Vices and Criticisms

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Vices and Criticisms

Jesus, from the book: Words of Gold ("Palabras de Oro") from the Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural.

In the spiritual circles it is frequent to witness the implacable andbitingcriticism whispered over this or that brother "that a moment ago, right outside, was smoking…",  over this or that person that "eats meat and I don’t know what is doing here…", over this or that woman "that puts on so much makeup…", or even that other one that "does not get ready to go out, walking untidy…"

 Brothers and sisters: many of you that act this way, do youponder that perhaps many times you have contaminated the environment you breathe with your intolerant and disharmonious commentsthan those brethren you soscornfully consider? There are many forms of pollution and perhaps the most terrible and insidious be the ones resulting from malediction and easy and separatist criticism.

 Really, none of you is totally clean and free from error.  None of you, essentially, is superior to others.  What you have already learned (and what to you seems to be a lot) is perhaps behind, in absolute value, from the capacity of understanding and love of that other who smokes, eats meat, or does not adopt a conventional behavior.

 Truly I say unto you, my brethren: many who in a conference break, o, even before "esoteric works", recur to smoke a cigar are frequently purer, more valid, more sincerely dedicated and useful to Service than a great number of those who look over their shoulders and brag of their example of purity and improvement of customs.

 Let it be it very clear that in no way we support we should not have rules and precepts in the course of spiritual works, preferentially even before or, ideally, always!  What we do praise is fraternity, tolerance and comprehension adapted and adjusted to circumstances.

 Excessive rigor can be counterproductive and impeding of ampler and more relevant contributions.  Above all, observations tainted with coldness, indifference, superficiality, arrogance, and separation should not be done but instead, that true love and intend to be respectful and discreetly useful be manifested in advance.

 We make reference to these situations, apparently minor, because they are the prototype of many other of great importance.  Vanity blinds and weakens defenses and precautionsIt is sadly true that many times, too many times, he who prides himself of having climbed very high is handicapped to observe and become aware of his own weaknesses.  To detect them, to admit their existence and to look at them face to face constitutes equally a half way walked to know to deal with difficulties and lacking of the other companions on the Path.

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