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The New Galactic Consciousness



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The New Galactic Consciousness
and its planetary implications


“…the codes of spiritual upliftment … basically are: harmony, beauty, fraternity, solidarity and impersonal service…”




Transcribed by Ramathis-Mam on October 15, 2003. Taken from: . Published in this website on February 20, 2004. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of BVW, Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community.


Greetings to all cybernetic Light operators who are navigating in the winds of change of the third Aquarian millennium.   Today we have the great pleasure and opportunity of addressing all of you to give our contribution to the mutation of planetary collective consciousness for your planet and humanity.


We, as responsible for the galaxy of your solar system in particular, wish to transmit to you a series of data so you act in consonance with them and with the times of change in which you are immersed  We, as galactic administration, collaborate on the basis of a fraternal and solidary synergy and synchronicity thrust by the spirit of impersonal service that characterizes us.  You should never forget that the status we carry has not been due to a democratic election but in virtue of a series of spiritual requirements that each one of us have.  These statuses are not for life because the evolution constantly demands an alteration of the structures that drive us to fit to the needs of these ones.


As you can see, the title is very suggestive because the key of this third millennium and, in universal evolutionary terms, the consciousness is the great motive power and determining factor of the same one.  You, and the rest of beings that form the cosmic gear, are implicated in this infinite plot of multiple and unlimited possibilities, because you are beings of versatile evolutionary expression.  What we today wish to transmit to you is not generic but concrete, because all your evolutionary adventure depends on it.  The ascension, illumination and other technologies are mentioning a new evolutionary phase that the Earth and its human crew have to face to conquer a place within the Cosmic Order of recreation.


You, as one of the collectives in the phase of recycling and evolutionary experimentation, have the great opportunity in this millennium to make a quantum leap in your spiritual evolution, even though still exists an ample sector of the spiritual operators who does not really know what Aquarian spiritual evolution means.  The spiritual evolution is a process where your human expression is a symbolic instrument of your Divine Essence that has to recover the spiritual status that it has transitorily consigned to oblivion.


Here is where comes to play the alchemy of the spiritual awakening to which all of you are called to achieve when you comprehend that your ephemeral existences in the worlds of duality, is no more than a brief lapse in your trip to eternity.  All of you come from the higher planes of Infinite Consciousness that incessantly is recreated to fulfill the Reunification Plan of the parts with the Infinite Whole of which we all come from.  We, as supervisors and responsible for the evolutionary processes of the straggling wisdom-consciousness you represent, have the great responsibility of organizing and joining the multiple processes in which you all find yourselves in.  Do not think you are the only planet of evolutionary rectification of the galaxy but one of the many that exist and who are in transformational routes, not only energetic-vibratory, but also spiritual.


All who are now in Earth have experienced diverse evolutionary cycles contributing to an improvement and sophistication of your cybernetic complex and biological entity, contributing to the opening and development of the consciousness of evolution.  All the experiences that you have obtained so far in your long journey have contributed to improve the evolutionary archetype of your being and that of the human genetics.  Do not think that the genetics is mediating and constitutes to the primordial foundation of your evolution;the process is the inverse and of exponential order.  The geomagnetic, geophysical and gravitational circumstances are factors that are activating, harmonizing, refining and transmuting the inharmonic aspects of your State of Immortal Being.


From this it implies that you are experiencing at each instant the opposite effect to immortality, which is the dissolution of your cellular, molecular and atomic structures in a quantum collapse of the energetic and vibratory states of matter.  Matter, as a component of all the universal structure, has diverse manifestations which density varies as a function of the refinement of the State of the Immortal Being of the beings.  The more primitive your existential tendencies are, the more you have to experience the restriction and pressure of the Cosmic Laws that affect and supervise the unified fields of the universe.  The lightness of such cosmic forces goes as a function of your consciousness refinement and this is a function of the volume of integration of the codes of spiritual upliftment that basically are: harmony, beauty, fraternity, solidarity and impersonal service.


All of you are working in different fronts of your evolutionary expression on Earth, but not all are obtaining the results nor adequate objectives that your Divine Being requires to synchronize and attune with the Master Plan of the Great Cosmic Consciousness.  Each one of you is self-defining itself as a function of the ideal that he or she considers more adequate for his or her spiritual awakening.  Even though this is valid, because you all are in different parts of the path, the universe and the Earth require a more refined program, which not all of you are willing to accept.


Aware of the level each one of you are at, we are designing and supervising a unified macroprogram in which you all can converge and synchronize.  Each one of you has a concept and particular image of how should your individual and collective contribution be to the new evolutionary expression of Earth and humanity.  But now, dear Evolutionary Operators, it is required an extra sacrifice on behalf of all of you to impulse the Galactic Harmonizing Transmuting Unification Project in your planet, solar system and galaxy.


From now on we suggest you start to think in planetary-galactic terms because this is the start and primordial step of your transformation, abdicating completely all concepts that foment dissention and desegregation.  Do not think that this is not possible, because you all and each one of you come from from the Planes of Immortal Light where the fraternal synergetic collaboration and the harmonic and solidary cohesion are the dominant tonic and the reason for Being and Existing.  You do not have to integrate it from foreign sources to yourselves because it forms part of your spiritual genetics that is engravedin your cosmic consciousness.  Your Higher Self plainly vibrates in this situationand is waiting for the moment all of you invoke its help and collaboration so that it can experience the Cosmic Unification with the Unified All from which we all come from.


You are an extraordinary evolutionary cybernetic complex that is endowed with emotional-psychological-biological energetic structures that have as objective to let you experience all those aspects of the evolution your Essential Being requires for its growth and perfection.  Perfection is not a symbolic concept of an inaccessible status of Being and which only a very selected elite can achieve and of which so much has been spoken and written about.


Perfection, in accordance with the parameters of cosmic evolution, is a state of being in which is experienced that feeling of harmony, beauty, peace and love that is capable of balancing and harmonizing circumstances and antagonistic elements, producing an atmosphere of infinite Light, tolerance and compassion.  It is the state in which the all that configures your physical structure is transformed to merge into the vibratory frequency of your Higher Being, as an entity of spiritual service and plenitude.  It is the most elevated state of vibration that allows us experience what it means to be part of the Infinite where the limitations of matter are replaced by the re-creative dynamics of Divine Love and impersonal service towards life and evolution.


In all your evolutionary navigation you have been incorporating diverse values and vibratory-energetic codes that now require a re-dimensioning that will allow you to participate and experience a new more galactic form of Being, say, more unifying and fraternal with other civilizations of the universe.  For that you should conquer all those challenges that are pending and who are the cause of affliction, pain, violence, exploitation, separation and destruction.  All that codification of inharmonic tendencies is found in a greater or lesser degree in your interior in what we name “Quantified Shadow Projection.”  It is there where you have to affect and apply your efforts to decode and reprogram a new vibratory sequence in your human expression.


Your humanity is nothing more but a psychological concept that is endowed with a series of programs and codes that allow you to interact with the duality and three-dimensional limitations of your evolutionary experience on Earth.  But now the moment has arrived for you to fall back and transmute that human aspect of your evolutionary experience to become Units of Fraternal Synchronistic Service.  The Quantified Shadow Projection is a hyper complex program that you have been developing in all your evolutionary journey in the diverse planes of experimentation that you have had in other points of the universe.


Now, with the Aquarian Age you will be given the opportunity to have at your disposal the adequate tools to transmute it by means of the activation and integration of the Galactic Consciousness for which you have been convoked in these transition times.  What implications will it have on the planet and humanity?  All in the universe is interconnected and interpenetrated by Fields of Multidirectional Networks whose vortices of multi-centric energetic radiations cohesion all the cosmic structure.  In the measure in which you go adopting this new galactic consciousness, the Earth will be modifying its unified fields, injecting and expelling a new energetic-vibrational frequency that will generate an atmosphere and habitat more refined for the evolution of the future Kumaras or new golden race.


The Earth changes as a function of its individualized consciousness cells that you are, and it has the power of camouflaging and synchronizing with your vibratory energetic frequency to contribute to suitable conditions for your evolution.  And this, dear Evolutionary Operators, depends on the refinement and Expansion of your cosmic consciousness and not on the instinct of survival. For that you have to renew your conduct, emotional, psychic, and conceptual structures to be more in consonance with the communitarian fraternal and solidary spirit of the more developed civilizations of the universe.


This new Galactic Consciousness is not optional, but an imperative functional for all of you to be able to have access to a phase of the planetary and galactic evolution that corresponds to the times of Aquarius.  You all are invited to participate in the exciting adventure of the Human-Planetary Mutation that has been stipulated and designed for Earth and humanity on a path of transformation.  All of you should deeply employ yourselves to extract the best of you, and this implies an introspection and personal commitment with your Essential Being that is the guide and councilor of your evolutionary journey.  It requires a profound spiritual integrity, sincerity and dignity that not all are willing to develop and to shape, because still you are trapped in processes of restriction and karmic balance.  But even that is not an obstacle if humbly and meekly it is invoked the Primordial Frequency of Divine Love that always is willing to pour down its grace over those who yearn for and are in need of it.  We are convoking you at these moments for a new planetary collective ordering to be produced in Autumn having as a point of aim and purpose an individual metamorphosis of your Quantified Shadow Projection or conceptual human expression.


Do not think that you do not have the resources and help for that.  We are organizing things for you to gradually be impelled to align yourselves with the new evolutionary expression of the Aquarian third millennium. All the spiritual cracks and karmic ballast are there as collaborating agents and thrusters of your well-being, progress and spiritual prosperity.  You should modify the vision you have with respect to those dark spaces that there are in your interior and who with great care you keep hidden preventing them from importuning.  That attitude is not the most constructive, progressive nor adequate in the times that run now and that are propelling you towards the new existential reality that corresponds with your status of Immortal Light Beings.


What you so much adore, nurture, protect and praise of your human expression is an involutionary mediocrity that your Essential Being utilizes to integrate in the Magnus Divine Octave of Impersonal Love and Service.  You come from the most sublime plane of Divine Light that Divinity has designed as a incessant source of jubilation, recreation, purity, harmony, love and perfection.  You have to do the program of evolution that the Infinite Designer has devised for all of you as particles of divine consciousness whose function is love and service for the wellbeing of the cosmos and evolution.


We, as responsible ones for your galaxy, instate you to act with sincerity with yourselves and to restate the future of your evolutionary experience, for you can have access to a new more refined, harmonic and constructive way of life.  You should not allow that the Secret Administrative Powers of your planet manipulate you nor collaborate with the concepts, values and beliefs that they are injecting in you through the communication media.  You should remain at the side of this involutionary, obsolete and reactionary program, or else you’ll be exposed to intense and painful processes of harmonization and karmic balance.


The Laws of the Cosmos have their function, and are not the lucubration of a sector of your world to manipulate and control you, but the mechanism that the universe uses to reprogram, mutate and expand itself ad infinitum. They are the Laws that allow and give cohesion to the universe and give a sense to life and evolution that abound for our individual benefit and interest, and the collective and universal one.  To respect the Law means to derive the power and synergy of the evolutionary mechanism that will allow you to enjoy the best life conditions.


And we are the representatives and supervisors of those Cosmic Laws that are found in force and operatives throughout the universe.  With this what we intend to transmit to you is that by the Law you are forced to evolve, and the changes can be more or less injurious as a function of the resistance they are opposed against.  Therefore the beings of higher level always emphatically recommend the flow, that is no other thing but to align and connect with the corresponding evolutionary dynamics in each moment of your life.


You find yourselves on the Earth to make a great spiritual quantum leap and to establish a new universal order for which you’ll be rewarded and elevated to the podium of the Harmonizing Evolutionary Specialists.  Because, dear Evolutionary Operators, that is what in reality you are.  We wish to help you, but you have to collaborate and all has a systematic order and methodology that through diverse channels is arriving to you.  The unity in diversity is the motto that has to crown all your objectives and efforts for humanity can enter in a new more dynamic, constructive, expansive and creative evolutionary expression.


All of you are in diverse sectors of the ship contributing with your contribution, and even though it looks like there may be divergences they are no more than mental perceptions that you have to eradicate.  You are a human set that has to find synchronicity, synchronicity and synergy to succeed in gradually implementing the Aquarian program of the Evolutionary Transformation.  You all are equally loved, venerated and respected by us, and we wish to raise you to a level where your harmonic contribution to the Aquarian melody be the leitmotiv or melody of the cosmic symphony of the evolution.


We wish our words be a source of strength, commitment and recreation so we all be able to contribute for the universe fulfill the Master Plan assigned by the Great Cosmic Designer, as part of the recreation game.


End of transmission.


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