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Dissent in the Holographic Matrix



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Dissent in the Holographic Matrix


 by Luis Prada

Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website

Monday August 25, 2014


  Published in this website on Monday August 25, 2014.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author.  The Spanish version is also available in this website.




I have always believed that evil is led by imbeciles, fortunately since regularly they make mistakes that self-incriminate them but unfortunately there are so many imbeciles in power, and, therefore, too much evil that is left unpunished.
—Grace Vargas, outstanding commentator of RT, San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 23, 2014, on the taking down of the Malaysian airplane MH17 by the Ukrainian military forces of Kiev. Original in Spanish, translation


There are two main types of dissidents of the Illuminati system of the Holographic Prison where we, inhabitants of the planet, live. Those who fight the authoritarian system with weapons and doing clandestine work to make coup d’état and insurrection with street violence, and those who want to transform the system by means of the change in consciousness, the presentation of truth and constitutional rights, and the exposition of the tricky schemes and dark tactics of the dark cabals. It is only to these last ones to whom the Forces of Light protect and support the most since arms are not the solution. All that doesn’t go with Divine Plan is not supported by the Galactic Federation.


The first type corresponds to the dissidents of the armed revolution focused on taking down the dictatorial system and replacing it with another. One example of that is Che Guevara. We Lightworkers have been in some reincarnations this type of dissidents since it was the only way to be able to exert changes in previous civilizations completely controlled by fascist and absolutist systems where the populace lacked freedom of expression, constitutional rights and not even the exercise of basic inalienable rights. Unfortunately even today the armed dissent is the adopted choice in countries invaded by the American European Empire, which turns into a revolutionary phase out of control and endless war.


If the dark ones could kill all dissidents as they pleased, free thinkers and visionaries who defer of the official version, they already have done it centuries ago. Then this would be a decadent planet with a collective of stupid people with brainwashing and mental conditioning by television, submissive, servile, and easily controllable, pawns, drones incapable of critical thinking who regurgitate what is said and taught to them. An idiocracy thanks to the reforms of the classical educational models where creativity, ingenuity and integral thinking were emphasized.


And they did try repeatedly to eliminate the thinking individuals that did not align with their plans. Examples of this are the Inquisition of the Catholic Church, and its supposed witch hunt, and the regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Francisco Franco and Augusto Pinochet, there are more but for the idea with these is enough. But they cannot do it in the measure they desire since the Light through Creator Son Christ Michael, Governor of the Universe of Nebadon, does not allow them. The behavior of the individual as sovereign, as a thinking individual with independent mind and free will —not the hive mentality of a collective— is fundamental for the Ascending evolutionary process of the eternal journey.


For a planet to progress towards Divine Plan it must have people of the Light who come to bring a vision of a better future and the spiritual teaching to achieve it. If the dark just eliminate the opposition, then the planet stagnates and could destroy itself, but that is not allowed. The planet can destroy itself by its own decision since planets have soul and can create earthquakes and tsunamis that destroy all intelligent life or the dark ones can kill each other and to the world population and destroy the planet with nuclear bombs since the psychopaths in power act this way.


This destruction has passed already in several ancient civilizations. But now the Light does not permit that to happen again. Because of that the dissidents for the most part are not eliminated by the dark ones since these ones cannot do it even though that is not their intention. Each generation brings new changes, dissent and dissatisfaction with the existent, and that has always been that way in the Ascending evolutionary journey towards the Light.


People terrorized give government too much power that it has not, since people for the most part do not have faith in the Forces of Light, their spirituality is only as a screen, a facade or superficial varnish. Therefore in their ignorance they believe that if they oppose the system they are going to be eliminated and they withdraw to only let them be taken to the slaughterhouse and to jail, to oppression and they live in denial. They surrender their power to the dark. There are some dissident people that disappear since the dark ones kill them, some of these people have been trade union, civil and political leaders, but not the so called people of the Light since they are not spiritual people for the most part, there are exceptions. They are people that think the solution is the armed fight against the status quo or the political triumph of the opposition within the framework of the current politics. Although their intentions are good, their methods may not.


In South American countries common graves have been found in the jungle, where the corpses of opponents to the system have been thrown in, but have into account that these dissidents in general were not persons with spiritual knowledge, were not Lightworkers, did not do meditation, nor yoga, do not recite mantras, nor read and practiced the spiritual messages, nor had any idea of what we talk about here in this website, and if they were informed of this, they would have rejected one as an illusory and imaginative one who is not connected to reality.


Víctor JaraObviously there are exceptions to the rule and some of these martyrs could have been spiritual persons also. Besides, some good people with a great humanitarian and social sensitivity for their country and for the planet do not show interest on metaphysics neither in spirituality since their mission as agents of change is strictly to bring it using the traditional methods available as politics to create new government policies and reforms to the system, literature and sciences, or, even, to bring insurrection. Such is the case of Chilean singer-songwriter of people’s dissatisfaction Víctor Jara murdered by the military during the overthrow of Salvador Allende’s government. To achieve goals and be convincing in these fields sometimes is not convenient to mix political or scientific stance with personal beliefs of a religious or spiritual nature.


The other type of dissatisfied individual with the system is the proactive dissident of consciousness, exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, who produces changes by means of the quiet or silent revolution, the one that does not shed blood and operates by civil disobedience and non-cooperation, that is, by means of pacific resistance and the diffusion of truth in the teaching mission or, in other words, the change in the brain instead of the change in the battlefield. These changes are much more effective and permanent that the ones produced by an armed revolution. This type of dissident is the one that must operate in this epoch of ending of a cycle where we have the tool of Internet. Now the Lightworkers should focus in this type of revolution, the Silent Revolution.


The strategy of change of consciousness o, better, to alter the life of people without the use of violence, weapons and war, also is utilized by the dark forces but with different methods and ends. By performing change in the way of thinking of the individuals through propaganda of the system to convert people into submissive and easily controllable, a silent revolution but to propel the New World Order by achieving that people ask for it and embrace it without having to impose it by force. Nevertheless this method, war and terrorism are the most effective ways of control of the dark ones.


The dark forces do not want any of the two types of dissidents since in both cases they produce alterations in the system that are out of control of the dark ones and do not go in accordance with the Illuminati agenda.


Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther KingOf the two dissidents, the second ones are the most annoying to the oppressing system operated by the elitist minority since their changes are more permanent and stable considering that the armed revolutions can be controlled by infiltration in the leading core, by financing them and driving them forward initially to finally sabotage and control them politically. But the dissent of consciousness cannot be controlled since it is not a group or organization but a universal movement of teaching and pressure on the elitist classes which lacks of leaders, such as is the Occupy Movement.


As the consciousness of the people is changed, people do not collaborate anymore with the schemes of the ones who are in the political, economic or corporative power, and therefore these ones must change their leadership to adapt to the popular feeling or the new flow. The mind of the people is no longer easily manipulated by techniques of mental control and by social engineering as is the case of the propaganda of the system by the controlled media of disinformation. While in the case of the armed revolution —since there has not been an ascending change of consciousness of masses by means of the education of the people— the ones that climb to power end up applying the same techniques of the tyrants they replaced.


Revolutions have never really worked well since a new ruling political class is created at the end that replaces the former one and which starts negotiating with governments such as the United States and the European Union and to form favoritism within it to all go back to more or less the same as before and within the same Illuminati framework of the Holographic Prison. New public faces below, the same Illuminati controllers above.


With the Internet has sprung forth a generalized form of anonymous protest against tyranny that extends out more and more every day. It goes against all corrupted, reactionary and involutionary official strata that use the military and police repression as a way to suffocate popular expression and freedom of expression manifested as generalized discontent in public demonstrations. It is a third form of dissent where any class of individual, without regard of political affiliation, activism, rebellion, ethnicity, degree of education and religious or spiritual inclination —since all are victims of the same predator system— participate to form connection, alliance and sharing of ideas.


This popular movement of dissatisfaction with the system of the Elite Club («The Order»)(1) is creating a growing global network that is altering the planetary consciousness and is a force destined to transform the world. It is Unity Against Tyranny. It is in comments in blogs and in countless videos and their comments, in articles and electronic books, in websites of the alternate media and in peaceful street protest. It is triggered or activated each time members of the dark cabal take harmful decisions that affect the political, economic and social panorama of the world or of specific countries, or the celebrities of the Elite acquire notoriety by representing another script of the dark agenda. It should be pointed out here that the Cabal in some cases uses the alternate media to reveal secrets it considers it is time to make known to the public.


Brother Veritus' Website ( official «norm» or Illuminati viewpoint of the news is not anymore the only opinion to consider and follow since now we have other millions of points of view, options and videos to see facts and judge them generated by millions of persons all around the world that are not aligned with the system. There are calls to Awakening, to get out of The Box, that proclaim: «Come on, the door is open, get out. If you do not want to be there, you do not have to be there. Get out and tell your truth.»


General criticism and mockery of the leaders in Internet with jokes, offenses with profane language, graphics digitally manipulated and memes of their ridiculous political stances contribute to increase the popular contempt and snub for them.


Not just there is an information war to control the public opinion, but the tactics to control the Internet by the dark clashes now against the popular hacktivism in an endless information war where the dark forces are losing such war, not only among the domestic population but against non-aligned countries such as China and Russia.


The Illuminati and Zionist Last Dark Cabal, which has controlled the minds and consciousness of the people, is losing finally and its tyrant and oppressive claws of power and control are loosing up grip since their controlled disinformation media and minions are not anymore the only ones that shape public opinion as happened before Internet existed. These controlled media established historic precedents, mostly by deceit, for the future events to be aligned with these antecedents.


To base our future only on history, that is, on culture, traditions, official information, books, newspapers, past events and the ways of the past in general, is actually a mistake. We can base it on some cultural traditions and teachings that are progressive and good, but never on what was created to dominate and control your mind for the interests of the rich and power-hungry.


First ContactThat is why we need to get rid of the tyranny of history and create our future with new visions. Of course, the dark forces do not want that because they are comfortable on the present based on the past that have the formulas that have made them rich and fat. Why come up with something new that is risky?


We need to break that bond and create a new future for the planet based on the right principles. I gave you a vision, an example of what I am talking about here, in the eBook Journey into the City of Light of BVC. I hope you have read it (and read it between lines).


The Forces of Light recognize that the dissidents of consciousness are the main objective of the dark forces and therefore are precisely to these ones to whom they give more protection. Therefore, he who wants to work for the Light with valor and without fear of the dark ones, must be self-assured to educate the people for the expansion of consciousness in accordance with Divine Plan with the certainty that is protected in all he does as long as he maintains himself aligned with this plan. Amen.





(1) «The Order» is Skull and Bones, a secret society of Yale University.


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