Your World Is Approaching Tipping Point

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Your World Is Approaching Tipping Point
 Monjoronson, Christ Michael, Zarath, Evanson and Jeremiah

Published in this website initially on December 8, 2006.

Teachers: Monjoronson and [Christ] Michael
T/R: Sheila Graves

August 6, 2006

Prayer: We are ever so grateful for this family, for this intentional connection. We are ever so grateful for finding each other and loving each other.

MONJORONSON:  I am Monjoronson. As we watch the ever steady growth the Light that shines within each and every one of you, it is so easy to focus, to find where the balance of this planet is coming from. There are great beings who work diligently on the darker side of life and I would like for all of you to rest assured that there are many who boldly take on that project so as you who find yourselves attached to this project may remain focused in order to constantly achieve greater balance. Children, you hold steady to this project. If I may be so bold to say, we still need your constant attention as if this were your divine job.

This not only thrills us to share in it but it is so needed and this is what has made our part so important by keeping you focused in this direction. Please, rest assured that there are others managing quite well in their positions just as you have all been overwhelmingly successful in this project. If you will but keep your focus upon your peace, your Light, your love and the center of your circle, this would be your divine job and by all of your discussions, evidently you all love going to work and this is what could be called "on Earth as it is in Heaven".  Your circuit with one another began very early on, so you see the circuitry is there and has been well established and now it is yours to work with and to trust, and as early explorers of this realm that you have created, it is by your exploring that you will achieve the gifts. You see, children, there are many gifts to come that must be recognized and utilized by you and by being open to receive these gifts and have a childlike nature in exploring and sharing them with one another. The idea is to receive and to acknowledge. Your Light project is maturing quite well.  Each and every breath you take was originally thought of as the breath of life to keep your body functioning. Now it is brought to the table that each and every breath you take can be intentionally directed. There is no need for magic wands when you have magic breath and so breathe, children, breathe. Breathe yourself to where you want to go. Breathe yourself to what you want to do. Breathe yourself so that you can be. Close your eyes and see anything, see everything and put your ideas to your heart so that you may know them as a relationship with them.  That’s right, have a relationship with your intention. Ahhh, this is how it works. You have developed a great relationship among yourselves. You have created a great relationship with your center. You have created community spirit and essentially this is your relationship with yourself and since you are the creators, you see how wide open this door is and we want you to walk through this door and open your arms wide and create. Great Children of Light, Great Parents of Light, fling open the doors to your heart. Be not afraid.

[CHRIST] MICHAEL:  I am your brother Michael. There are so many in the universe who have put Urantia in the center of their circle and this, as it has been your intention to create a new being, you are the result of others co-creation. You were intentionally created to sit in a circle and do likewise. Because of where we stand, we are able to see what we have created, to know it and to live through you, to watch you establish relationships with that which you do not see is a miracle of universal proportions.  I would like for you to simply imagine the immense love and gratitude that your Creators are given as they watch you and then I would ask you to receive that which your imagination [flows] out. Take it far, children, take it far.

MONJORONSON: Your World Is APPROACHING TIPPING POINT,,,Monjoronson100106NOCO90_Foundations_Light&life, Northern Colorado TeaM, #90,Boulder, Colorado
Teachers:  Zarath & Monjoronson
Topics:  Intro for 3 new students that are without UB background.  Individuality & uniqueness, but with a flattening of culture.  Integration of feelings, actions & decisions.  Making conscious, intentional decisions.  Affecting positive changes.  Raising responsible families.  Great assistance is available.  Be an active receptor and share with others.  The love of universe harmony
Q&A:  No argument is likely to work against prejudice, bias or bigotry.  Monjoronson’s staff and how they function.
TRs:  Jerry Evans and Daniel Raphael

October 1, 2006

ZARATH (Jerry):  Good afternoon, this is Zarath.  (Group welcome.)  Such a pleasure; such a wonderful group —such energy, such love!  You cannot imagine the joy it brings us as we watch your bright Lights shinning.  This is indeed a great day for us all.  We have much to bring to you today —I have more than just a little introduction to our senior teacher.  I have had the pleasure of being more heavily involved in the Teaching Mission— I have been asked by Monjoronson to join his mission as well.  I feel the effort of the teachers that I can join and participate with.  It is a wonderful experience; probably like you will feel on the mansion worlds, when you have a chance to reach down and teach those struggling behind you.  There is much joy in this service.

The progress that we have observed is heartening and I am sure it will be for you also.  We are extending this service to many areas as yet un-reached on your world, slowly, gradually, building one-on-one and later in some cases, in groups such as this, extending the teaching and embellishing it, setting those invigorated by it back out into the world, carrying these teachings to others.  Know that at a certain point there will be a «tipping point» in consciousness.  This is not too far off.  Negative elements develop their own reward.  They cannot make sense in the presence of love.  Therefore, it is with this note of encouragement that I leave the floor open for other teachers and leave you with my love.

[Daniel:  A note for new persons:  You can have your eyes open or closed, if you want to, during the session—it doesn’t make any difference—but try to remain «present» if you can.]

MONJORONSON (Daniel):  Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.  (A hearty welcome.)  It is good to be here with you, once again.  For newcomers, a word of introduction or two:  This planet is one of millions in the greater universe that is inhabited.  Each planet has an evolutionary path upon which it develops.  These are platforms for spiritual growth of mortals —this is an environment for challenge, for decision making, for self-directed will.

This planet and several others suffered many reversals in its pattern and program of growth that is normal for most planets.  The managers and directors who were responsible for the over-care of these planets abdicated to their own egos and led these worlds into darkness.  For the protection of the rest of the universe, these planets were placed in quarantine.  The spiritualized energy circuits that support the growth and development of these planets were broken and broken suddenly.  Only within the last few decades have these circuits been reconnected, as the adjudication has taken place for the tyrants who overthrew the moral growth of these planets.

Your planet has been recently reconnected and I am one element of many that has come here to help bring your planet back on course for its spiritual growth.  The disarray, the immorality, the unethical behavior, the egoistic control and demands of individuals on your planet have been very destructive.  It has retarded the development of your planet and put many billions of souls in jeopardy.  Therefore, the Creator of this local universe, Christ Michael, has devised a Correcting Time to set this world and the other [37] worlds back on course.  The great benefit of this program to the souls of these worlds is that they will have tremendous strength of character as they go on in the infinite journey of their spiritual growth, and eventually arrive in Paradise to become part of the Finaliter Corps, the final destination of mortals who have eventually been embraced by the Creator in Paradise.

I am a Descending Son from Paradise; I am one of several Sons who descend from Paradise to the worlds of time and space.  There have been many who have been scheduled to come to the planets in quarantine, but these did not take place, as it was not appropriate at that time.  Your world has been in darkness and has lacked the leadership that it needed to help its nations, civilizations and cultures to develop more perfect moral characters of ethical values that would come from families that are generators of moral individuals who have a spiritual center.

You, who are here today, have regained your center, much of it through your own curiosity, much of it through the inner guidance of your inner spirit that has helped you reach out and touch sources that can assist you.  In no case, during your career on this planet, or the forth-coming lives that you will have as you progress, will anyone ever abrogate your self-will or your decisions —they are always sovereign.  Therefore, we of this Administration of Christ Michael of this local universe engage you to co-creatively develop your lives in accord with its destiny, its life-plan.  And so, my presence here is a benefit of Christ Michael to your world.

My presence on this planet has only been known for the last several years.  It has however, been anticipated for centuries, as many religions do anticipate a personality of divine character, who would come here and assist your world to be saved.  My presence here is not to heal your world by a fait accompli, but by a co-creative participation with you, where you make decisions to assist yourself and your world, to uplift itself, to sustain itself into the future.

Wars and destruction of the magnitude that have occurred on your planet are virtually unknown in the universe.  We embrace you with great love and mercy, and that is why there is a tremendous effort to bring truly divine justice into your world, and particularly for you —each of you individually— as you progress from this world, from this lifetime, to your next.  Every opportunity will be given to you over and above those of other planets that are on course, to assist you to make those decisions to participate in your universe course or not.

You must be well aware that decisions made in ignorance are not damnable, they are not held against you.  The decisions you make with full knowledge, you are responsible for and we will assist you to become aware of alternative choices so that you make the right decisions with full awareness.

I have participated with this group as a point of distribution for lessons to other groups and peoples throughout the world.  These are now accessible through your Internet and through other means, conscious and unconscious.  Our lesson today is a continuation of a past lesson and this will be one of many in which we will engage you in the future.

You may be aware that the eventual development, progress, and evolution of your world is to the days of Light and life.  Your document, the Bible, speaks of the days when «the lions and lambs lay down together and are at peace.»  This is a metaphor for the days of Light and life, when there is relatively little social, global strife, yet strife of individuals sufficient to develop character of grand natures.  Your lives, even though well-cared for and provided materially in this nation, are yet lives of strife as you deal with decisions that you must deal with that confront you day-to-day and week-to-week throughout your life.

Our last lesson we spoke of the underlying requirements that would sustain a world in Light and life, for this is the criteria for the lays of Light and life that your world is sustained in peace, everlasting peace, unending peace, and there is one culture, one religion, one language.  This may sound strange and difficult to you as many of you work for individuality, uniqueness above and beyond others, where there is a deep and abiding respect for uniqueness, whether it is national, cultural, or ethnic.  You will see a bending, a melding and blending of the forces of nationality and of cultures and of ethnic origins in your world as time goes by.  You have seen the flattening of cultures through global economic development and through communications development around the world.  The Internet is a most speedy invention to do this.  It will soon be accessible to all people throughout the world, no matter whether they have an active electrical grid or not.  Communications are worldwide now; this will have an immense effect.  That is why these words and these recordings, these transcripts are kept on the Internet so they are accessible to everyone.

Through these lessons we have been striving to assist you to understand the integration of all actions and all decisions in your world by individuals and by nations themselves.  You have an effect on all others and all others have an effect on you.  I would like to describe a sand pendulum that some of you have seen in various places where a pendulum is suspended from a string over a sand bed, and the pendulum is swung in a way that it swings back and forth, making marks on the sand.  It could be a straight lines or it can be orbits.

The one design I wish to explain to you is the one of orbits, the one of making a very complex rosette, where there is only one line, but it intersects itself at many points, making a continuous pattern of circles around the sand.  Have any of you seen this before?  (Several yeses from group.)  It is very unique, it is very simple, it is an ancient device, yet it makes exquisite designs in the sand through simple means.  The point of this illustration is to let you know that all affects one and one affects all.  Your decisions are all related to all others.

Your decisions are best made when they are made consciously, in the moment, with intention, with consideration for the consequences, with full knowledge of why you are making them, and how you are making the decision.  This may sound rather demanding but for those who have practiced this way of life, it becomes an every day chore, one of those expectations of excitement for meeting the day with new challenges.  The point of this illustration is also to let you know that all this huge effort to heal your planet completely is all related, from global politics, down to the level of your community, the individual and how children are raised.  The ends come around to meet the beginnings, and the beginnings eventually become the ends with many intersections along the way.

The goal of the Correcting Time is to affect positive change in the individual.  Individuals are the cornerstones of every element of your society.  It seems illogical that cornerstones would all be the building, for there would be so many corners, but each of you is a corner of spiritual growth and development of moral decisions of ethical conduct, social responsibility.  It is in you that all of these efforts of Christ Michael, the Creator, and all the hierarchy of beings of Christ Michael’s realities, his domain in this local universe, expend their efforts to help you in your life to grow responsibly, to grow in love.  I will speak of that soon as well.

Developing responsible societies begins by having responsible families and raising children responsibly, carefully, lovingly, kindly, compassionately, mercifully.  You who are procreative, you are the ones who are of most interest to us at this time, and forevermore as well.  As long as there is procreation on the planet, procreative sources are most important to the welfare of the planet. Excellence, greatness, comes from the family.  The individual is the recipient of all of their environment and their heredity as well as from their inner source of guidance and from their own thinking.  How an individual develops into a fully evolved individual in mid-life is a magnificent journey to understand.  There are schools in the celestial worlds that teach about this, and how to devise, develop and engender growth in positive ways in societies with sustained, loving individuals.  Your planet, your family systems, your communities, your states, your nations are in need of great assistance, and great assistance is here.  When you open yourself and say, «I am receptive to the guidance of the universe.  May the abundance of the universe and its wisdom, God Almighty and all of the teachers, come to me —I am open to receive this,» and you will.

To do that, you will need times of quiet.  We have a deep abiding respect for those who are in daily practice, those who meditate regularly, those who step aside to receive the inner wisdom, those who open their minds to receive.  When you enter this space, do so with intention to receive the goodness of the universe, the Light of the universe, the wisdom of all the teachers who have gone before you.  You can be the active receptor to ingrain this into your life and make decisions for your life, and also share it with others, through your life’s example.  These wonderful examples we hope would become parents, would become grandparents, those who would assist the young ones in their development.

Knowing right from wrong is not always sufficient to become a well-rounded, responsible individual in a society.  You must also become socially responsible, globally responsible.  You must acknowledge your responsibility for the wholeness of your life, for you are the master of your life!  You make those decisions —no one makes them for you.  There are no outside spirits who are making you do things; you are responsible.  We are here to assist you in having full knowledge of the elements that require your life to move forward.  We wish you —each individual, your families, your communities— to be sustainable.  You are seeing this in some of the young ones already.  There are many of these young ones who are evolved , but their environments harm them to such an extent that many of them are lost as resources to the Correcting Time.

Zarath spoke of the tipping point—yes, your world is approaching a tipping point.  You are seeing such a heavy load of negative, conspiring elements on a global scale in your world that work against all the wonderful individual decisions that are being made throughout your world.  If you look at the sub-culture of your world, you will see many highly religious individuals who have a tremendous influence with influence upon individuals in their communities, who make good decisions, constructive decisions, decisions that contribute to their lives and the lives of others.

For our guests, we have been on a thread of sustainability.  How do we devise sustainability with you?  One body of spiritual elders are called «the Most Highs,» which are mentioned in the Bible —the Old Testament— and by other agencies that assist your world in the affairs of humankind, mankind, on a global scale.  They work with the larger social and political elements of your world —the economic, commercial, industrial, communications, governmental, regulatory associations of a global nature.  These are places where decisions are made by groups, which must be guided by an overseer-ship of a spiritual nature.  On the level of the individual, however, each of you has within you a Divine Spark that guides you in your decisions.  Some historically have called this their «conscience,» but it is not your conscience.  It is an actual living spiritual energetic entity of the Divine that rests in you.

My presence here on your world is not simply a sign that you are not forgotten, but that an actual presence is in your world.  I come with an entourage, a corps of support staff, associations with the Planetary Manager and midwayer creatures, who have existed from the beginnings of your world, and associations with the angelic realm.  In many ways, my friends, I am here like being a salesman in a new territory with unbelief that the product is worth a darn.  (Laughing.)  How do you make that first sale?  There are so many religious people who are unbelievers of the possibility that they could be touched, helped, aided —directly or indirectly or by association— by the Divine.  To them, it is simply beyond reason; it is simply not logical.  It is out of character to the world they have known all of the lives.

Yet, I refresh you in that memory of your world where there have been many attempts to assist you in your world, to form positive unions, to form positive associations to help you grow.  The avatars, the great teachers in this century, last century, and past centuries—all have been guided by a tremendous inner knowing, a center that they wished to expand to include all others on their planet, your planet.  I am here to assist that too.  The days of my presence are unknown, even to myself.  My presence here is completely dependant upon progress that «we» make with «you» in this co-creative effort.  You have seen many wondrous things in your world; you of this sub-culture of your world who understand «coincidences.»  You understand the serendipity of time, event, places, the coincidence of like-minded individuals coming together.  You are part of a mind-set, a global, cosmic mind-set that has a «oneness.»  This, my friends, is sustainable.  It is sustainable by the belief that it exists, that these incidents of coincidence, serendipity are real, and that the universe is a friendly place that assists you to put the pieces together.  You do not know how or why, or understand the mechanism of this, and you need not know —you simply need only believe that it exists, that it is good, that it is benevolent and that you are a part of it, and that your life, as this exists, is sustainable.  This will not be taken away from you unless you give it up.  You are sustainable in your belief system and you will grow.

You are evolving.  There is the means on the planet now with the reconnection of the spiritual circuits for each of you to evolve to much higher levels.  «Higher» is not really the correct word to use, but more evolved levels of your spiritual development, even while as material mortals.  It is your mind mechanism that is necessary to do this, your capacity to feed the benevolent connection that you have with the universe.  You can invite that connection into your life in a living, real way.  You are part of the sustainable Light in this world that is growing.  Some of you can see this and clearly you can.  Some of you know that it exists and you feel it around you.  Some of you accept it in faith, without evidence, without knowing, without feeling, without seeing —but you know it exists and you are part of this.  This is sustainable.  This will not be lost.  This effort of healing on your world, or of bringing Light onto your world, will not stop or cease —it is sustainable.  You are the elements that sustain it.

[This is Daniel:  He gives the funniest metaphors sometimes!  Here comes one!]

You have seen this product, a flashlight that you shake and shake and shake, and then you turn the light on and it works.  Soon it will run down and then you shake and shake and shake it and it lights up again.  You are the hand that shakes the light!  (Much laughter.)  You sustain the Light.  Do you understand that?  You sustain the Light.  Your actions, your decisions to shake the Light, to make the Light real, makes it grow:  you know it is real; we know it is real.  You help us help it grow.  Your decisions help it grow.  Our efforts to assist you with coincidence and serendipity, to bring you into association with others who think similarly, is our effort to make the Light brighter in your world.  We wish that this would eventually make your planet, your globe, glow in time and space, as it revolves around your sun, as we see it in the universe.

You are the sustaining elements of your new world, in this New Era.  You have made that decision; you have been participating, you have assisted in many ways.  Many of you are assisting your world to sustain itself as a physical planet, to renew the resources that you have and to be guardians of the resources that exist and are diminishing.  You are wise and careful recipients and servants of the good that you receive in the material realm.  You also do the same socially through your social decisions to be socially responsible, to assist and «be» the elements of Light in daycare centers and families, to be worthy, competent, capable mothers and fathers, rather than absentee parents.  You can be a good and wise parent even though you have latchkey children, children who come home from school and wait for you until you come home from work.  It is not the quantity of life that you have but the quality of life that you share with deep abiding love.

Let me speak briefly now about the love of the universe.  The love of the universe is the love of harmony, the love and harmony of union, of oneness, of integration.  You cannot move your feet forward without the action of love in your life.  Your body coordinates its energy so that you move forward.  This is love in action on a very plain, material level.  So, too, do societies move through time with love, when they coordinate the efforts of social activity for the development and evolvement of good and wholeness in the lives of individuals.  Societies do not exist for themselves —political entities are simply a means of governing large masses of people, for the benefit of individuals, for the benefit of humankind, for the civilization that is advancing.  These are all sustainable.  The laws of sustainability are well known in the universe on millions of planets —except yours.

You are beginning to come into the awareness of sustainable social laws, political laws —not the laws written in books, but the laws of behavior, the laws of decision— this is the law of harmony, this is the law of love.  Your God, your Creator, the First Source and Center loves you!  What does this mean?  It means simply that you live; you were begotten in a universe that is benevolent, beneficent, good and wholesome —outside for the decisions of selfish and evil individuals who harm you.  The decisions you make are ones that will be good for you but you can make ones that can harm you as well.  You live in a universe of love.  This means that good begets good, and that oneness begets wholeness.  You can be a part of this, and when your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions, your decisions meld with others, then you are an agent of love, you are an agent of love and Light.  We would be open for questions now, if you have any.

Student:  I have a question from a very spiritual friend who feels that what we are learning is somehow associated with the practice of religious daydreaming or mysticism.  And I quote, «Mysticism can be a technique of reality avoidance.»  S/he thinks that information that we get through the Teaching Mission is suspect because in the past, channelings have been associated with mysticism.  I don’t see any way in which what we are learning is associated with mysticism, but I wonder what is the most effective response to such a question?

MONJORONSON:  Certainly.  In this effort, it is quite impossible at this stage, to separate the process from the content.  Channeling is a means of sharing information rapidly with a larger population that is out of contact with their own inner spiritual source.  If you look at the content throughout the Teaching Mission’s activities, I would ask you to ask that person, invite them, to find any instance where spiritual beings of God have made decisions for you, told you what to do.  If one condemns parental advisement, condemns parental over-care, condemns expression of opportunities, condemns exposure to options —leaving the decisions to be made to the offspring— then this is all wrong.  But this is the way the universe operates.  You are spiritual children.  You are ignorant of the larger parameters of your universe.  You make wise decisions, as best you can, with the information that you have, but sometimes you still make them in error.  These programs of Christ Michael —the Correcting Time, the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission— are all attempts to assist you in making wiser decisions that affect your infinite life’s journey in the universe.

There is no argument against prejudice when one’s mind is made up, and where there is bias, and eventually bigotry.  We are totally devoted to you, to aid you to make the best decisions that you can during your mortal journey.  Each of you was brought into existence, consciously, deliberately, and intentionally with the best resources available to assist you in your circumstances.  Now those circumstances are broadened; those resources are broadened.  Each of you is wanted and needed in the universe.  You are needed and wanted and loved —and assisted— to make responsible decisions that add to the «weight of your soul,» through the meaningfulness of your life, to the purpose that you have to grow eventually, to the place and point in eternity, where you are actually embraced by the First Source and Center.  We would not advise you wrongly; we would not give you advice that will lead you into error, into evil.  We would not advise you to dislike or to hate others, but to love yourself and to make the best decisions that you can, to love others and to assist them as well.  This is our response to that question.  (Thank you very much.)

For those who are new, I invite you to dialog as you would with a friend over coffee.  Ask your questions as you would your friend —there is some formality here, as you see, but those are from positions made by others over time.  You are most welcome to be informal, and even casual, if you wish.

Student:  Can you describe the relationship with your entourage?

MONJORONSON:  Think in terms of a very large corporation, a global corporation that has entered into new territory.  You begin by making contact with the locals, with those who are willing to experience new parameters of their existence and their experience in the world.  My staff are many.  They are much like an advance corps; they have been here long before I have.  They are much like a silent crew of a rock star that goes forward to make arrangements, physical and in the marketing.  Where are individuals who are receptive?  What organizations can we tap?  Who can we enlist?  Who can we ask to support us?  Who is open to speak with us?  Who is willing to come forward and advise with us?

My staff is working on educational materials.  My staff works on the lessons that we present.  My staff works with the Most High liaisons, the Melchizedeks who are associated and affiliated with almost all associations and organizations on your planet.  We have benignly infiltrated all over your world, yet make no decisions that abrogate any of your decisions.  We do not «tinker» with your mind.  We do not make you write things you do not want to write; we do not make you say things you do not want to say.  Our efforts are totally cooperative.

For instance, you would be very interested in knowing and understanding how a section of my staff works peacefully with the minds of individuals in religions that are friendly to a Creator.  At no time, ever, do we make decisions that abrogate your will.  However, to those minds that are open, to those minds that open themselves to higher wisdom and guidance, this is entrée for us to provide what you call «insights,» developments of thinking, new theorems in your theologies, new thoughts about your relationship to the world, and to the universe.  All sustainable religions evolve.  All evolving religions can become sustainable with spiritual guidance.

All sustainable religions are receptive to revelation; even businessmen receive revelation; even inventors receive revelation; writers do, artists do, and so do theologians and thoughtful, contemplative individuals in religions —even those who are far away from the national or global organizations.  Some of the greatest, most grand thoughts and decisions and writings have evolved from individuals out in the plains of the world.  Our people —my staff— are involved with all those who are open to receive, at all levels of social and civilizational organization.  This may seem nebulous, tentative, even vacuous to you, but there is a real, palpable contact being made with all open individuals in your world, particularly individuals in organizations.  Does this help?  (Yes, thank you.)

Listen to the leaves rustling in the trees and on the grass, outside.  You hear the wind and the leaves —the leaves are changing color and the evolution, the cycle of your world goes from summer to autumn, to winter, to spring, and so on.  And so you have a way of organizing your own thoughts, an evolution.  This gives you a living metaphor for your own life, for the thoughts that you have for your careers, for your spiritual development, except in this case, with your spiritual development, you always live in the summer —the spring and summer eternally.  Throughout your infinite spiritual journey, there will always be something new for you to engage, some new thoughts, some new art, some new form of development, some exciting field that you would want to explore.

You, my friends, will never be bored in the afterlife, unless you should opt out of doing anything.  You who have so much on your minds now, who have so many things you would wish to do, will have centuries and millennia to develop yourself and invest in whatever pursuits you wish.  There is no rush in the universe.  Therefore, my comment about the outside and to appreciate this is good advice for you to take, to appreciate every day, to appreciate this moment, to live carefully, thoughtfully, appreciatively of what you have.  This life is very, very short, in comparison to the eons that you will live, exist, and grow in the universe.  There is only change in the universe through individuals, the individuals who grow, develop, and evolve.  There are worlds in the afterlife that have changing seasons, too, but this is an architectural devisement for that world.  It adds color, excitement, adds interest through change, though as a static element of that world.  You can be a part of the architectural design of worlds, as well, if this is a field that you could evolve to.  You could as well become an architect of new beings.  You could work in a laboratory of life with the Life Carriers, if you wish, if you choose, if you have the capacity and the capability to do so.  Oh, yes, in the afterlife, you will be most unique; you will have capabilities, capacities which astound others, and yet you will be «dumb as a stump» with others.  (Laughing.)  There is however, always opportunity to grow into a new sprout and become a new tree.

If there are no further questions, I will bring this to a close.  (Short pause.)  Hearing none, know that you are blessed, know that you are loved, know that the hand of anointment is upon you always, that you have a way to go —you have a ways to go— you have eternity to do it in and we will be there always with you as we are right now in this moment.  Good day.

(Group gives thanks to Monjoronson and to Daniel.)

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Teachers: Monjoronson, Evanson, Jeremiah

October 8, 2006

MONJORONSON (Mark TR):  I join you in this circle today, I am Monjoronson.  Perhaps you will join me as we direct our attention to worship. Dear Father, First Source and Center, we are gathered here at this hour, those of us in the material flesh gathered around electronic devices and those of us unseen by our material complements.  We all gather together and desire that You know of our appreciation for all that we enjoy as a result of Your grace.  This very existence we have and the journey that we are engaged in are Your gifts to us, and we would acknowledge the grandness of this gift. It is our desire to be in service to You for having been granted such an opportunity of service and worship combined.  We arrive at this place and await Your signal; help us to perceive Your callings, to feel Your nudges, to respond to these impulses of greatness.  We are drawn to this as Your children who desire to please their parents.  Help us to fulfill this desire.  Make us pleasing in Your sight. We are of many varied circumstances and experiences, but we come together under this desire to serve and to appreciate all that we have been given, all that has been provided for us, and all that is in store for us. We reflect on our gratitude at this time, but we never lose sight of our appreciation for Your grace and Your love that sustain us.  We simply take the opportunity to acknowledge at this time.  We are confident that You will be with us throughout this process that we may come to You for support and direction, that we may lean on You in times of difficulty, and You are always there for us. This certainty that we have of our relationship to You, our connection to You, is our gift.  We have found You and desire to be like You.  These desires manifest into intentions, and these intentions surely will manifest into reality.  Help us make this so each step of the way.  We will follow where You lead.

Thank you all for joining me in these moments of appreciation for the splendid gifts that we are coming to make real in this journey together.  While it is very true it is the desire of our hearts to follow where we are led, likewise do we as followers lead for others who are looking for the way to follow.

Each one of us has a dual role to fulfill, one of student and follower and another of teacher and leader with that which we have become familiar with in this process.  This combination of learning and teaching cements these lessons into place and provides even greater depths of understanding for the ones who must explain what they know, who must identify what they perceive.  In this way we are switching back and forth, engaged in learning new perspective, reaching for new ideals, and then turning around and helping those behind you who have not been exposed to these lessons or these ideals and becoming the broker of such information as we have attained.  This is both a duty as a student and a privilege as a teacher. We must maintain our studies and pursuits so that we are current and up to date on our spiritual understanding, and as a result we find ourselves often in a position of relaying what we know to others, finding concepts to facilitate communication of ideals.   I perceive in this group that many times you switch back and forth without giving a thought which mode you are in, at times feeling strong and certain and possessing great conviction in your understanding, and then other times you are switched over to yearning, seeking, and searching for answers.

This is a healthy habit for you to maintain, being ever willing to switch to become the student or perhaps take a turn at being the teacher.   This skill will prove quite valuable to you as we move forward with our group Ascension. We should always be ready to lend a hand to another or receive a hand from another.   All this is the result of such great grace bestowed from on high that we should have these roles to fill, should be able and willing to be reliable members of this ascent team. Of the many things I am thankful for I count this group as one among my cherished blessings.  I perceive that you all have a special place in your hearts for those of us who have volunteered to provide you with our services from the other side of the curtain.   Isn’t this a wonderful example of grace when we both cherish so deeply the gifts we have been given?  That always brings us to a state of thanks.

Thank you all.  Thank you, Father.  Thanks for the love and the grace and the peace. I will allow for others.  Thank you for your intention as well.

EVANSON (Jonathan):  I, Evanson, am also with you.  Rarely have we spoken of the experience of bliss.  I wish to dwell upon this experience for a bit. It is more than happiness and joy, peace or contentment.  While it contains these feelings and states, it is the joining of your human self with the divine self which then results in happiness, contentment, in clarity of mind.  Bliss is the description of soul consciousness, the merging —not simply the meeting— of God and creature. You walk your life’s journey, and the journey results in the growth of soul.  But soul is there at the beginning of the journey and there at the end, though much more greatly present because of your experiences.  Whether the stature of your soul is grand, or as small as a young babe, consciousness is within and as your soul is ever and always.   You need not qualify or meet any standard or attain any level for bliss. When you walk your life many functions occur; you must lift your foot, move it and place it.  There must be ground upon which to place it.  The ground may be hard, rough, soft; it may be as mud or gravel.  As you react to that ground, your life, you develop agility and coordination.  Sometimes your living is so engaging in the minutiae that you are spending time focused on climbing over the rocks before you.  Remember to look up, to look ahead, that you may navigate the greater course. Father’s presence is the map to Paradise.  The preferred pathways are presented, and you choose.  Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or are nearing the end, bliss is where on the map it says «you are here».

That location will move, but the bliss will be ever and always.  When you take your eyes away from your feet and look up you may enter at any time into that state, that oneness. I am done.  Thank you.

JEREMIAH (Sheila):  I am Jeremiah.  I would be considered an observer to this mighty group.  I am currently in a classroom for which we are learning compassion through communication.  At first my focus was on ways of communication that you are unfamiliar with.  As a so-called field trip we have been allowed to observe techniques and relationships amongst this very large group.  I would like to share my observations. We are quite aware that you are affecting your lives through faith.  This, I must say as an observer even knowing what I know, seems like a miracle.  I use your term to enhance our communication.  In observing all that is going on your world, and considering the possible distraction, it is most amazing to see a core come together from such distances away and to watch the weave taking place.  This weaving technique is in itself not particularly new but the technique with which it is being used for is most beautiful.   To watch your colors evolve, to hear the tones when you gather, we observe these as techniques in communication on a different level.  Then we observe your technical attempts, and this in itself shows the level of determination with which all of you are involved.  In our eyes your technology seems most odd, but in your attempt to come together it becomes magnificent. We are fully aware of your relationship with the unseen; we have ways of observing this which you are not aware of.  In observing these connections and hearing your discussion and feeling your emotion I find Earth words hard to find to describe.  Your finest, most descriptive words have yet to come close to my personal observation.  To say, «I am amazed», to say, «thank you for having me», to say, «it is beautiful», these would just be the small words.  It takes incredible faith to be where you stand now.  It takes incredible determination and with your intention I again find words hard to describe what I am observing. This classroom I attend is to prepare me for worlds who have not yet evolved to your place.  What we are learning we will be able to put into action.  What you have taught us is a gift. I will say this, that the numbers of those of you who gather now is astounding.  To feel intimacy in this large of a group you have yet to fully comprehend and perhaps could be easily overwhelmed, and yet it is important that you know you are universal children working on a Divine Plan that is succeeding.

You walk towards victory.  Your part of this universal plan has changed everything, has created new and will continue on through all eternity. I speak for my entire classroom when we say thank you for preparing us for our next part of our journey.  Thank you for including us in your plans.  Please receive from us our love.  Thank you.

Jonathan:  Thank you for sharing what you are up to.

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