A Rainbow Walk


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A Rainbow Walk

Archangel Michael

A message from Archangel Michael, November 5, 1999, through Carolyn Ann ORiley,caoriley@carolynannoriley.com , website: http://www.carolynannoriley.com .

Those desiring to receive these free messages on a monthly basis may contact Carolyn Ann ORiley and your name will gladly be included on the e-mail circulation as the messages come forth.  Permission is granted to share this channeling with others, provided you do so in its entirety and give appropriate credit for the channeling.
Those desiring to publish this material are granted permission to do so at no charge. We do ask that it be published in it entirety and that Carolyn Ann ORiley be notified and sent a copy of the publication for tracking purposes.
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Published in this website on September 22, 2004.

Beloved Beautiful Beings of Light, today’s message carries forward the continued need to practice and work with releasing all that no longer resonates for your highest good and the good of all concerned.

The past messages have carried releasing exercises and meditations. My Warriors, some may in fact sound repetitious, but the clearing and healing that has been wrought from these practices is worthy of all the efforts.

Your beacon lights are shinning so brightly now that the debris is being transmuted and released from your energy fields. The heavens are blazing and the vibrations are growing higher and higher. We are so very proud of you for your work and intent in working towards your next steps.

It takes courage to go forward and it is reflected within your efforts and the results are apparent from our vantage point. What were once gray clogged outer bodies are become brighter and brighter bodies of wondrous colors.  Clearer, more defined hues are surfacing. Your badges of honor are showing, my Beloveds. The tarnish is being removed by the silver polish, if you will.

Your veils are thinning. Do you not feel the difference within yourselves? Take a moment and allow that wondrous recognition to occur. Your lives may have been going in such a feverish pitch that you have not noticed the difference that is occurring within your own biology due to your work.

Do you not find yourself to be more cognizant of the very beauty of nature that is around you? Have you found yourself humming at the most unusual times? Have you noticed that spring in your step and that glorious smile coming back to your face when you greet another?

Connect the effort you have put forth with this change and allow yourself to be hugged by The Creator. Feel that love rush that is emanating from The Creator as it washes over you. Remind you of Home? Remind you of the Spiritual Family you left behind when you incarnated? Feel the love pouring out from you now and filling up all that you come in contact with.  Allow yourself to visualize that love filling up all and continuing to grow and expand further and further out past the confines of the Earth and out into The Universe. Then sense that The Universe is sending it back to you again reinforced with even more intense Pink Love Light this time. Such joy and bliss is yours, my Beautiful Beings of Light, you are so very worthy of it. Allow yourself to sense it and feel it and accept it as so.

This evening another gift is coming forth for you in the form of a new meditation. We will call this The Journey of Release Across the Rainbow Bridge.

Beloveds, each judgment that is made, each responsibility that is assumed from someone else, each promise made, each relationship entered into, binds each to the other with cords of expectations, approvals, judgments, promises, commitments, conditions, etc. If you could see from our vantage point, you would see that most all are bound so tightly with cords that you look like mummies, so to speak wrapped so tightly with all the cords that bind one to another for what ever reason. This is an accumulation from your present lifetime and all those previous life times. This is causing the feeling of being stuck, for you literally are almost so covered that you cannot move freely. This meditation severs the cords and allows you to release and free yourself of all those stuck energies that no longer serve your highest good.

You may repeat this exercise as often as you like.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes or so. Sit, or lie down if you like, with your eyes closed, in whatever is the most comfortable position for you. Clear your mind of all thoughts.  Begin by taking three deep breaths, fully inhaling and exhaling. Begin relaxing all parts of your body individually as you continue to take deep breaths in and out. Allow your body to begin feeling that delightful light feeling of settling into serenity and peace. The next breathe in and just allow the breath out as you exhale to come out as a sigh.

Thank The Creator for this beautiful gift of releasing and this message of love that The Creator has had me deliver to you. Invite your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Spiritual Family to join you on this journey.  With your permission I will join you as well. Ask The Creator to send a beautiful protective beam of white light and see it coming down from the corner of the room where you are meditating. It is entering through your crown chakras and permeating all parts of your beingness and it is now radiating and emanating out from your bodies, filling and permeating all parts of the room that you are occupying. You are now protected and enfolded in The Creator’s Love. Nothing can disturb you here without your permission.

If for some reason this is not resonating with you just put it aside. It is not your time to work with this material yet, but for those that are ready let’s continue.

Ask your conscious mind to step aside. For this journey, ask your conscious mind to sit and be the observer on your left shoulder. Ask your Higher Self, the true you that is you, to merge and integrate within your beingness. Now see your energies coming up from your root chakra all the way up the charka system and exiting out through your third eye, visualize the you that is really you, re-entering your heart chakra. See through your heart eyes yourself walking down as you descend the stairwell within the heart chakra. Through your closed eyes you are visualizing  a doorway with the light emanating from around it and a sign that says "To The Rainbow Bridge". You turn the handle of the door and step across the threshold on to a puffy pure white cloud. You find that you can bounce up and down on the cloud and that it laughs with you as you sense the joy of innocent childhood play by bouncing up and down as if it were your bed at home.

Your adventure is now starting and you gather yourself into an upright position again and notice that there is a expansive rainbow arched up in the sky and another doorway that will allow you to walk on the inside of the rainbow as you journey to the other side of it. As you open the door and cross over the threshold on to this rainbow path you feel perfectly secure, you are surrounded on all sides by the beautiful rainbow colors pulsating and beaming with waves of light. Your Angels and those that you have invited are walking with you. It is so warm and loving within this rainbow, experience each color as you continue to cross to the other side.

You approach the end and the doorway leads you into a large field of luscious green grass and trees. You are in a clearing that is surrounded on all sides by a forest.

The Angles have accompanied you and are beckoning you to stand in the very center of this field. As you walk and reach the center position you begin to see people starting to arrive and circle around you. At first only one or two, then hundreds, then thousands, it could actually be even millions.

You understand that each of these entities has come into contact with you within this live time or past lifetimes. As you look down at your body now you see that each one of these individuals is connected to you with an elastic cord. You are completely covered up and can barely move because of all of these cords that are attached to you.

The Angels are motioning to you to select a cord and simply start removing them one by one. You decide to start at your feet and work up. You unplug the cords from your feet and toes and ankles and they go reeling back to each individual that the cord was connected to. As you clear each area you are filled with the Christed Light that has been long waiting to return to you. Your feet and ankles are radiating and pulsing with this beautiful Christed Light that has returned to its rightful place. Beginning now at the lower leg, knee and shin disconnecting all, clear now and the Christed Light continues to flow upward. Disconnecting the thigh area, the hips, waist and chest areas now. The light flows into those spaces and you are once again sensing the wholeness that was once yours. You continue to release the balance of the cords and after each release the Christed Light flows into that area and once again is emanating from it. The head and crown chakra are the last places and you disconnect those. You feel so wonderful and alive and vibrant now that these cords have all been removed.

You turn to all those gathered around you. They have tears of joy and release rolling down their faces, as do you.  You thank them and they too are sensing a wonderful freedom and release and thank you in return for releasing them from those ties that you had together that no longer served yours or their higher good.

You bid them goodbye and tell them that you love them. The Angels lead your glowing radiating body back to the door of the Rainbow Bridge and you walk back across, a new lighter bounce in your step for you feel so much lighter and brighter now.

You open the doorway on the other side and bounce on to that glorious cloud once more. Oh, how good it feels to be free. You enter the doorway back into your present life. Wiggle your fingers and toes and when you are ready open your eyes.

How do you feel?

Beloveds, you are blessed beyond words and loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael your messenger of Hope and Love. Allow this gift to bring you peace within your life and pass it on as your gift to another.

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