Abraham Lincoln from Beyond


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Abraham Lincoln from Beyond
ByAbraham Lincoln
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

 Abraham Lincoln through various channels.  Published in this website initially on February 20, 2007.

A Visit to a Distant Planet by Helen Engel
A Divine Essence Energy Sent to Earth from Planet Archimedes
Sunday August 27, 2006
Taken from: http://www.telepathycourse.com/galactic-news/index.php

H = Helen; E = Euclid; A = Abraham Lincoln; S = Archimedes; U = Unknown
  Helen Engel calling Euclid.
E:  Come in, Helen.
H:  I realize that one must reach the 6th dimension in order to converse with El Morya.  Is there anyone available who will propel me to the 6th dimension without my taking the Merkaba vehicle?
Abraham Lincoln:
  Well, hello, my dear secretary.
H:  Abraham Lincoln, how is it that you are so near to
Euclid this Sunday morning?
A:  I was about to ask for a secretary.
H:  And?
A:  I found you on the screen. Greetings. Have you been very busy?
H:  Perhaps busy at the wrong things.  May I be of service to you sir?
A:  We are looking for someone who can interpret a message that is coming from a distant planet.
H:  This is not something that I have done before.
A:  Would you like to give it a try?
H:  If you or someone will be my guide.
A:  I will call on
St. Jerome and AA Gabriel.
H:  Do you mean that you can do that?
A:  Oh yes, I have what might now be called limitless powers.  You see, I was an archangel before I returned as Abraham Lincoln.
H:  I did not know that.  Which one were you?
A:  You would not be able to grasp the name. There are more than the common seven.
H:  This is fascinating.
A:  I can decree an order, just as does AA Gabriel.
H:  Then please decree that I be transported to the distant planet and interpret the message for you.
A:  It is done.  Let yourself split.
H:  It is done.
[I separate etheric from physical.]
H:  Where am I?
S:  On Archimedes.
H:  Are you a planet?
S:  To your way of thinking, but we are more of a star.
H:  Please direct me to the sender of the message, or to the record of the message.
S:  Yes madam.
I am escorted to a very long building. It is very male, light gray, no decorations on the wall, very utilitarian.
Beings of a sort unknown to me, tall and thin like match sticks or praying mantises  escort me.  They must think that I am one dumpy hulk.
We come to a solid green door that opens at the touch.  We enter.  The room is brightly lit from the ceiling.  There are seats, but I doubt that they would hold me.  There are benches and recliners.
At one end is a bank of vibrating lights. Something like the head of the inside of a ship, but the red lights do not remain red, they rainbow out.
H:  Do I need to be acclimatized?
S:  No, we knew that you were coming and have done that for you.
H:  You are most gracious.
S:  Yes madam.  Now we are asked to place this receiver on your head. It will interpret the message from our type of language or sound, to the thought patterns that your brain system is made to accept.  Have no fear.  We are programmed to serve you.
H:  Thank you.
[Something is placed on my head.  There is a high tone.  The entity turns a knob and the hum is lessened.  He seems to be aware of the connection with the thing on my head and my brain.]
S:  It is ready.  Set your receptors.
H:  [I energize the Urim and Thummim.  This is done by the spiritual will.]
H:  May the love of God surround me. May the Christ Light overpower me. May I be an instrument of peace.
S:  Begin. [The following was transcribed using letter-by-letter transcription methods.]
U:  People of Earth. This pronouncement has been prepared by entities on Archimedes.  We send this message in peace. It is being delivered by an earth instrument who has been transported to our section of the universe under the command of Abraham Lincoln, one of your great physical beings.
The purpose of this message is to alert you that even those a great distance from earth are aware of what is going on in these final days of your struggle. While we do not actively participate, we are able to penetrate the thick sludge surrounding your planet. We penetrate a Divine Essence that is absolutely pure. It shines forth in the same quality as the Essence of the void before the Creator began to create.
This Divine Essence will reach earth at a time and a time, and will match the events on earth. The Divine Essence that we will propel into your atmosphere will break the thought barriers that have limited your thinking for many eons. It will be as if suddenly all the neurons in your brain are connected at once, and are available to you.
No harm will come to any human being who receives this sudden flash of knowingness.  The scientific community will make great strides, as will the healing venues.
When the time nears that this energy will reach you, we shall again call forth for an interpreter.  You are to be congratulated on this medium, and I wish to personally thank Abraham Lincoln for making such a choice.  We trust that we may use the interpreter again.
I am….from Archimedes.   You may return to your physical body.
Messenger Helen Engel,
August 27, 2006, Copyright

Abraham Lincoln on the Illusion
Abraham Lincoln channeled through Lisa
Friday February 16, 2007
Taken from: http://insights2.org/Lincoln/AbeMessage20070216.htmland http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DiscerningAngels/message/24476.

“Vanitas vanitatis. Totus vanitas.” (Vanity of vanities.  All is vanity.)

L: Good morning Mr. Lincoln.
Lincoln: Good Day to you, Lisa. Shall we continue? Notice how bank institutions are making billion dollar profits while still charging you for every transaction. The same goes for some governments’ corporations while they continue to raise the costs to you. The world banks are owned by members of the elite, a secret government. And you are all the puppets on their strings.

Notice everything you buy lacks quality, breaks down quicker, falls apart. You know what I’m talking about, you buy a box of something and the box is half empty. Or you see a delicious food ad on your television and when you go to buy it you get something totally different.

You are living in a world where deals are made for profit at the expense of everyone. More hospitals, special care and senior homes are closing. Low-income housing is disappearing for condos.

Face it, you now live in a world where the majority of you have lost your faith in democracy. Why? Because your focus is all wrong. You have been led to believe that your self-worth is validated by your wealth, your celebrity status or beauty. And you actually believe that. You want more money, more things, more beauty.  Folks, it’s an illusion, a system that the elite, the banks, have created to sustain control over you and make themselves wealthy. You all work for them.

Your political system has one objective and that is to acquire more wealth and have full control over you. They already know everything about you. You leave a trail of everything you do daily.  In return they have devised a system in which they decide just how much of this wealth they are going to share with you through investments, job opportunities. They have enslaved you and used you, manipulated you into thinking you are in control but they are the ones who decide everything.

They decide what history you will learn in school or college. The story you get depends on the one doing the writing.  If Hitler had written your history book, history would be different.

They decide what education you will receive to fill the number of jobs that is required. They do not teach more than you need to know. If you examine job positions in a company, the junior clerk is allowed to know just enough to do that job, no more.  And this continues all the way up to the CEO who is only allowed information that pertains just to his job description. The same for bank managers who report to the secret government. The less you know, the better the control.

Our political process is set up so that those people you elect are those of the wealthy, members of the elite class. Can the average person pay the 100 thousand dollars needed to be eligible?  I think not. Most candidates have a net worth of least 20 million and are affiliated with most corporations, banks, unions, members of the elite, secret government.  So it doesn’t matter if you vote Republican or Democrat(ic), they all come from the same source.  Half of the senate and the congress are from the same clan. That is why nothing has changed. And nothing will change until you change your focus.

As consumers you are smart and aware of global problems.  Together you can find the solutions to any problems facing your planet. You have been sold the illusion that terrorism is escalating and you need to improve security, need to go to war. These are all lies to enslave you.

Wake up, folks. Peace is not negotiated with war or aggression.  The right to wear arms does not create peace in your homeland either. Well, it won’t matter in a couple of decades anyway because the planet will be so depleted of its resources and polluted it won’t have a chance of recovery.  It’s your choice: you decide how your future is going to play out.  I am Abraham Lincoln.

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