Light and Dark Forces at Work in Your Life

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Light and Darkness Forces at Work in Your Life

Beloved Ascended MasterHilarion

Unknown channel. Taken from: .

Published on this website on June 28, 2004.

I offer you these words to support the care of your vehicle in regards to some modern technologies.  Please take these words and feel how these apply to you, for each is an individual and it is important for each to track their own sensitivities and to create a management plan to support your higher energies.

Up until very recently the internet has been governed by the dark forces.  Understand that I am not saying here that the dark forces have been involved in each particular site but rather the overall energetic effects of the internet has in many cases been damaging to users. Many lightworkers would have experienced the effects which have included (beyond the radiation effects of the older systems) a fogging, sluggishness of the higher consciousness, as well as agitation and shortness, often accompanied by discomfort in the heart centre following extensive use.  This is an individual experience but for some who are more sensitive to these effects anything over one hour in one sitting could be a problem.  The flat screen enables longer use without as many effects as you are not dealing with the effects of radiation as well.

 Within the evolution of the planet a point has been reached where the energy of the White Brotherhood can begin to have equal access to the overall energy of the internet. Again, I do not refer here to individual sites but the overall effects to the subtle bodies from the internet.  As part of the transformation to the 5th Dimension, various groups of Lightworkers have been working in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, to clear the overall energy in the internet and to allow us, the Ascended Masters equal access.

 If you find that the internet is in fact affecting you, and you require extra protection, it will assist you greatly to call upon the Master Vywamus, Archangel Michael, or of course Myself Hilarion, for assistance to block all negative effects of the internet and to allow your energy to discern and connect with a positive influence where required.   I also advise you to monitor these effects and place a management plan to support your higher energy being stabilized.  For instance for you to monitor how long you can spend on the internet without any adverse effects to your energy and to also monitor the effects of the particular Master called, to see how this supports you.

 It is also to be understood that once again, beyond asking for support from the various Masters available for this service, it is important to realize that different sites carry different energy.  Look beyond the words to the feeling of your own inner knowing to guide you to particular sites.  Each site in itself carries an individual energy and in some cases mixed energy.  Remember, mastery means to take full responsibility for your own reality and your decisions and outcomes.

 In regards to television, mobile phones and other equipment I also support you to monitor the effects as to how long you can work with this technology before it has adverse effects.


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