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Value Your Life High

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Value Your Life High

Paulo Coelho

Published on September 4, 2003Original title: "La Vida" ("Life").
Translation to English by Luis Prada from a Spanish translation of the Portuguese original text.  Spanish translations from Portuguese are very accurate since both languages are so similar.


Many times in life you say that you want to die.  You should not think that way, life is very valuable to be wasted.  We all are very important to us all.  You think that you may be nobody to the world, but for somebody you are the world.

Many times you think that somebody is perfect.  There is nobody perfect, we all are equal.  There are people that have things that you do not have and you have things that they do not have.

Many times you feel little for someone else.  It does not have to be that way, nobody is either little, nor a lot for anybody.  What happens is that some of us hurt easier than others.  The other’s virtues are more visible than yours.

Many times you cling unto something or somebody.  It is not wrong, but try not making it indispensable in your life.  And if you do, think that also there are persons that love you.

Many times you despise yourself, you look at yourself in the mirror and you insult yourself.  Do not do it, God made you that way and you won’t be able to change it.  God does not make whims.  You think that «the body is the visible part of the soul that inhabits it".  Never guide yourself by appearances, they deceive you.

Many times we get disappointed.  If all we hope or we expect would fulfill, where would the surprises be?

Many times friends betray us.  And there appear true friends to console us.  Just right there we realize if we are going on the right path.  For all these motives never lower you arms.

Many times in life you say that you want to die.  You should not think that way, life is very valuable to be wasted.

For all of that, live life plenty, smile, enjoy, have happiness in the Lord.  For all of that, love life, it is not very long, but is fun.  It may be you have to live ugly things but afterwards something better is going to come.

Do not make of your life a hell, try to enjoy each moment as if it were the last.  Take right the important decisions, if you are wrong you may knock down what you built along your life.

Never change, be yourself.  Think that always are people that will receive you with open arms.

Never believe that it is late to start again.  Never is so late to fulfill a dream, they are not impossible.

Always remember that in our language there is a word to start again, forgiveness.

Life is free, it is a gift and gifts should not be rejected.  If you do not want to accept it, do not do it, but think in all you are losing.


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