Have Compassion for Those Who Betrayed You


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Have Compassion for Those Who Betrayed You
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Six Reports in Series

Channeled by Mike Quinsey.  Taken from: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Main%20Frames.htm .

Published initially in this website on May 15, 2004.  Updated from time to time.

Tuesday May 4, 2004

When the changes begin in earnest upon your planet Earth, there will be a great outpouring of energies from the higher dimensions. These will help lift you even further in vibration and speed up your movement into higher vibrations. There will come a point for many of you, where you will find it difficult to hold your place upon Earth. You will find yourself more at home in the higher vibrations, and the Laws of Attraction will draw you to the appropriate level that you are best suited to, and where you will feel perfectly comfortable.

The negativity of the Earth plane keeps peoples feet on the ground, and over aeons of time you have had little opportunity to raise your vibrations. But in the last 100 years or so, the efforts of Lightworkers have helped anchor Light that you have been able to draw to yourself, and given you upliftment. This has always been the plan, the nature of the end times has been known for many thousands of years. You have often been told that nothing is by chance, and this is so and applies to each individual, as well as Humanity as a whole. You knew this when you volunteered to spend your lives repeatedly coming into physical duality, so as to master and understand the challenges of both the spiritual and material, and to use your experiences to help yourself and others evolve eventually to the point of Ascension. As now, you have been given continuous help from myself and many Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and other Beings who have transcended beyond serving self, and instead the Will of God. We marvel at your determination to achieve success, and when you call upon our help, we are so pleased to be able to come to you.

 Our Love continually enfolds the Earth, and there is ever a balancing of Light and dark although to you as individuals it would seem that the dark is dominant. Remember that it will never, and indeed cannot overcome the Light.

Freewill is the great gift, given to you by The Creator for this particular cycle of experience, and with it you are always creating your own reality. You do not yet have the power to create instantly, but in the very near future it will be so. Meantime you should know that it is important to keep calm and focused on the goal that is to bring Humanity fully into the Light. When this occurs, you will find that your desire will be to do the ’Will of God’. You will find that all of those who have ascended before you, such as myself, are part of a great assembly that all have our own responsibilities to God, and together carry out the Plan for Earth. It does of course go a lot further, because there are many Mansions in Gods’ House. The wonder of it all is that there is to be marvelous coming together of all the work that is being done, and we see the Greater Plan which ultimately enables All That Is to return to the Godhead. But all is in constant change, and it can be said most definitely that there is never a dull moment.

It is never too late to turn to the Light, it is after all the destiny of you all to accept it into your very being, yet no one is pressing you to do so, we willingly give our Love and encouragement when you are ready, as you otherwise have all Infinity in which to make your decision to go forward. I ask you once again to be compassionate when the Truth is revealed about your history, and the manipulation that has taken place to keep you subservient to the Rulers of the time. You have all experienced the dark from both sides of the fence, and perhaps because of this you can understand the saying ‘ what you do unto others you do unto yourself’. Have you ever wondered how that happens, I tell you that it is you who decide what you experience in each lifetime, because you need to understand the giving and receiving of the dark, as well as the Light. You must first conquer the dark and all of its temptations, then you will be able concentrate on the Light, and your evolution will go forward in leaps and bounds. We know this is so, we have gone before you, and have a great feeling and understanding of what you are going through. But when you find out how you have been badly let down by those you trusted with your well-being, remember they too can experience a revelation and God will welcome them back to the Light with open arms, as there is no judgment other than that which you make of yourself. God has given you Freewill to experience whatever you desire, and God will not therefore chastise you, God is All Love, you are part of God. Be compassionate to those who have misled you because very shortly you will begin to learn the Truth, it will be shocking and cause anger, and calls for retribution. This is understandable but be forgiving in your assessment of what should happen to those responsible, allow the Solar Tribunal Council to determine what is the best for the future of those who have erred. Heaven does not punish, God does not punish, therefore every decision that is made upon Earth as to someone else’s future needs to be tempered with Love, and the realization that correction comes from Love and Understanding, and helps these fallen ones to see a path back to Universal Love. Treat one and another as you would wish to be treated yourself.

I close now with immense Love for you all, Heaven applauds your resolve to bring the final chapter of life to a close, yet in that closing is a wonderful new beginning that is worth every effort you have ever made to find the true Light through your great cycle of experience. Feel the new energies permeating your very being, hold them close to your heart, see everyone you meet as your Brother and Sister and treat them with the same Love, YOU ARE ALL ONE.

Thank you, Dear St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

Monday May 17, 2004

In many Ages past you have faced the challenge that is now staring you in the face. It is one that makes you question the type of society you have built upon Earth. It is appropriate at the end of a cycle, because you can carry on as before or take stock of your situation, and decide that you want a better life ahead of you. Many times, you have not found sufficient Will to bring into being that which is more enlightened than what you have created around you. Many times, you have in fact gone deeper into the mire, and have reaped the full karmic debts that you have built up. This is how you evolve, as most certainly the lessons of life gradually sink in and although it is a slow change, you gradually begin to see beyond your creation. Today you are no different inasmuch that you are having to re-access all that you thought was in line with your ideals, and the challenge is of greater importance, because there is a parting of the ways, all by your choice. But no one can move into the next cycle until they have determined what they want from life.

 You have of course followed your path over a multitude of lifetimes, and as a collective unit of Humanity, you have given power to your dreams; created a reality that has reflected the desires of the greater portion of the people. You have used your Freewill to draw to you that which you have felt comfortable with, and so it goes on as life after life is experienced. There comes a time, as now where you can no longer go along with the ‘crowd’ because it is not ‘staying together’ any more, it is time for choices to be made, whether you do this consciously or subconsciously matters not. You will by your actions and thoughts make your decision as to your future. It is not that you would not like to go into the higher dimensions, given the opportunity to experience the wonderful peace, harmony and Love. Firstly, some of you would not feel comfortable in those higher vibrations, in other words you would not be ready, and indeed you could not enter those  vibrations as the Law of Attraction would place you elsewhere. You would, and now will find yourself gravitating to that level of being that is best suited to you. All works out exactly right, but you should note that the time of choosing is almost over.  It is true that some experience sudden revelations and these can have a tremendous impact to the extent that a Conversion takes place.  But by and large you have already created a path to YOUR reality. No one is ‘lost’ when these decisions are made, your life is Infinite and no matter where your travels take you, you will always be You, and like every other soul that is seeking the Path back to God, that link to God can never be broken. Ultimately you will find yourself coming together again with All that Is.

The future for all of Humanity is assured, and a wonderful adventure is ahead; you write the story and play the parts, life is not just a game, it can be fun, full of joy, happiness and experiences of your choosing. It is time now to decide what it is that you want for your future. You can drift along with the crowd but would it not be better to be aware of the great opportunity that is offered to you, make a decision as to where you are going, and what it is you want to do.

You have been given glimpses of what your future can be through many contacts with the Masters and other Teachers, and in recent time your friends from Space. For a moment forget the outer body that you see, or the way Beings come to you or where they come from, the essence of every Soul is the same, you all have the God spark, you are and always will be a part of God. Very soon your Space family will be coming more openly into your life, they have an immense amount of help to offer. Send out your loving acceptance of their presence in and around the Earth. It is your destiny to be re-united with your larger family, and for many of you this will be an emotional time as you recognize and remember those who are your kin. They need to feel your loving greeting upon their arrival; in fact they need to know they are welcome into your life right now!

Do not fear that which is now manifesting that is new to your thinking. Be open to a multitude of new ideas, and new ways of living, because I tell you, the old ways will no longer serve you. Open your mind to all types of possibilities as you hear of what is planned over the next few years. Many of you are carrying an awareness already, but it does require people to become more outgoing. Be expansive in your thinking; be ready to leap into the future, it will happen so quickly you will wonder if you are dreaming. What is to happen is very real, and has been part of a plan that has existed for aeons of time, a plan for the end-times that would see you safely into the Light. You have had some close brushes with other realities that would have seen you fall to the old pattern of reality; but you have come through and it is now a matter of building for the glorious future that awaits.

Put your seat belts on, this is going to be a fantastic ride; the roller coaster will not let you down. There are thrills and surprises galore, hold on tight, you will never have had a ride like this one.

I am your Brother St. Germain and I lift your hearts at a time when you need encouragement to space yourselves from the outer happenings. Be in the Earth, but not of it, enfold it and all upon it in your most wonderful Love and Compassion.

Thank you, Dear St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

June 8, 2004

What a beautiful time to be on Earth, when the energies are lifted up bythe affect of Venus crossing in front of your Sun. Venus has quite correctly, always been associated with the energy of Love. And all of the planets have been dedicated to particular energies of their own. In ancient times Astrology was a science and your ancestors used the knowledge in many beneficial ways. Today you have an awareness of the importance of the planets, and how they can enhance your daily life.

What we are looking at now is the continual outpouring of vibrant energy that calls to you in its own way. There is a feel good factor that affects everyone to some degree, but once you draw the energy into yourself there is a sudden growth that you will carry with you. For a long time now there has been a gradual increase of the positive energies being received by you. If you look back you will no doubt agree that something has started to change peoples outlook and their attitude. You have started to become ‘alive’ to what is around you; you feel things in a way that you did not before, at least not to the same intensity.

Planets are one source of the positive energies you are receiving, and another the Light that is given by a multitude of different Beings in the Heavens. The powerful energy from the source of All That Is, your Central Sun, comes to you through a succession of conduits that ensures it is at an acceptable level for you to receive. It finally finds its way into your solar system through your own Sun, and it is controlled by great Beings who reside inside it.  [Editor’s Note:  See the two articles "The Sun Is Cold", Parts I and II in this website.]

Oh, yes, you are in for many surprises when you are finally given the Truth of how all functions. What appear to be random and uncontrolled happenings is in fact exactly the opposite. All is in control of the Hierarchy; life-forms are not an accident but a creation that like everything, else that has its correct place in all that is needed for the continuance of life. This emphasises once again that all is connected, and what happens to One, in some way affects the All. This is why we try to get you to understand your responsibility, not to just each other but all life regardless of where you find it. You are inter-dependant on each other, and what happens to one person will affect everyone to some degree. We are coming back to your total consciousness as a group of Beings, a consciousness that is growing in a positive way that enables great leaps forward, that we have told you to expect very soon.

Everything is energy, and when you get into the higher dimensions it will become more apparent. You are of the Light, but at your earthly level you cannot yet mould it in a way to give substance to your creations. But very soon you will, and healing is one area that you will excel in and ‘miracles’ will be commonplace. You have been told many times that you are co-creators with God, but you have not yet seen how powerful you really are. Can you imagine that you can give power and substance to your thoughts, and create whatever you wish? You shall do this in time, but responsibility also comes with it. You will have to have become a Light Being in which only the positive thoughts exist. You cannot be allowed to run around creating just as you wish.

As you move onwards and through the many dimensions, you will find that you become part of even greater groups of Beings, that are linked in consciousness. They are one, yet also individuals that contribute to the whole. Life is very orderly in the way it moves and how it interacts with other life-forms. On Earth you find it difficult to comprehend because you do not yet have that knowledge, or understanding to any great degree. In fact you see life as pretty chaotic and often seemingly out of your control. But be assured that there is an outworking of a wonderful plan for Humanity; you are just beginning to perceive it. You are knowingly bringing yourself into line with it, and you see your path and your goals more clearly than ever before. How satisfying this is proving to be, some of that restlessness is beginning to go, you are finding your way at last. And we are behind you, urging you on, it is time to claim back your inheritance, and it will come to you soon.

This is a special day, one when you are able to draw beautiful energies into yourself. A day when you will have grown that little bit more towards the Light. And so it goes on, the continual lifting up of Humanity as you come even closer to us, as we draw nearer to you. Did you ever doubt the outcome, or the power of the Light? The changes are speeding up and negative energies are being transmuted at a fast rate, you sense this, and already see the outcome around you.

There are many more wonderful days to come, and you are bringing these to yourselves by your thoughts and actions. Keep on keeping on, you have won this battle and putting the icing on the cake. Yes, there will be celebrations soon and we will come amongst you to join in it.

I am St. Germain and I add my Love to the great outpouring that is being sent to Earth. I am with you more than ever before, I am behind you and in front of you, you are guided and helped beyond measure. Call on my Strength and Love.

Thank you again, St. Germain.

Friday June 18, 2004

In the midst of all of the changes, you are hearing of how the new energies are affecting you. We tell you very often about it so that you can develop an understanding of what to expect. Through this you can begin to manage your own growth and control your enlightenment. Whilst we offer our help in many different ways, it is you who are responsible for the outcome. It is your freewill that determines how quickly you progress. No pressure is put on you, but as you are in a wonderful period of time that offers you so much, we give you gentle encouragement.

You are powerful Beings, who are gradually re-claiming your powers. You are in that interim period when you will begin to notice that you are changing. How will you determine your growth, can you see where this has affected you. I would say the greatest change is in your power of thought. You are beginning to realize that you really are co-creators with God. Few of you can yet manifest what you want in an instant, but the mass consciousness is a powerful tool that you are wielding to bring so much Light to Earth. You are holding the Light and creating enormous thought forms that are transmuting the dark. When you keep hold of these energies, there is little that the dark can do in response. They may outwardly look assured, but I tell you they are a spent force. This is an example of how without raising a fist, you can achieve your goal in a peaceful manner.

On a personal level, you can translate your power in terms of your ability to create certain conditions around you. For example, many healers are finding that they are now able to channel more refined energies, and their healing has become more potent. In general terms you will find that your Light has a greater calming influence on people around you. There is another example where your power of thought is akin to healing, although you may not consciously be aware of it. Those of you who are keen and successful gardeners will know that some have green fingers, and just why is this so. I think you are beginning to get the idea, because it is your loving care as you handle them and nurture them, and they respond to it. Your Love, your words and thoughts are all energies that everything around you re-acts to, in a greater or lesser degree. You must have also heard of people who play music to their plants, farmers who play it to their cows and find they get an increased milk yield. I could go on but these examples alone are telling you of how all living forms respond to positive energies. When you think of how this can have a knock on affect, perhaps you can see how it raises the vibrations upon Earth. It is an unstoppable force of immense power.

When we tell you that you have won the battle against the dark, this is why. There is no longer a balance being maintained between the two forces, because the Light is now in the ascendancy. This is due to your determination and dedication to the cause, and to bring lasting peace to Earth. You have always known deep down of your latent powers, and you now use them to good affect, and for the good of all. The dark are feeling very uncomfortable right now. They face the challenge of absorbing the light themselves, and if they try to resist it, they will be gradually causing their own disintegration.

You need to understand how much difference your individual contribution makes to the Light. Do not ever think that it has little or no affect, because this is a case where literally every little counts. When you get together in groups, the Light quotient expands exponentially. Can you imagine what we see when you are Light working, and at such times as the Harmonic Convergence. Your power is tremendous, and you have worked miracles that have ensured a glorious end time to this cycle of evolution.

It is now impossible for the dark to prevent the onward march of Light. There are millions of tiny pockets of Light that are growing in intensity, and the fact that you are so widespread is where your power lies. They create a great web of Light around your Earth and this is where it has its strength. This in turn attracts even more Light from the higher dimensions, and so it goes on, and on until all is transmuted.

Knowing that your energies go out from you and into the ethers, try to consciously send your inner peace and Love to everyone around you. When you are meditating and carrying out Light exercises, also spare a thought for Mother Earth, your long-suffering host, she also needs healing. Although like you, she has the ability to self heal and will eventually cleanse the Earth, she needs to feel your love and appreciation of the sacrifices that she has made over aeons of time. You have only to look back a mere 200 years to realize how your Industrial Revolution has taken its toll, and still does. The rape and pillage of Earth is no longer acceptable, and a whole new way of thinking has to emerge. There are already many individuals and groups that have for some time recognized that massive changes will have to be introduced. Their efforts to bring such changes into being are soon to be achieved. The problems that have been created are too vast and far-reaching for you to be able to overcome them by yourselves. This is why the restoration of Earth is high upon the agenda, as soon as First Contact is announced. The Earth will be restored, and very quickly at that, with technologies that are beyond your present scientific abilities.

The time is upon you when through various happenings, you will take a great leap forward, and all the forces of Heaven will be behind you. In reality they have never left you, and there will be an exciting and wonderful celebration in the Light very soon.

I am with you all the time, and my Light enfolds you and strengthens you. Be assured of your victory.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

Wednesday June 16, 2004

Is your head in a whirl, are you running here, running there, do you feel that something is afoot, but cannot quite fathom out what it is? If you do, you are one of an increasing number who are becoming aware of the changes that are slowly but surely affecting everyone. Some of you, probably most of you who read our messages have an understanding of what is taking place, and it is you who we look to, to help others understand too. At such an important time we need all of the help we can muster, as many people as possible need to know about the uplifting energies that are streaming onto your planet.

 Of course everyone is being affected, it is not a matter of choice, but those who understand what the Light is trying to achieve, are better placed to assimilate it into their being. When you are aware and prepared to accept the Light, indeed attract it to you, clearly there is no resistance, but instead acceptance. For those who know a little about it, there is sometimes a fear of what will happen to them. As soon as that negative condition exists, it places an obstruction in the way.

It is similar for those who show no interest at all, as the Light even so is not forced upon people. By sensing or seeing the changes around them, whether they understand them or not, there is a stirring of curiosity. This will happen more amongst families or within groups that are close knit, where people can be seen to have changed from what they were.

Having your beingness more within the Light brings a peace that other people notice, they wonder in the midst of apparent chaos how you can remain so serene and centered, and what is your secret. By your actions, words and deeds you are ‘telling’ others that you have found a new way of living and expressing yourself. Other people begin to want to know your secret, and they take notice of what you say, they want to understand what it is that makes you tick. Your influence to help others is very subtle, you do it by example, and this is the gentle way to open them up to the new energies.

In the higher dimensions we see the vast picture and how the Light is growing, how it is reaching an intensity that tells us that you are ready for a greater enlightenment. And you will receive it from us; we are only too pleased to be of service to you in this way. Your success will eventually be our success, as we guide you along the last stretch of your journey. You are so to say, reserving your place in the higher levels, although this is not necessarily a conscious decision.

But there is an inner knowing of where you want to go and large numbers of you are well on the way to Ascension. I would like to say yet again that although there is nothing new in the process of Ascension, you are in fact attempting something that will make it unique; you are taking your physical body with you. Rest assured you will achieve your goal, but what we do not know is exactly how you will do it. Everything is changing so rapidly at one level that we cannot necessarily say how it will be in the end. As individuals you can approach it in whatever way you like, there is no set pattern. That is why we urge you to help others to understand what is happening, it is never too late to book your place for this ride of a lifetime.

It is different for those who are not ready and have already made a subconscious decision to stay within their present vibrations. Respect that decision, as you would wish others to respect yours. There is no invitation from us to force people in any way to move further into the Light. This is the beauty of the cycle you are in, that is now coming to a close, that all along you have had freewill to follow exactly whatever path you were attracted to. You have done it all, and seen it all, and your soul has been tempered in the fire of experience. However you may view the negative side of experience, remember without it, you would not have the same appreciation of the Light.

The cycle of duality is coming to its end, and the dark is increasingly being transmuted and loosing its power and ability to hold you in its clutches. Do not worry any longer about the activities of the dark, they may carry on as if they are in charge, but this is now far from the truth. Withdraw from their influence, let them implode they are taking their last gasp. Before this year is out you will have experienced the first of many great events that will happen upon Earth, and the dark will be scurrying away with their tail between their legs. Their time is up, and they know it.

It is important that you understand the broader picture, as you cannot really see it all while you are upon Earth. You can get nearer to it by clearing the clutter from your mind. Try to step out of any rigidity in thought, particularly where religion and politics are concerned. There is a totally new way of thinking that you will have to embrace, if you are to be fully prepared to invite the ‘new you’ to join you. Be open to new ideas, be humble, and accept that you cannot possibly know it all in your present vibration. When I can openly be amongst you, along with the other Masters, you will be given much guidance and Truth. Call our name and tap into it, we know you all quite well, very well.

You are most wonderful Beings of Light, except you cannot see yourselves as we do. Do not demean yourselves, each one of you has exactly the same potential for growth. I mean everyone, so please see the God of Yourself, in all others. I love you all beyond measure, you are my Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you, St. Germain, for a re-assuring message.
Mike Quinsey,

Tuesday January 4, 2005

Look at how people power has made itself felt, and in both America and Great Britain; the governments have been forced to follow the will of the people. They have shown unprecedented generosity, and made it clear as to where they believe their money and energy should be directed [Editor’s Note: he is referring to the humanitarian help to the affected people and governments of Southeast Asia with respect to the earthquake and tsunami of December 26, 2004]. And it will be the people who will take the credit for the ultimate success of the response to the Asian crisis. Governments like to be seen to be the ones leading the way, but this time they have been caught unawares, never believing that there would be a great coming together of the people, in the manner in which it occurred. I see a springboard to yet even greater things, as people will start to realize that they have the power to demand peace, and an end to war. Your governments will not like to have to confront the issue, and will try to prevent you from carrying out peaceful demonstrations. You will also be accused of unpatriotic feelings, quoting the war against terrorism as requiring everyone’s support.

 Dear Ones, it is a matter of degree, and of course there is a realistic chance that America and Great Britain will be targeted for some terrorist attack. In America, the biggest threats have so far come from within, and you will know that your Space Friends, who monitor events on Earth, have prevented numerous attacks already. In fact, you have been as free from terrorist attacks as you have ever been in the past. The threat is manufactured through fear, and those who operate the secret agenda seize every opportunity to bring in Draconian Laws that are intended to control the whole population.

Does it sound like a true Democratic country when people can be taken off the streets and placed in prison without charge? Without legal representation and they now face the prospect of being kept under lock and key for life, with no right of appeal. New prison camps are manned and ready, and who do you think they are for? Give the dark a little time, and anyone that is considered anti-government will be hauled off the streets and disappear. I do not motivate fear, but point out what is happening under your very noses. No, you are no longer a Democracy, and you are becoming imprisoned in your own country, and your representatives have passed the laws that allow such situations, without as much as discussion or debate. You are no longer living in a free Democracy, and indeed you are no longer a free country, having given up so many rights accorded to you under your original Constitution.

Yes, this morning St. Germain has climbed onto his soapbox because he does not want the main issues to be sidelined while you carry out your wonderful relief work. It is clearly too late to reverse what has happened, but you can put your energies behind those brave souls who have stood up to be counted. Souls who are laboriously proceeding with legal matters, which will enable the present dark cabal to be removed from office. This is your only way to prevent total chaos, and I see the event manifesting very soon. But this does not mean that you should sit back and wait for it to happen. It requires your focus of attention and all of the positive energy you can muster.

Be assured the dark know what is taking place, and they will use every trick possible to avoid the ultimate result. You may think I have an imaginative mind, when I say that the dark are even prepared to try and leave the planet when the going gets tough. Where?, do you ask.  Well, let me say that there are options to go to underground bases on the Moon or Mars, which have been developed for many years now and are self-supporting Eco-Cities. There are also numerous underground facilities on Earth, equipped with food and other provisions to last several years that are partly self-sustaining.

But, there is no escape, as the dark cabal is monitored 24 hours a day. No matter where they hide they will be arrested and removed from office when it is legally possible to do so. In any event, they cannot escape the ultimate over view of their life, which will take place once they have left their present bodies. You know that they will not want to have to face themselves, to be stripped bare and admit in truth what their intentions have been, and to see the result of every action they have taken. But this day of reckoning comes to all, and I stress as I have said before, no one judges your thoughts, deeds and actions except yourself. No wonder we ask your patience and compassion when the dark are brought forward to answer the charges against them. They have been pawns in the great game of duality and played their game well, so well that the Light has been forced to grow stronger and now engulfs the dark energies that are rapidly being transmuted.

Dear Ones, I beat the drum today and draw your attention to the ongoing situations that still need your attention. You have many dear souls on my side of the veil that are powering you forward, and protecting you so that you need never worry about any threat from the dark. They rely on your fear to hold you back, so know that as long as you hold fast to the Light you cannot be harmed. I too, as always am with you, and together we march forward as a great force for good that is able to hold the dark in its place. I love your feeling of new found strength and invincibility, you have suddenly found your feet and there is nothing that will stop your onward progress. I say well done, and keep the impetus going and you will achieve your victory.

I am St. Germain and feel proud to be associated with such grand Beings of Light.  I Love You All.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

June 15, 2005

Rivers of blood have flowed upon Earth for thousands of years, and with the playing out of karmic responsibilities it cannot be any surprise that you have had two World Wars over the last century. The majority of you now wish to put aside the aggressive and confrontational approach to life, and plead for the day that comes when war shall cease in its entirety. Yet looking back you will also see that the conditions of war have led to some of the most heroic acts and sacrifices ever seen upon Earth. Staring hunger and death in the face and witnessing some of the ghastly acts that have taken place, has hardened your resolve to achieve peace on Earth.

The energies of war are dissipating and you have seen the last global war, but not quite the end of all wars. The last cabal would like to extend its activities to other countries and the prize is the control of the Middle East. The larger gain would be one of furthering their agenda for world domination, but they will not achieve it. The people of the world have spoken, and their petitions to the higher forces have been answered, and war and warlike activities will soon cease forever. You will understand that without intervention it would have been difficult if not impossible to achieve peace. There are too many people with vested interests that see the continuance of war as very profitable, and would not give it up willingly.

Because of your excellent communications and particularly your television broadcasts, the opportunity presents itself to see the war in Iraq on a daily basis. The horror and devastation comes into your living room, and you almost feel as if you were there. Can you turn your back on what you see and hear, I think not as for some time now the leaders of wars have had no consideration for the safety of civilians that are inevitably drawn into them, and often at the center of activities? How many times can you see streams of refugees trying to escape from the war zones, carrying what remains of their possessions having already lost their homes? You would not be human if you did not feel compassion for their plight. Deep down it is likely that you too have memories of losing everything, when you possibly had very little in the first place.

Dear Ones, you know only too well the horrors of war, and it is time to make your voices really heard, that enough is enough. There are new energies flowing to Earth that are bringing with them harmony and balance, and as you draw these to you so you can create those conditions around you. More and more of you are lifting your consciousness up and you can detach yourself from what is happening, while pouring the calming waters of Love all around you. I often mention the need for compassion and shall continue to do so because it is so important and necessary. It is a most powerful aspect of Love, and whilst it is easy to freely give Love to those you are in harmony with, it is difficult for some to Love their enemies. I do not mean those people that are designated as your enemies so that you should no longer care about their fate. I talk of those people who are your own, and at the center of all the planning and conniving that passes as acts in your name. Acts that are supposedly dedicated to peace and freedom, but secretly fulfill the hidden agendas for absolute world control.

You are not as easily fooled as you were in times gone by, as the same subterfuge is used time and time again to fool you into thinking that wars are for your benefit. Peaceful countries are forced to protect themselves when all else fails, and that is accepted and understood. The “enemy” provide the reasons for war and often it is perpetuated for reasons of territorial gain. You have become wiser and see the ulterior motives that benefit no one except those in power. Now the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way, and the White Knights in their shining armor are alive and well. Great leaders dedicated to peace are moving into position ready to guide the nations along the path to peace. Do not think that your prayers have gone unanswered, far from it as the plans have evolved to release you from the hold the dark have over you.

There is so much goodwill upon Earth, and the vision of lasting peace and restoration of your freedom is no pipe dream. It is this vision that is giving power to the manifestation of the changes that you have been promised. You love names, and it does not matter whether you talk of NESARA or First Contact, the fact is that the benefits already outlined will come to Earth. In part, you are already making that possible through your willpower and it is you who are “willing” it into being. There are always many realities that can be created, but in the ultimate it is you who decide. Nevertheless, some events will happen because it has been decreed as such, but even these are ones that millennia of time ago were agreed to by you. The end times are here now, and nothing will stop the transition to the higher dimensions.

I am St. Germain, and I tell you that events are coming to a head, and the next few weeks should be quite interesting. The net is closing in on those who need to be removed to allow a new phase to commence. It will be the first real step towards your release from all of the controls that are imprisoning you. You were always meant to be as free as the birds, and so shall it be. Your perseverance is to be admired in the face of the dramatic changes that are occurring. As ever keep your eyes on your goal, and you shall soon be there and Heaven will celebrate your coming of age. The Creator has gathered the Forces of Heaven to come to your aid and they now stand ready. Great Love accompanies these forces, and my Love is part of it.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

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