The White Horse of the Apocalypse and The Mark of the Beast, the Vaccine

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Awaken to the Covid-19 Vaccine Lie

The White Horse of the Apocalypse and The Mark of the Beast, the Vaccine

by Luis Prada

Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website

Friday August 6, 2021

Published in this website on Sunday August 8, 2021. Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author. The Spanish version is also available in this website.

You can download in PDF this article here: The White Horse of the Apocalypse and The Mark of the Beast, the Vaccine


“And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” – Revelation 6: 2

Fig. 1: The White Horse and the Experimental Vaccine

You have been vaccinated. Comes the Delta variant of the Covid, your vaccination health passport officially expires ipso facto, it is no longer valid. So, you go and get inoculated against that variant, they do. That was fortunately another placebo, you are saved this time again. You have no symptoms and you become now, more than before, a useful idiot of the system promulgating the goodness of vaccination and that it has no side effects. Your vaccination passport is now updated. There you go, your family loves you because you are a vaccination collaborator and someone who complies with official regulations, sets a good example, is not a conspiracy theorist.

Oops!, they just announced a new variant or strain, Gamma (or whatever they call it). Your vaccination passport has expired again. You go to get vaccinated against this new variant to be in good standing. Inoculated, you feel bad, have mild side effects, but they go away. Oh, ah!, new variant in sight: Epsilon (or whatever name they call it). Same game again, but this time it wasn’t placebo either. You get convulsions, can’t stand up, sometimes they slow down a bit, but there is always a slight and annoying tremor all over your body. You have migraines from cerebral thrombosis and chest pain from myocarditis. You’re magnetic, metal spoons, coins and magnets now stick to your body. Your blood is contaminated by graphene (which produces a clouded mind and mental alteration with memory blocks) and by 4-hydroxybutyl (produces tumors) and hexane-6 (neurotoxic and addictive), these, components of the vaccine.

Fig. 2: Vaccine Poison

You go to the hospital claiming that it was the vaccine. They do not attend you because they do not have the cure, they receive daily many of these same cases and they know it because they are the ones who daily apply the vaccine violating their Hippocratic Oath and in the death chart of their patients they write as the cause of death: “Covid-19”, even if they had died of cancer. They are guilty of crimes against Lese Humanity. Behold the Horseman of the White Horse displaying a “Crown” on his head and holding a bow, rushing out to conquer! White, Crown, Bow, Go forth to Conquer. White, the color of the servants of health. Crown [Coronam, Latin; κορώνα (Korona), Greek; Corona, Spanish]… Virus? Bow and arrow… symbol of the syringe and its needle? The needle pricks you like the arrow. Not only was he out to conquer, to convince by force, with violence, if necessary, armed as conquerors do, but to complete his conquest. To “complete” his conquest, that is, to conquer the whole world? The vaccination program is not complete if the entire world population has not been vaccinated. To vaccinate the world population with his arrows in order to conquer it, to dominate it by zombifying it and making it obey? That is to conquer the human being, to deprive him of his inalienable rights and free will and make him obey slavishly to a fascist and communist dictatorial and totalitarian state of a very small Power Elite. Carefully interpret the symbol and think about this.

Fig. 3: We Need to End World Dictatorship

You are sent home. Your family, who urged you to get vaccinated, leaves you alone, it can do nothing. Your health is ruined for life and you lose your job. you have to wait miserably for death to come to you in dribs and drabs because your quality of life is over and with it your dreams. No one is responsible for your problem: Not your own family who urged you to get vaccinated; not the hospital that inoculated you; not the vaccine pharmaceutical company who has no legal responsibility; not the employer who harassed you for not getting vaccinated; and, much less, not the government.

You regret having believed the genocidal criminals Bill Gates and Fauci, the Deep State and its Power Elites with their genocidal agendas, and for not having resisted the harassment of your boss who was the same one who fired you once he saw you sick and disabled. How you remember! He told you: “I’m sorry, but in those conditions you can no longer work here. You know that.” You argued and accused, but he replied, “I follow the provisions, rules and regulations of the CDC and WHO.” He shrugged his shoulders and walked away. You never saw him again, as if you had never met him. But, ultimately, you and him were both to blame for your misfortune: He for harassing you on his vaccination request and you for giving in to his illegal request without investigating your constitutional rights and the Nuremberg Code, your legal tools.

You post your health problem on social media to help and warn others, and to raise awareness about this genocidal deception, but your accounts are closed and banned. But it’s no use complaining anymore because the evil has already been done! Even so, you vow to spread your message on alternative media.

I say and advise you who are reading me, listen to me: “Do not expect to learn this in your own skin. ‘From the faults of others, the wise man corrects his own.’ Learn from hundreds of thousands of other cases like this one by the alternative media and doctors-for-truth organizations. Lie-loving People: ‘Know the Truth and it will set you free’. Don’t eat fairy tales and always seek the truth. I am not a doctor nor an expert virologist or immunologist. What I tell you is backed by thousands of doctors for the truth and is in thousands of videos on the internet. Discern it. If you don’t want to believe me, I understand because I am not a health expert. Believe the dissenting experts once you evaluate their arguments, but please don’t dismiss them out of hand without considering them. I am not a typical whistleblower and dissenter of the official version. I’m a mystic and metaphysician, that’s why I sound different. My mind is wired differently. My power and resolve are grounded in my research, conviction, intuition and Truth. I follow the dictates of my Inner Self, where my true strength and protection lies. Do not worry about me because of what I write, worry about yourself and your decisions if they are wrong for the price to pay is great.”

People who are vaccinated are not using their mental faculties well. They will remain alive until more graphene accumulates in their blood and aggravates, and reinforces, side effects such as myocarditis and pericarditis, thrombosis, convulsions, sterility, DNA alteration, nanotechnologies and heavy metals in the body, and overstimulation or aggressive reaction of the autoimmune system, especially in young people. This is due to the cumulative action of continuous vaccinations. The mask (mouth-mask or mouth-cover) is of no use to anybody, moreover, it is harmful to health because of the bacteria that produce pneumonia, and the staphylococci and waste gases CO and CO2 that are breathed in it, nor the experimental vaccine that they were injected creates immunity against Covid-19, nor that vaccine was experimented (tested) in humans, only in animals and they all died in the tests.

There are no Covid-contaminated people who are asymptomatic but spread the virus. Covid manifests itself as lung disease like Influenza A and B in all people, there are no asymptomatic. Not to mention that the Covid-19 coronavirus has not been isolated, what you have is a computer algorithm. PCR tests were designed for laboratory research, not for diagnosing Covid in the population. This has created a super inflated number of supposed Covid patients that were only false positives spreading fear in the population with huge economic losses in the world economy by confining people at home and forcing many family businesses to close with the lockdown and quarantine. PCR tests were done by amplifying the sample 30 to 40 times. In that way any lone flu virus in the sample can be amplified so much that it is Covid positive when it is not.

By diagnosing every patient who has died in the hospital as having died from Covid, the statistics of Covid deaths have been overstated to label it as a pandemic. Many of the tracheal intubations in ICUs (Intensive Care Units) instead of helping the patient have hastened death. Alternative therapies of Chlorine Dioxide, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and others, which are very inexpensive compared to intubation treatment and vaccine, have been banned in hospitals. Many enter the hospital walking and come out horizontally on a stretcher with their feet forward to the morgue. The karmic burden for this is very great within the health professionals who have been acquiescent in allowing what they know is wrong but do it to keep their jobs. The latter does not exempt them from guilt before the law. They may end up being tried and executed in a Nuremberg Trial.

Real democracy no longer exists on this planet. What exists are corporate governments, that is, the government of each country has been transformed into a corporation that through its executives (president, minister of health and others) negotiates “deals” behind the backs of the taxpayers with other corporations and is a lackey of them. In this case, the puppets of the government corporation negotiate with the multinational vaccine corporations of the Pharmaceutical Cartel and buy their vaccines with loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, indebting their country and its inhabitants. All those involved profit from this misnamed “pandemic”, which kills far fewer people than the common flu, which has not been declared a pandemic.

It is an evil plan phased in gradually. The whole thing is a big farce and those behind it are: 1. Interlinked health organizations with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2. Vaccine laboratories (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Sinovac, Inovio, etc., 42 in total), 3, The World Health Organization, lackey of the Pharmaceutical Vaccine Cartel and promoter of vaccines, 5. The CDC, which is basically a vaccine patent production company, has 58 patents on vaccines, and, 6. The World Economic Forum in Davos. These are the ones who are supposedly “so concerned” that you don’t die from Covid plandemia, which they themselves designed and introduced, and these are the ones who are believed by the people who get vaccinated. Of course, all driven by the propagandistic misinformative media that belong to the Power Elites. TV is a weapon of mass disinformation. Kill the TV. Find out what is going on through the alternative media. All internet search engines and platforms like YouTube are censored regarding these alternative points of view to the official version. They only allow and show those that promote the official version. Fact-check is a misinformative front.

Fig. 4. Bill Gates, a Man of Great Influence

As I have always said to myself: The experimental vaccine is a time bomb, a time-delay bomb. The adverse effects manifest themselves sooner in some and slower in others. What is clear is that the components of the vaccines travel through the body in the blood and will eventually reach, and contaminate, all the organs of the body including the brain in about 3 years. When this happens there will be disease and death and insanity in the vaccinated. Insanity because their brain has become dysfunctional.

If all were given the experimental vaccine, it would end the vaccination program in its tracks as all would show adverse side effects. But if some are given placebo and others are given vaccine, then the placebo people urge the unvaccinated to get vaccinated because they have not been given any of the side effects.

If people do not resist this manipulation, they are going to get the full implementation of 5G (which creates flu-like symptoms and kills bees showing damage to the ecosystem) and induced Climate Change. Covid and 5G are intertwined. According to the Elites, there are too many of us on the planet and they are in a hurry to implement their depopulation program, that’s why they make so many mistakes. The Horseman of the White Horse, the first rider, is rushing out to conquer the body and soul of the human being with transhumanism, the human being half biological and half machine with the nanochip in the forehead or in the right hand with the number of bars that has 6 at the beginning, 6 in the middle and 6 at the end, 666.

Fig. 5. Graphene Oxide and the Mark of the Beast

Your complete personal information will be stored in internal nanochips, placed there with the vaccination, as an identification and tracking passport by the 5G. Mind you, you space yourself every 6 feet apart to be well registered by the 5G signal. They love the 6 in this project. It is the optimal technique to control the human being. If you do not comply with government dictates and if you do not have your vaccination passport updated you will not be able to buy, sell, deposit or withdraw money from your bank account, make stock market transactions, travel using public transportation, enter stores or supermarkets to buy groceries, enter restaurants or entertainment venues, get a job and you will be constantly tracked to catch you for not complying with government regulations. The most interesting thing is that they used fear to incite the population without coercion to voluntarily request the vaccine, that is, to ask to have the population-control and decimation technology installed in their bodies.

But there is something else that is very important to mention here: The Kabal (The Last Dark Illuminati and Zionist Cabal) behind this false pandemic has a fundamental objective and that is the destruction of belief systems, cultures, family cohesion, sense of community, unconditional love and compassion for human beings, spirituality, and to obliterate gender identity. These intrinsic and natural human values will always prevail against transhumanist tyranny and motivate dissent to globalist totalitarianism as they give hope and call the Forces of Light and the Earth Alliance to remove from power and from the planet the Satanists who have generated this chaos and domination, and win back our freedom. Once the Kabal has established the state of emergency based on pandemics they will not easily remove it as many naively believe in order to return to normalcy. Once they have taken that step, they will continue to push for chaos and emergencies until they achieve their ultimate goals of total conquest of the human being.

It is incredible and appalling to all of us that a small group of genocidal people plans to kill with bioweapons and other planned disasters over 7 billion people, almost the entire Earth’s population, leaving alive only 500 million. All the dissent bound to die along with about everybody else leaving the cities deserted and property abandoned, and remaining only people who comply and acquiesce with this nefarious dictatorship. If we count together all the people that were killed by modern times tyrants like Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Jung Un, his father and grandfather, Moammar Ghaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, etc., this number would be only a fraction of the population of the planet. This proves that these mad men that plan, organize and implement pandemic bioweapons for the decimation of the population are eviler that all the tyrannical and psychopathic dictators above mentioned put together. We are being governed by really nasty and Satanic evil doers. They deserve judgment and capital punishment, no doubt. Their crooked policies go in the opposite direction of Divine Plan.

The human body is a highly complex biological machine created by superior creative beings eons of time ago. Materialistic medical science, of the five senses alone, still has much to learn from it as it is activated and driven by energies that are not perceived by the five senses. To begin with, the causes of diseases are not the symptoms nor are they cured by chemical drugs. Chemical drugs are a very lucrative business and a palliative, they do not really cure and have adverse effects like vaccines, that is, they harm. That is what they teach should be used to cure in medical schools all over the planet, who are funded by the Pharmaceutical Cartel.

You did not spend any of your time and effort to design and create this biological machine, your physical body, you barely know how it works and you do not know how to take good care of it, and it was given to you for free, be grateful for it. Take care of this precious gift. I say again and I emphasize: Take care of one of the most precious gifts given for free by the Creator, your body with its health. Do not contaminate it with the Mark of the Beast, the vaccine, which is a biological weapon designed to control and decimate mankind. God bless you.


Written by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website, August 6, 2021. Feel free to share this message among family and friends, do not alter it. I have written this to save lives and for the awakening of humanity which is part of my mission. Study Brother Veritus’ Website at and on Facebook. Original in Spanish, also available in this website, translation to English by the author.

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