Love to Live and Live to Love

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Love to Live and Live to Love
Channeled by David Brown, Marina de Gama, Capetown
August 1, 2006

Published in this website on September 3, 2006.


 Once again it is truly wonderful to be with you all tonight. And, once again, there is much love in the air, there are great changes and shifts of energy happening. These shifts are moving upon us very, very quickly, shift after shift, and if you resist the changes they bring, you will feel tired and restless. It is important for you to get into the flow of life. You have all had dreams, great dreams for your own lives – and dreams are your guidance – they are your way forward. So, live your dreams, step into your truth, into a state of being, an authentic state of being and become who you are really meant to be. Strip off that cocoon-like shell and truly experience a metamorphosis. It is time to break out, open and spread your wings. Let the world see how truly beautiful you really are. We must all love to live and live to love. Whilst you are living you are loving and whilst you are loving you are living. Living is the masculine. Loving is the feminine but on the same polarity. So, endeavour to live your life in this manner and experience the life you truly wish for. Your dreams are a journey to wholeness. Welcome the pain you experience in your bodies; all pain is derivative of emotional pain and illness. All illness can be cured by energetic work, by an internal cleansing of the body and through physical exercise. All three of these work hand in hand. The young child is constantly rushing and running around. Their emotions are up and down – they burst into tears, they laugh and joke and are playful.

all pain is derivative of emotional pain and illness. All illness can be cured by energetic work, by an internal cleansing of the body and through physical exercise. —Kryon

The innocence of a child is the way forward. To operate in a more adult way than a child but to be constantly expressing what you are feeling, what you are thinking, and what you understand is the answer. Those around you need to know – tell them how and what you feel. It is very important to always be in touch with your feelings and acknowledge the truth of your feelings because they are your guidance to the next process – the process of the inner child that needs healing. Your feelings are a guidance system from God. Your emotions are all from the past and they are a mixture of events and feelings – life skills are needed. Only when you have learnt the life skills to master emotion, can you truly let go of the emotion. If, as a child, you struggled to master life skills then you may perpetuate this behaviour as you grow older.

However, love is the perfect answer. Love is the only way… the light of love will shine on the darkness in your bodies – the absence of love and turn it around. Every problem is merely an unwillingness to face life’s challenges and each hurdle is tailor- made by Spirit to allow you to grow the necessary life skills. No problem should ever be overwhelming but if you feel overwhelmed then perhaps as a child you needed healing. Circumstances, like trying to walk and talk, can make it easy for a young, gentle, timid child to be overwhelmed or to be emotionally crushed. In the formative years, a child is much like a sponge, soaking up love and life skills they are taught and their parents are like gods in their eyes. If the parents no longer love each other, how is the child to learn to love? The child will automatically copy the parents and will subconsciously mimic the relationship of the parents. If there is an abusive parental relationship, then, the child, as he or she grows older, will most likely become abusive as well. If the child is confronted with an angry parental relationship, then he or she may too express anger. If a child is brought up by one parent he or she will become that one parent’s relationship with the absent parent. Either the masculine or the feminine will be missing which may become one of life’s challenges. The challenge is to balance the gift of those masculine or feminine parts.

Sin is a very misunderstood word. In the Kryon teachings the word "sin" means "to inherit all the gifts that your parents possess." You will inherit the good as well as the bad gifts of your mother and father. The use of the words "good" and "bad" are not exactly correct for once again, "bad" would be unconscious and "good" would be conscious. The other relationship that surrounds you is that of your mother and father who are husband and wife. How good a wife is your mother and how good a husband is your father? The way you relate to yourself and the world around you depends on how well your mother and father relate in their marriage and relate as parents.

Now, close your eyes and go inside. Move into your bodies and connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and to Father Sky through your crown chakras. Let the love of Spirit flow through your hearts. Feel the love that Spirit has for you, for Spirit loves you far more than your mother or father could ever love you. You are all deeply, deeply loved for absolutely no reason, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Soak up this love just like a child would soak it up and let this love flow into the parts of you that feel unloved, that feel in need of nurturing. Just as a river knows its course, so too does love know exactly where to go. In the same way a moth is attracted to the light, love is attracted to the darkness and love will illuminate the darkness, always. So, let love and Light flow into those dark spaces within you, those aspects of you that feel unloved. There were moments when your mother and father loved each other perfectly and times when they didn’t. You have learnt to choose both of these patterns of behaviour throughout your own life.

And love has many, many facets and many different faces. Sometimes you use love to contain certain energies, to draw up boundaries, to put rules and laws into place so that these energies stay in line. For example, an adolescent child moving into puberty needs strong boundaries the teen years are a soft and tender period a period when wounding is easy, where the young child can be hurt very easily. Beware as this hurt can become part of the young adult. It is very easy for an adolescent’s energy to become fragmented and shattered. Inappropriate sexual behavior is one of these instances. If a child, be it male or female, is not protected properly from the advances of peers or from other adolescents or even adults, this can create great havoc in the child’s energy and can be a very difficult process to overcome. First of all one has to acknowledge and understand what such inappropriate behavior is because at the time it may seem like fun or normal behavior. It could be somebody you really trust and their actions are inappropriate.

So, let your mind take you on a journey and observe the time of your adolescence or childhood. Permit yourself to be held in this space of love, for what may have seemed like an innocent encounter might well prove be a difficult pattern of behaviour to break as you move along this healing path. We use the word "inappropriate" very carefully because there is a difference between abuse and inappropriate behaviour. The effects of inappropriate behaviour can be far more devastating than pure physical abuse. The energies that are most difficult to put a finger on are those energies where you never really suspected anything was wrong. In a way it is like somebody whispering behind your back, you know they are whispering something and you assume that it is bad otherwise why would they be whispering but you don’t actually know what they are saying. It constantly makes you think, "What did they say?" In the darkness of your own psyche this whisper goes on like a constant murmur – "What really happened? What happened to me on that day? What part of me actually went missing? What did I feel?" Wherever inappropriate behaviour happens, part of us silently sneaks away. We don’t know that part of you that has gone missing. But it could be the very soft, gentle, tender and creative aspect of your self (part of the magician within you), that leaves, part of you that could create a world of magic, a world of true love and sincere relationships. In a way this part said uh-uh, I’m not sticking around for this, it’s disgusting and not for me.

Well, tonight it’s time for the sensitive, gentle and creative aspect of your magician to return, and of course the 2nd chakra – the creative chakra where your magician lives and creates his or her magic – and this part that leaves you because of inappropriate behaviour is like magical dust that the magician would toss into the air. Observe as you get in touch with your sexuality, observe this magical dust returning to your life. Without the dust there is no magic, for the dust is the love in the magic. Remember, this aspect is meant for the special, sacred relationship that you keep for yourself and share with your twin flame or your soul mate. Inappropriate behaviour can be two adolescents fooling around together, maybe two girls kiss each other or two boys touch each other inappropriately. It can be as simple as that. But that part of you that belongs in the sacred soul mate relationship will return because there will be love, magic, joy and freedom in that relationship. There will be a merging of your masculine and feminine. The more difficult your mother found it to be a wife and your father found it to be a husband, the more difficult this journey will be for you. Let your inner-husband and inner-wife or your own inner-king and queen merge and become one in that aspect of love.

Inappropriate sexual behaviour is a very difficult energy to observe and to understand. It is just another challenge on your journey to wholeness, to becoming who you are meant to be. When you dream of relationships, this part of you will be missing. Let your energies expand and soar higher and higher. Be held by Spirit as you expand and release what needs to be released and receive the magical dust which is the love that will allow your inner masculine and your inner feminine to merge, flow and become one. By allowing creation within yourself as these two energies begin to merge, healing will occur in all aspects of your life almost spontaneously. Your healing will go on automatic mode almost like a plane has an automatic pilot. Your healing will accelerate beyond your wildest dreams, because there is a new race coming to this earth and you are it! You will become new human beings, great, great creators in your own right. We have always said in these Kryon channelings that you are magical, mystical beings beyond your wildest dreams. You are far more powerful than anything ever created by man.

You are far more powerful than the greatest computers that NASA have and you always will be. And as your masculine and feminine energies begin to merge it will be compounded and work in such a way that there will be a great expansion of energy from within – a lightening from the core of your being… and you will be more and more in control of what you create and more creative. You will create faster. Whatever your dream, you will create it. You will create it very quickly by allowing the masculine and the feminine energies to merge. The secret to merging your masculine and feminine energies is to acknowledge that they are not merging as they should. For whatever you acknowledge, you will almost instantly realize. Whenever you work on healing yourself, always operate in the abstract world. Externalize your dream and manifest it physically on the outside – that is the symbol of having healed that particular wound. There are very few people on this planet whose masculine and feminine energies truly merge or flow together.

This earth plane was created in such a way as to keep you separate from the Divine – away from the truth and the new energies. The new energies are reconnecting with the Divine. You are the Divine, and the relationships within you are not flowing. Allow the relationships of all aspects of yourself to flow as they should. This is why we emphasize in these channelings, purification – to purify and cleanse the organs – the stomach, the bowels, the liver, and kidneys, using whatever technique you have at your disposal. You will find that your personal journey will move faster if your organs are purified. As you process this purification and observe what went on in your childhood, you will slowly but surely become very clear about your own body. You will begin to feel how special it is. As energies are released from your organs within, you will be aware of old childhood pains which are constantly creating negative realities, making you ill or dysfunctional. If all the organs are relating together as they should and the blood is clean and pure, you will create a reality of your own choosing much more easily. So, let love flow into your hearts…. and be gentle. Be soft and gentle with yourselves while the love flows. Should you find any hard spots in your heart, let them soften and be released. Don’t resist. Be with them as they soften and release. Just let go.

You are all going to create great things here on earth. There is abundant energy on this earth plane, so play to your hearts content. Create relationships of your own choosing. Create a house of your own choosing. Remember, the more the feminine and masculine merge, the less and less issues around money there will be, as well as inappropriate sexuality. Let inappropriate behaviour, through unconscious parenting, slowly slide away. Let the love inside you illuminate the darkness, for whenever you shine light into a dark space, there are always gifts. Receive your gifts and expand. Expand beyond your own bodies into the aura and energy of the person sat next to you. And let your energies expand to become the truth of who you really are. In your true expanded state, connect with the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets in this Universe where you all belong, in love.

And now, dear ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God Bless and take care.

CopyrightÓDavid Brown.


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