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The Christ Speaks…



December 2006

Taken from:THE QUANTUM AWAKENING, .  Also published in: .  Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan. Published in this website on February 10, 2007.




You have asked for me, you have cried to me. You have loved me and you have hated me. You have looked upon my picture with fire in your eyes and you have looked upon my picture with tears in your eyes, but always daughter/son, I have looked at you with love.


You get angry at me and those like me because we answer your questions not. We lay it not out as a banquet for you. We give you not the directions to the next step or turn. We do this because we love you. We do this because we know it is only through your own aggravations and your own sadness and your own trials and tribulations, that you will find the key to unlock the door to what has never been closed, let alone locked.


In humanness there is great frustration as one continues to forget their divinity. One takes everything verbatim and it sees not the energies between the vowels, the consonants and the words. It is what you do not see that holds the truth for you. It is what you cannot speak that gives you the answers that you seek, and it is those that have no love for you that give you the gift of the greatest love of all.


Look where nothing is. Look in between the breaths, the heartbeat, the sighs, the sounds of life for what you seek.


You enact as if reading from a script. You wear the garment that man has worn throughout time and that garment makes you act as man has always acted, react as man has always reacted. The humanness is given to you only as a cloak. There comes a time in your life that you must take that cloak off and see yourself for who you really are. The words of others, the infarctions of others, the injustices of others, can only adhere themselves to the cloak of humanness and will slide right off of the nakedness of your divinity. You are at that point of removing your cloak and knowing that what seems to be isn’t.


I am everything that you cannot see. I am the space in between the hummingbird’s wings, I am the silence in between the buzz of the bees. I am, as you are, everything in-between. Earth is a playing field, an illusion, it does not exist truly. When you stay at a place in-between for long enough, you will understand this. That nothing on earth can hurt you or adhere to you unless you allow it. That all of these things you have spoken of and worried about are but game pieces, and life is the game. You react to how this individual and this person moves their game piece. In every interaction you are given an opening and invitation into a divine lesson and into a divine truth.


Many of the individuals that you teach and that you love continually walk in a direction that seems backward or negative but once again it is not. You have put on the human cloak again and initiated the program of judgment. You are not here to save anybody. In reality you are here to learn for yourselves. You in truth are here for me, you are my students, you are my hope, you are my love.

I am in truth here for the father element, and the mother Light. The God that you know of is even limited and is here as a representative for an even higher frequency of the universe. The word universe in itself is also limited. We are all separate octaves of the same Light, each one of us becoming a little more dense, a little bit more physical, a little bit more programmed, until one day the very densest part of the Light, or what you have named as the Light, remembers that it is more, and then the next level remembers it is more, and the next, and the next, and the next.


At this point in evolution and existence, humanity has remembered where they will dwell. You will look at your life and not react to it but just love it. For each situation you have given to yourself as a gift and you will unwrap it whether you unwrap it today or you unwrap it a hundred years from today, it does not matter. It is in this unwrapping that you will find yourselves. Even in finding who you are, you will realize that you are but one drop of Light in the ocean of all existence. You are one conscious drop as the very molecular structure of your humanness is a conscious drop, as the earth herself is but a conscious drop, as your solar system is but one conscious drop. Everything chooses where it is at. It loves itself at this point and then it releases itself to become more. Have no expectations of this planet, for in your expectations you limit the outcome of what is to be. In your expectations, you create less than, whether it is an expectation of the weather, of me, of your students, of your loved ones. Just by expecting you create less than.


You are 100% responsible for you and your expanded awareness into more Light and more thought and more love but you are not responsible for anything else. Always it is for you. It is for the divinity in you, it is for the Christedness, it is for the holiness in you. When you let go of that you do it for others, then you will have found the place of love. Then you will have found another room of the mansion and then you will have found what you so seek of this time and this place. All else is a creation of fears and of limitations.


If all humanity were to suddenly Remember, then this earth would disappear, for it would no longer be needed. It is but a ‘place of remembering’ and that is all. All livingness responds to your thoughts, your fears, your abilities, your inabilities, your limitations, your perceptions. Life gives to you what you think you deserve.


Allow me to come to you. I’m but a breath away, a hair away; come into my room. You invite me so often to come to you, come to me. You will not lose your humanness as you so think. Come into my section of the mansion, visit with me. Let me clear the hairs in your eyes away that you may see clearly. Let me take the cataracts of your soul and polish them for you. Let me give you the contacts of new Light that you so seek. Walk through your day with peace as I give it to you. The unrest within you is an invitation to me. It will disappear in a minute, if you will it and want it. Let go of preconceived ideas of who you are and why you are here.


We are all cut of the same cloth; we are from the same fabric of Light. We paint our faces in disguise to appease ourselves and to please others. We put ourselves on pedestals to be above everything when the plane of existence is an equal plane. Do it always for you, the divinity within you, the Christedness within you.


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