Buddha on the excuses we all seemed to have.[Note of Editor: Buddha Speaks, https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/buddha_speaks.htm.] He didn’t buy it. But most of us were negligent not visiting our elected reps and insisting they actually represent us. We were caught up in life and many of us also have past life experiences that assist our fear of being proactive.

A planet’s work has to be done within. There are truly many helping from the stars, they have shown up. The proof is our continued habitation of the planet. We must assist the process overtly ourselves. And the works as coming out on TV, though slower that desired, are starting to show progress. A Zogby poll done in mid May [2006] showed that 70 million Americans now suspect the government as either cause of 911 or complicit in the cover-up.

Both Bush and Blair are below 30% approval now. It was recently reported that 30% of Americans suspect their calls have been tapped.  I am seeing some people in my circle beginning to get more upset over «Big Brother,» and starting to become aware of all the games to cover up the games. Many are still wanting however to somehow just try to not draw Big Brother’s attention and continue to make do as best as possible.

During the 16 months of this project, I have experienced a lot of folks through email and on forums whining about the delays and asking when are the star people going to show up? They sometimes ask if this is all a game, and asking if they ever planned to show up at all. Some of my readers have expressed impatience of waiting, all the problems, and the whining about the circumstances we need them to fix for us. Others have developed remarkable patience knowing, deep inside, all is in order.

I myself have experienced some fatigue in this wait. But my greater discomfort lies not in the star people but in my fellow citizens of planet Earth who are not making noise consistently. We make noise sporadically and without cooperation amongst groups that are working. Readers have become dependent on the idea of the star people solving personal problems.

I get frustrated again lately with the lack of demonstrations, the lack of people going personally to local political offices and confronting corruption. I find no one in my personal circle who will go with me. However, it just dawned on me, I have made new friends locally and I haven’t called upon them to go with me. I didn’t visit my reps when they were home (I assume) on their Spring break in April. I have no excuse other than my mind was elsewhere at the time.

The title of this piece is in two parts. So I ask, when are we going to show up? Two or More in My Name implies partnership of individuals with similar goals and the genuine desire to solve a problem. Today I am asking all of us to find a better way to partner with our star folks and assist in the fixing of the planet and stop waiting for them to do it all. In this piece today, perhaps I can provide an idea that might appeal to you, and if it does, it also solves my own problem of political activism and «needing» to do something in this venue.

A member of my forum recently posted the idea of political activism remembering the concept that has been around for awhile from the 80’s I think, «We Are the World.»  He understands the world must be involved. I suggested, since We Are The World had already been used, and perhaps is copyrighted, we might go with «WE ARE ONE WORLD» which mentally evokes the unity we seek to create upon this planet. We do indeed have to become a global society and fully involved in the massive issues confronting our big blue marble.

We have been having a private discussion on the forum around the idea. We have members thinking they are doing enough, standing on corners holding protest signs or fulfilling the email suggestions sent to them by True Majority,www.Moveon.org, and various other democratic entities.

I have encouraged people to email members of Congress and did this myself for a time only to discover that our emails are not usually read. If you use the email forms supplied, you are given a pop down box of suggested topics. It matters little what is in your email; you will get back a canned letter about whatever topic you selected. Most have some provision for «Other» if your topic is not included in the pop down list.

On one occasion I wrote a letter sent as «Other» to one of my Senators. It was a nonsense letter with random words in it. I placed War in Iraq several times throughout this «letter.» I got an answer to it, the same canned letter I had received when I wrote about the Iraq War previously. My educated guess is that the emails can be scanned by computer, looking for various words in the body of the email, and then a canned letter sent in response. If this is not the case, then some very dumb person read my nonsense letter, and decided to answer it with the Iraq canned letter. It was an interesting experience.

Thus I don’t think all those emails make a difference at all. It would be better to mail a handwritten letter to the person’s local office, and better yet, for groups to show up, repeatedly to confront. These groups need to check every vote the elected official participates in, follow all the actions. My local reps no longer publicize, at least by letter, when they are home to meet with people. I don’t get newspapers, so perhaps they do publish information and I am unaware. I haven’t checked to see if they maintain an email list for notification.

However, during this wait, we need to continue, no matter whether a few days or a few more weeks, to harass our representatives and insist they just do the right thing.  But do it in some personal way. Spend a stamp or visit them.

But to move on. There is discussion on the forum by several that America and many nations do have groups that are politically active. But somehow they have not changed our world enough or we would be much further along. The problem may be that they are few and far between, and don’t join together. I myself participated until the little group fell apart with standing on corners protesting. A few people in cars honk in agreement, others like to flip the bird. But it does not bring significant change.

We went ahead and created a new website, with nothing on it yet, calledwww.WeAreONEWorld.org. Now here are some potential ideas of what it might do, what people might create under it. Hopefully many of you will like the potential suggested and could find your messianic mission in support of this idea.

I am not going to personally supervise this project. I will lend energy to it. It will be an AbundantHope project, but others need to create it. I must tend the whole needs of the organization. The fellow who introduced the idea, calling himself Lightworker, should probably supervise it, if he desires to do so, with chosen help. But here are some ideas I am throwing out, gathered from the private discussion that has been occurring on the forum, and from messages sent to me.

There are many organizations out there, all working separately and not getting the larger task done. They are tolerated to create the idea we live in a free society. The government knows they don’t have enough power to do more than they do. If these forces had united, we could have brought down the government of theUnited States long ago for the fraud of 911 and the resultant wars.

A peace march once a year in March is not enough to end the Iraq War. We need persistence and more frequent protests and other actions. Cindy Sheehan is doing marvelous work, and if Moveon.org had more fully cooperated with her, and her ideas, this administration would be out of here. Moveon.org, to my personal observation, seems but an arm of the Democratic party which is just a branch of the New World Order. There is a private group, called «Not In My Name» which protests the Iraq War.

Alex Jones, Reopen 911.org and similar people and organizations are working hard at exposing 911, and the New World Order, and they have had limited success also. The Internet is loaded with information on the New World Order and the BBB&G’s behind it. We have the information but somehow we have not been able to adequately bring it all down yet.

The proposal is to unite all these groups, into greater and consistent action, having folks heading up various areas and ideas, bringing everyone under one banner so to speak, and actively planning activities that put considerable consistent pressure on the media, government and military to clean up their act. This would make better use of existing funding, create much more power and make better use of existing manpower.

I would love to see many volunteers, each taking a specific area and running the show locally with assistance from aids as recruited. There should be at least one for each state or province of the USA and other large countries. Smaller countries might get by with a fewer number of individuals. Many states and countries have elected representatives, and this person and assistants could continually check the voting actions and behavior of these people, exposing what they are doing. I no longer get any updates whatsoever from my reps from my local governments or from those in Congress except briefly just prior to elections.

These heads of these areas could then get help in confronting those both in politics and media locally about what is not being attended to, and what needs to be put forth. Education for the local public should be carried out and support obtained. The forum folks have suggested door to door campaigns, placing signs around, putting articles in newspapers, email campaigns. Area groups could coordinate larger projects.

We are going to have to be politically active and lead the way. Those elected who do not perform need to be recalled if necessary. This will take brave and dedicated people. We can’t let the planet continue to regress. I remind all that the Second Coming is a process past the actual event, and opens a door for us to be able to build a new and better world. We must build that world ourselves. We will have advice if asked for but we must do the work.

There are many problems to come that must be addressed appropriately. One area, would be fuel and energy use. Others education, immigration, wages and other interests that are politically handled. The current idea of using hydrogen extracted from water is not a good idea. Our water is needed for other purposes. Planets using this exclusively have seriously depleted their water. Intense energy such as nuclear energy is needed for the conversion. It is highly explosive and must be transported in some manner. It also puts profit in the hands of those who will control it. We have better ways coming.

If there is enough interest, we will purchase software for the website, and place a forum for organization and communication. Area administrators would have their own websites that we would link to the big site. Much material of an educational nature could be on this website. l hope that this idea will attract many. This is a great cause and sorely needed, and is the responsibility of the people governed. If you are interested, please register on the forum, if you are not already. You do that by going towww.Abundanthope.net , clicking the forum button in the menu, and following the instructions.

Before registering however, please place this email address in your address book, because you will be sent an automatic email, and you must follow instructions on it, to complete your registration.Webmaster@abundanthope.net.

This is to prevent computers from signing up massively, and creating difficulties with the server. Only those with Personal Messiah privileges may post on the forum. So you must make a messianic statement and post it in the messianic section, under the user name you created at registration. (Example: Candace’s Messianic Mission. Candace is my user name).

This forum software is actually a collection of forums. Once signed in, click the place on the left that says «go into forum» which will produce an index of the forums. First read material called Forum Rules and What is AbundantHope. Then return to the forum list, by clicking on the Sitting Room feature and scroll down to the Messianic Mission area. Alternately, near the bottom of most pages, there is a place called «forum jump.»  Select Messianic Mission.

Click the area in which your user name falls. A list of threads (discussions) will appear. These are others messianic missions. Then click the button called «New Thread.»  This will bring up a box to start a new thread. Name your mission in the title box. After you type in your mission, or copy and paste from your own word processor, click submit.

You will not see your mission right away. I have to approve posts in this area, and then you will see your post. It may be a couple days depending on my schedule. Once I approve the mission, you will see the post and will see Personal Messiah with your user name. You can then post as you like on the forum, following the same directions above, only choosing other forums. In addition to starting threads, you can participate in a current thread. I will create another forum for discussion of this topic.

If you want to participate in this project, then your mission statement should include what area you would like to be responsible for. This would include that you would work to identify local groups in action, be willing to make a list of email contacts as you find them, be willing to find assistance in your proposed area and become very proactive.

Although we shouldn’t have any more major wars, there are still many changes required. You must be willing to educate the public in your chosen area. Remember, this is world wide, not just the United States. Almost anything your area or country faces that needs change is fair game. You could also visit local companies to confront or to obtain their help. If you like activism, this is the messianic mission for you! The sky’s the limit here, and it is so needed.

I am going to encourage churches to become politically active also, so working the churches in your area is a possibility. After the IRS is out of business in the USA, American churches can involve themselves. They are already involved, by dubious methods, as seen in recent elections in the USA. In the USA, we have Senator McCain from Arizona, already cultivating the religious right, by making peace with Jerry Falwell.

If you want to participate, but not run an entire area, still sign on, and make a statement of what you would like to assist with, and where. If you have another mission, but have room to add something and like being politically active, by all means, add this to your current mission statement. WE ARE ONE WORLD.

During my wait for funding, I have need of additional financial help. This is for AbundantHope, not for myself. We also have another website, calledwww.AHprojects.org. This website will focus on the various missions being created, associated with AbundantHope. By associating your mission, whatever it is with AbundantHope, we will have great power, using the concept, Two Or More In My Name. We have additional bandwidth and related expenses to cover. Also, I need software for both of these websites. I have some salary obligations also.

The new software will have a Paypal setup. We have one on the forum at this time, which you access by going to your User CP, and clicking on «paid subscriptions» in the left hand menu near the bottom on that page. But the easiest way, if you are not on the forum, is to simply go towww.paypal.com, and create an account for yourself, if you don’t already have one.

Then you can make a donation easily by using their «Send Money» feature, topaypal@abundanthope.net. We will in time also accept credit cards via Paypal, making a Paypal account unnecessary. Even after funding arrives, we will continue the Paypal setup, because I intend to continue to raise funds that can be given to support messianic missions around the world as we discover the need. Americans are going to be very wealthy a year or so after the Second Coming. I will have someone on my staff to handle grant applications.

You can also save us the Paypal fees, by simply mailing a check or money order, cashiers check, travelers check, or cash. The address is: AbundantHope, 1006 W.104th Ave #185, Northglenn, CO 80234.

Now, one final situation. There are several websites which continue to trash Dove’s work. Dove works personally with Germain, and she is the major source of material around NESARA. What she is doing is necessary and appropriate. She has not returned to Earth «ego state» as is portrayed by several sites.

Her requests for personal help for her travel are justified. Her travel is important and ordained by Germain. He communicates what he is doing with me, so I know of what I speak. She publishes that which is necessary at this moment. And I would like to remind folks that you aren’t going to carry precious metal bars around to pay for your humanitarian works. The precious metals must be sold to create cash for the humanitarian programs.

Why people would so harshly judge her is beyond my comprehension. She has put up with all the obnoxious stuff I have had to put up with, so I rather personally understand her point of view. She has every right and responsibility to defend herself, SO BE IT. She is totally truly dedicated to NESARA, and for the various websites to attack her for her genuine work and caring, is very wrong, and comes from either lack of knowledge or by intent to cause harm.

There are many websites that are operated by the CIA and others of dark intent, pretending as being of the Light. When a serious and committed Light person is discovered, these pretender websites start up an attack scenario. Please, if you have submitted offending reports about Dove to your lists, write your list and state you have been mistaken, and also write to Dove, with the word «Apology» in the subject field and apologize for your misunderstandings.

In a recent message, Dove suggested that www.freedomnetwork888.com, is a CIA website. There is misunderstanding here in that statement, and I have written Dove to clarify this. There are two people by the name of Cara Mckennon, and Kara Kincannon. There has been confusion by Dove in this matter. The above website was created by Cara Mckennon and Mike Pitts. Kara Kincannon is the person Dove is not happy with.

I have worked with both extensively via email and phone calls. I like and trust them. Mike did my front page for the website. I have lent an ear to Cara over family issues. Neither is CIA. Christ Michael even wrote a letter through me to Mike once, giving support to him. I recommend their website as it is their current Messianic Mission to provide an accurate history of Earth and her problems, sort of a one shop place, for those new to all of this.

However, they did post some negative material about Dove written by another person, and they have apologized and removed the material, and are now posting some of Dove’s work. They are both very dedicated to NESARA and raising up the planet.

If any of you would like a better idea of Dove’s personality, I recommend getting a copy of her DVD. You will see a gentle and caring person on it. I remind all of what I have said in the past, I do not work personally with Dove. I did exchange emails prior to starting this project, advising her of my writing a NESARA paper for www.Lewisnews.com and gave her my personal stories into proving NESARA for myself. Germain suggested that I do not develop a more personal relationship at this time to reduce negativity and story telling. I will meet her personally one day.

So that’s it for this long paper. Thank you for your patience during this extended wait. The time draws nearer indeed. We still plan on doing the mailing to the clerics. I will mail a notice out to my list when the time has arrived to begin the mailing. Take care, Candace.

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