Success Has Six Billion Plus Flavors

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SuccessHasSix Billion PlusFlavors

ByGillian MacBeth-Louthan

Article taken from, newsletter of August, 2004.  Published in this website on September 10, 2004.

Success comes in the form of 6 billion plus flavors. It is not just vanilla or chocolate with a few sprinkles here and there. It is not something that can be defined by a dictionary, a teacher, or a parent. For the very essence of success is so multidimensional it reaches far beyond our earthly understanding.

Success for each person on planet earth is different and cannot be monitored or measured along side of anything or anyone. Some day’s success can be as big as a mountain, other days it is as small as a cell. We are born being trained by our parents and peers to walk quickly into the town of ‘Success’. We were instructed to marry, to build, to birth children in the perfect town of ‘Success’. We seek to love one another, be happy and die in this holographic image of what someone told us success should be! We plant our crops, and our ‘o so short’ future in some one else’s definition of what success is, and then we wonder why our trees don’t bear fruit that is aligned with our souls desire.

The direction of success is changing continually, following our hand signals. We wave it forward one day, ask it to come to a screaming halt the next, and cry in the wee hours of the dawn when we don’t feel its presence. Success like love or joy, has become a living entity. One that does our bidding on a daily basis. Success is never the same two days in a row for anyone. One day you might feel successful if you make a big sale, the next day success may be finally getting the splinter out of your finger. To a young mother success is a baby finally sleeping through the night. To a senior citizen success is waking up in the morning. To some success is retiring, to others success is getting their first job. Success is chameleon like in quality changing day after day from person to person. How can we ever judge what success is by looking at another?

When we first came to earth we came with a soul agenda. A cosmic list of sorts describing what our soul needed to finally feel it had achieved success while on earth. We are driven by this internal list. Searching for the ‘one’ thing that would solidify and document that we had been successful on our journey to earth. Many times we have returned to earth just to make up for what we saw as failings from previous incarnations.

It is time to awaken to the subtle nuances of what success truly is. It is a time to count the wonders, miracles and small successes in our day that oft times we over look. Within every experience you have ever had, lives a miniscule particles of success. The first time you walked or talked as a baby. The first time you threw a ball or caught a fly ball. The first time you kissed, the first time you drove your first job; are all success filled memories no matter what the outcome seemed to be. Round up all of those ancient successes and herd them into the present. Line them all up and look closely at how many successes you truly have had. Drink in that personal blend of success smoothie. Most people focus only on the failures and magnify them to the ‘Nth" degree, so that they overshadow all else. In your beautiful rose garden of life do you only look at the weeds or do you ever just see the roses?

Redefine what you think success means to you and only you. Stop holding your life up against the beveled glass of the mass consciousness. Personal truths become distorted when held up to the Light of someone else’s porch. When you see only your shortcoming you will always come up short no matter how tall in the saddle you may look to others. Get on that high horse (even if you need a ladder) and take a good look at your life. You were created to succeed.

When you focus on what you ‘do not’ have, you will never have enough. When you focus on what you do have you will always have plenty.

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