Remembering Your Lemurian Heritage

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Remembering Your Lemurian Heritage

The 13th Council of Lemurian Elders

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan.  Article taken from, newsletter of August, 2004.

Published in this website on September 10, 2004.


We are The 13th Council of Lemurian Elders. What enables us to become 13 as we are 12 is that we form a union, a marriage, an alignment with the Light and thus it becomes the 13th level of our beingness.

In times that have been known to be past and in times that have been known to be future, we have existed. You have walked with us side by side, time and dimension and space after one another. You have walked with us in the future and looked for us in the past. On this day you have renewed your vows of remembering. You have renewed the contractual agreement that you had in this day and space and time and place to reconnect with Mu.

Lemuria is a sequence of encodings within your DNA strands. It is the ancient part of you that you seek and do not see reflected in the world around you. It is a golden thread that is woven through a tapestry of time that is different of vibration then the other incarnational threads.

Each of you that read these words once lived upon the place and time of MU. Each of you long inside for that completeness of community at that level of freedom. You seek it in your daily world and events. You hold it secreted in your heart. You remember the times that were spoken of today of the motherland MY/Lemuria. The times you made love without touching, the times that the entire township came to help you birth. Supported you, loved you and believed in you. You remember any of this?

If you look closely to your biblical references, you will find that many of the requirements of being a good Christian were also requirements of being a good Lemurian. To honor one another, to give, to love, to believe, to create through a point of knowing and a point of reception by the energies in your physical life. In this incarnation you yearn to be Light, but all of you have fallen into physicalness purposefully with an energetic agenda. It oft times appears as if someone has taken the ladder of Light far away from your reach. But the reach comes not from your hands and your arms; it comes with your heart and your memories. On this day you have reached up and out into a time and a place that was comfortable for you. A time and a place that you do not see, or even hold the hope for on your densely acquired planet.

In every civilization there is a rising and a falling. In every human relationship there are peaks and valleys. It is time for you to look at all acquisitions of your physical and emotional nature and set them free. Free from judgments, free from entanglements, free from emotional debris And then you will be able to walk into a place of embracing your Lemurian consciousness knowing that there is NO lack, or no doing without that all is to be shared and hidden from one another like a dog with a bone. You have held that blueprint within your DNA for eons of time. Waiting and waiting not wanting to emulate the Atlanteans, nor the Egyptians, the Sumerians, or the Mesopotamian’s, but wanting and yearning for that place of harmony, that place of love, and that place of the motherland of MU.

Time dances to the beat of a different drummer in your world. It appears that you have everything and yet you feel empty as a pond that has dried from the summers heat in an arid desert. Your houses are filled, your cupboards are filled, your closets are filled and yet you are empty. You pray for the peace. You pray for love. You pray for harmony, and yet you do not see it emulated in any portion of your daily events. You acquire it. You dance with it in private quarters for the length of a breeze.

As you embrace the Lemurian ways, you will find that peace flows easier to you, that obstructions part the seas for you, that your thinking is no longer under construction or contraction. You will find with just a sleight of hand memory that you can dance throughout your day, remembering how to move forward and backward simultaneously. Remembering the abilities that were hidden behind the lenses of your eyes until you were ready to see.

It will take much strength and effort on your part to hold tightly to this knowledge. Many will say it is just a hookah dream and cannot exist on a planet of polarities. Earth has always has been a one stop shop of polarities. That is what the material world is all about. In oneness material looses it sparkle and kick so it does not exist in higher playing fields unless one so desires to have it.

In your world of giving and receiving, you often place an eye upon the giving while keeping a hand waiting and open for receiving. We ask you to let go and focus on what it is you can give to another without benefit of accruing anything. It is important that you allow this re-surfacing to be felt. It is important to us that you love your humanness for you are braver than we are as you incarnate into physicalness over and over again. We have chosen to stay in Light form. At this time there are no Lemurian elders incarnated on earth, but we are existing on Sirius. You were the brave ones that said. "I will love this body, I will love this world. And then when I am full of loving everything that is around me, I will work have earned my Light Body."

In this time on earth, there are many of you that have incarnated that lived in the time of MU/Lemuria. You were so afraid of your humanness. Never fully committing to be human always spending more time in your Light Body for humanness was too dense, to suffocating, to earthy. We do not see that it is any easier to weave from human to Light than it was from Light to flesh. But you are doing it. And you are doing it for a continent of Light that gave everything and asked for nothing in return.

Doorways of opportunity arise as your consciousness that was once so submerged comes to the surface. whenever you view a memory that is still etched in the time of Lemuria, something is triggered. An awakening occurs. As children you were more aware of these facets of time intertwined. You knew it was important, but nobody around you could explain it. In your soul, in the very fabric of your being, you knew what it meant. As an adult you now seek that community of Light that once held you in their lap.

You seek those that tell you, you can! You can swim deep with the dolphins and speak their words. You can fly high with the birds and speak their words. You can commune with everything and it will understand you. You can move your awareness to anyplace and you are there. You are trying so hard to wear this fabric of time past. When you come together in groups you help initialize and actualize ancient truths that have been sleeping behind false statements. You begin to remember as a group, as a pod, as a community of Light. When you remember those around you will remember as well.

It is time to see with the eyes of your soul what is transpiring and inspiring. It is not time to point fingers for you know when there is a wolf in sheep clothing and you know when someone speaks with poisoned words. You know when secrecy is birthed behind closed doors. It disrupts the pattern of life. You innately know it all. Your moods will fluctuate throughout the day in accordance with what happens. You are affected by the dramatic choices of others whether you can explain this to yourself or not. This is part of your Lemurian communal nature where another’s choice effects the outcome for the entire village. Your village at this time is earth. It is not your destiny to get caught up in the politics and the dynamics of negativity. You are given insight into what it could be.

Even though you are an adult, the child within you still wants someone to sit there and tell the stories of how it was in times of old when Light was Light strong and clear. These stories bring you hope. You feel different and you are different. You are different because a part of you remembers and once you remember you can never again forget. Each of you will be given a gift as you sleep. As you lay down to sleep, visualize a Lemurian elder standing over you. From their hands come golden rays of Light. Let these golden rays of Light enter all of your chakra points and then allow it to be stationary upon your third eye. If you would do this for 7 eves as you sleep, you will find that your abilities transcend any description that can be applied to psychic abilities on your earthen sphere. You will come forth into an awareness that goes beyond explanation and cannot be ignored any longer. We are the 13th council.


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