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Prayer Power

Patrick Henry Bellringer

April 3, 2004,,

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Creator God has asked me to write some thoughts about prayer, so here goes.  In our past lifestreams we went through the same «stuff» that we are going through today.  The experiences may be different but the lessons are the same.  Why is this so?  Perhaps we did not learn our proper lessons in soul growth in past lifestreams, or perhaps we agreed to live through certain experiences for another’s benefit.  Much of the «stuff» we are experiencing has to do with the removal of past and present Karma that we created.

Karma is simply the results, the consequences of our actions.  The Law of Karma, also known as the Law of Returns or the Law of Cause and Effect, is stated biblically, «You shall reap that which you sow».  If you cause another to suffer, the negative energy that you created by so doing shall return to you and, as the consequence of your actions, you shall suffer.  Another point of Truth to understand is that any energy you create, either negative or positive, is multiplied as it expands into the ethers.  When it returns to you, the source, it will be multiplied from ten to a hundred times.  Would it not be better to create the positive energy of Love rather than the negative energies of fear, hate and greed?  The multiplied positive energy returning to us from sending out Love would be most helpful to our wellness.

These chaotic times involve great tests for many people in learning lessons in soul growth and in removing past Karma.  It is a time of sorting those of the darkness from those of the Light.  It is a time of choosing to follow the Laws of God and Creation and, consequently, enter Heaven on Earth or to leave Earth Shan for lessons elsewhere.  All choices are based upon one’s belief system.

Many people are nervous, anxious or fearful today.  Due to a poor belief system, they do not know what to believe or how to believe.  They are asking many questions for which they have no answers.  Are we headed for a world-wide nuclear holocaust?  Will Planet Earth have major earth changes which would destroy human life?  Is NESARA for real?  Why am I here—what is the purpose of my life?  Is there a God?  If so, is He a loving God?  How can I know?  The answers to our questions are determined by our belief system.

Through the wisdom that comes from knowledge, those who believe in a loving Creator God are well on their way to finding all Truth.  When one realizes that Creator God has placed His Spirit within all of His Creations, then one can know how to communicate with Creator God through his God Spirit within.  One need only talk to Creator God to find the answers to all of life’s questions.

Creator God is everywhere.  Talk to him through your thoughts.  Look up into the sky and see Him.  Look around you anywhere and see Him.  He has revealed Himself through all of Creation.  No one has any excuse for not knowing Creator God.

You say that you don’t like your world, then change it.  Use your creative thought-power and tell Creator God the kind of world you really want.  Go within and search your soul to see what kind of world you deserve to have.  What have you really done to make your world better?  If we remembered the plan for Earth Shan from the beginning and had followed it, we would not be having this conversation.  We would not be living in the «mess» we have today.  Our planet would be a planet of peace of harmony and total balance. 

This may come as a surprise to many people, but Creator God’s plan to bring balance and harmony to our planet today begins with NESARA.  We still have the original plan.  It is only delayed, and NESARA is a part of it.  It is sad that many people know about NESARA, but so few believe it.  Their belief system holds them back from exercising their own thought power.  They do not believe in NESARA because they do not believe that they or anyone has the thought power to change anything.  They do not believe in the power of prayer.  They do not know what they believe because they refuse to think.  It is easier to live without thinking then to ask questions, to challenge the way things are and to change them.

The «mess» in which we find our world today is the result of our choices.  It is now our choice to change it and clean up the «mess».  We do so by choosing to support NESARA.  If the whole planet at this time came into the same belief system, NESARA could happen in an instant.  Each of us has the responsibility to go within and search our heart, and decide what we really believe.  What do we really want to have happen?  Then we must pray to Creator God for that to happen.  We must put our power of thought, our prayer power behind it, and through the positive energy we create, help the Lighted Realms to make it happen.

Many years ago a boy was brought to Esu Immanuel for healing.  The boy was controlled by an evil spirit.  His father said to Esu Immanuel, «If you can do anything, have pity on us and help us».  Esu Immanuel exclaimed, «If you can!  All things are possible to him who believes».  Then the father cried out, «I believe; help my unbelief!»  (Mark 9:22-24)

We pray and nothing happens.  We pray, believing, and things happen.  The power of prayer lies in belief, in faith, in knowing that the Creative Power of Creator God is at our disposal.  We access this «prayer power» through our God Spirit within.  We access it when we pray, believing!

The «prayer power» of a few is changing our world for the better today.  The «prayer- power» of many would change it more quickly.  Our prayers create positive energy, which cancels the negative energy of the Darkside.  If we as a people really wanted to, we could exercise our «prayer power» and immediately «create» NESARA.  NESARA has been delayed again and again.  We have been told that NESARA shall happen in Creator God’s time, but understand, my friends, that Creator God’s time becomes our time, when we make it so.  We have the prayer power» to change the course of history, when we choose to do so.  Yes, we have that power, when we pray believing.

Conversely, unbelief stops the power of prayer.  It is told how Esu Immanuel healed everyone except in his home community.  His friends and family did not believe him, «and he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief».  (Matthew 13:58)  Is that not still true today?

There is a time set by Heaven for all things to happen.  The time for NESARA is now!  Now is the time for us to plan what each of us will do for universal harmony and peace for our planet.  Those, who do not believe that peace is possible or that NESARA is possible, have chosen their destiny.  They are the losers and will go elsewhere!  Those who believe that NESARA is possible and support it with their «prayer power» are the winners!  They shall have their Heaven on Earth, that they helped to create.

All, that you see happening in your world in this last moment of chaos, is happening to wake people up!  Suffering, loss and tragedy are often a means to awaken people to know there is a power, a Creator God.  Much Karma is being removed from Earth Shan in these last few days of Kali (chaos), and many lessons in soul growth are being learned.  What we each are experiencing is for our own ultimate good, and for the greatest good of all.  That is Creator’s Plan, and it is happening in perfection.

The White Knights of NESARA Plan B are scurrying to take their places, as they «gear up» for action.  These ones do the physical work, while others to do the praying.  All are asked to help to accomplish the mission.  In so doing we choose to be the winners!  My friends, it is all about «prayer power».  Let us pray, believing!  Let us create the impossible, a planet of peace!  That is what we agreed to do!  It is time!  Let us do it now!

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