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Kryon: Question and Answers, I

First Quarter 2004

Kryon and Lee Carroll

Taken from: http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/questions/Q&Acurrentupdate.html .

QUESTION: Hi, Iím Monica from Argentina, and I donít know how to pronounce "Kryon." In Spain, I say "Kreeon," and Iím not sure if this pronunciation is correct. Thank you very much.

 ANSWER (from Lee): Monica, thank you for this question. Youíre not alone in saying "Kreeon," since all the French do it, too! In America, itís pronounced Cry-ahn, but I really donít think it makes much difference. Kryon tells us itís a "sound in the air," and that it means something to the energy around you. However, weíve also discovered that either pronunciation seems to have very good energy. For years our French-language friends have said "Kreeon" and even spelled it differently (Kryeon). So say it any way you wish, and know that itís your intent that is honored, not how you say the name.

QUESTION: Kryon came as a call to the light, not to make you money. Kryon left; heís gone, and has been for several years. What you (Lee) are doing isnít nice.

ANSWER (from Lee, March 2004): Iím open to discussing this criticism and do not judge you for this comment. But since you asked, I now get an opportunity to answer fully.

I ask everyone around me to measure the energy they feel when I channel. If Kryon is gone, then nothing would happen. If Kryon is gone, then those who see and feel energy would know it. Instead, the energy has increased, and in some of our meetings weíve actually had healing miracles. The United Nations group, who came to judge this very thing last year, has once again asked me to return and channel Kryon in September 2004.

So I say this to all of you: Youíve had 15 years of information to look at as a measure of the Kryon energy. You also know I canít create it myself. Therefore, when you read the new material or sit in a Kryon channelling, be your own judge. See for yourself if the love of God is still there in a strong manner. Many have reported that not only is Kryon still here, but the power of his messages is even greater and more detailed now that the grid is settled. I continue to channel Kryon for thousands all over the world. They see him and feel the love of God during each session. This would be tough to fake for an engineer (my former profession).

As for just making money, Iíd love to have the author of the question spend some time in my shoes, because I think there might be some revelations about a lot of things. Itís common knowledge that of the 12 Kryon books, we self-publish 8 of them. This means that we have to be our own bank. Each time thereís a reprint or a new release, we fund it ourselves. We have a publishing company to support, with an office, employees, vendors, and monthly advertising. Yet even though we do spiritual work, we never ask for money, and there is no place on our Website to donate anything. We also try to keep the commercial separate from the spiritual, and for those who have noticed, we donít shout about new products on our home page, nor can you purchase anything there. Our Website is set up so that if you wish to purchase anything from it, you have to find the store section, then hit still another button to get there.

I make my living in this way, just like most people must. If my work doesnít stand up, then I will fail. If the energy of the books and seminars isnít good, then my pocketbook will show it. This is the way I like it. It keeps me in integrity, and makes my journey as much as a day-by-day financial experience as many of you have.

QUESTION (for Lee): In your seminars, youíve indicated that you donít ask for money in your work or on your Website. I personally like that. However, you also said that you support the work of Fred Sterling (the channel for Kirael), who does ask for money. Isnít this a conflict?

ANSWER (from Lee): I donít see it as a conflict, since you have to remember that what Iím responsible for is my own work, which is much different from that of Rev. Sterling. He is the minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a real church with services, a building, and a staff thatís available to help people without charge. He also supports a free international weekly radio show without sponsorship. Rev. Sterling is also available for counseling and private readings (on a donation basis), and thereís no membership within his church; therefore, no tithing. He doesnít have a series of books as I do, and heís seldom able to leave his church and lecture anywhere else due to his very busy schedule. So in his case, I fully understand the need for outside contributions. In his shoes, I would do the same.

Please understand that I donít judge anyone else who asks for money. Itís just that I feel strongly that in my case itís not appropriate, and that my work as an author and lecturer should be able to drive the funding. Itís pretty simple: If folks donít like my work, then I wonít have a job. I feel that thereís integrity in this approach for me.

QUESTION (3): Dearest Kryon, I feel that Lee Carroll isnít feeling well at all. Is he ill? If so, will he recover? Your channellings mean so much to me, as Iíve learned so much and am grateful for you and Lee. God bless you, Lee!

ANSWER (from Lee, March 2004): Iím so appreciative to receive your question! Not only am I feeling great, but I feel as if Iíve never had as much energy as I do now. In fact, I havenít had a cold in more than eight months (very rare), and feel that my immune system is healthier than ever. Iím writing my tenth book, presenting twice a week, and I just turned 60!

So keep your good thoughts coming. Iím so grateful for your concern, but I feel better each year!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, did a person named Jesus actually exist, or was it a group with the Christ energy that the church made into a person?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Iíve looked at birth charts for Jesus over many years and found one which I believe, if not real, is the most intriguing. Therefore, I ask: Can you please reveal the exact date and time of Jesus Christís birth? And which DNA layer is the "astrology layer" that youíve mentioned? I really believe that this may help in realigning astrology with the energy youíve talked about.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, when Jesus came here, did he know of our eternal work of Universe building? Does he know how much we love him?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Iím not a Christian, but am curious as to whether the story of Jesus is accurate. Did he die by crucifixion, or was he spared to live a full life with a family of his own, elsewhere?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, was Jesus nothing more or less than a Crystal Child? Did he possess something that simply wasnít understood during his time? Did he have different DNA or advanced DNA? This time is so exciting, and things have become so clear, that I want to be able to tell others what I now understand.

ANSWER Dear ones, we posture this answer with great respect for those who love this Human master. It serves no purpose to give information that would be detrimental to any study or search for the divine by any Human alive. This is why we often do not give you the actual history of some of the masters who walked this earth. We see the search for the divine as the most important thing a Human can do. Even if the facts of history are incorrect, sometimes the benefits of the search still bring the Human into the light and into the realization that God is inside us all.

Jesus was a real person. His birth and death were far different than have been reported, but he walked the earth as an enlightened soul whose miracles and teachings were the beginning of a new dispensation. He taught unity, and the principle that all men could speak personally to God. He said, "You can be just like me!" and that is what our message is, also . . . that master-hood is within each of you. If you really want to know more about the real history, itís very clearly in the scrolls, but itís not in your scriptures!

If you feel that Jesus might have had a special consciousness, as many of the new children do, youíre right! His DNA was without some of the restrictions that you have, but had those that youíre now learning about. The astrological layer of his DNA (the layers that respond to other planetary energy movements) were void and neutral. (This particular layer will be exposed this year for you, along with a name.)

And yes, he knows of your love, and all the things that your divinity knows. Like all of you, he is multidimensional, and is in many places at the same time. Did you know that you are, too?

Spiritual enlightenment is not about following any Human Being or any entity in the Universe. Itís about knowing that God resides within you, and that youíre an eternal part of His universal plan. This information has been brought to you from many masters and is within many cultures throughout the history of the earth.

Jesus, as well as other masters who walked the earth, not only gave you messages of empowerment, but then "walked the walk" so you could see that a Human Being could actually do what he said could be done. Many of you are poised on the edge of realizing this same thing.

QUESTION (about the Mel Gibson movie): Dear Kryon, as a Jew, Iím aware of the danger in allowing the "passion plays" to penetrate the consciousness of those who would believe that the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. Iím also sickened by the belief of some that unless we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, weíre eternally damned. Can you shed some light on this topic and explain why the world is being exposed to The Passion of the Christ at this time in our history?

ANSWER: Stay in your own integrity, and donít look to others to define your beliefs; humanity has always had these divisions. There was a time in Europe for more than 30 years when towns were regularly conquered, destroyed, and pillaged by Christians who demanded that you were to believe in a certain way. Today you have the same kind of behavior within a segment of people who are just as adamant about their own belief system.

The truth is that your divinity is within you, and no doctrine on the planet is higher than this truth. If you claim it, then youíll be "above the fray" of those who wish to convert you, damn you, or kill your family because youíre not a believer. This, my Human friend, is the war between the old and new energy.

This movie is a dramatic effort to pull humanity back into the suffering and victim mode. Although itís done with integrity, does it exemplify what this master taught? Does the movie, based partially in myth instead of real history, show the joy of Jesusí life?

We told you that there would be a battle between the old and the new. You are in it, and this is just the beginning of a fight that will bring you to the following questions, which will tear you off the fence of indecision about your own spirituality:

"Were you really born dirty? Would a loving God prepare the earth in this fashion? If God created the earth with love, why is suffering often considered a virtue for sacredness? How much of what you have in your scriptures is altered? How much is missing? How much is political? Do you have the entire historic story? If God is family, and divinity is self-evident, why are there hundreds of factions of belief on the planet? How could murder and rape be perpetrated in the name of a loving God? Could there be something far grander and greater about who God really is? Is it time to find out?"

These are the real questions that are creating the battles on Earth at the moment.

QUESTION (on Mary Magdalene): Dearest Kryon, over the past few months, many signs regarding Mary Magdalene have come to me. My intuition tells me that she was, in fact, the partner of Jesus, and that the Church repressed and hid away her status for fear that the feminine would be connected in partnership and marriage with Jesus. This belief would then destroy the myth that Jesus was virgin. It is said that Mary Magdalene was the Blessed Apostle and was given the true doctrine of Jesus. Can you explain this theory, and tell me if it will be a part of the New Jerusalem.

ANSWER: Dear one, look to your own history: The scrolls óall of themó will reveal many of these answers. Look for the ones discovered in Egypt, too, including the Book of Mary. There is much here that has been hidden, but which is very well documented by your own Earth sources. It has been sequestered, but now is in the open.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in my work, I actually look at the DNA of Human Beings óthe chromosomesó which are the visible manifestations of our DNA. Youíve said that there will be changes in the DNA as itís activated to higher vibrations. Will I be able to "see" these changes? Iíd love to be able to detect the changes and know that they are the activations and not some abnormality.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I read a book called The Power of Twelve by Anne Brewer, and it fired my imagination. How much of this DNA recoding is true? She speaks of different levels, of genetic engineers, of Galactic Councils, and of their work on our astral bodies. Am I being redundant by asking a bit more information on DNA?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Iíve only recently found your teachings, but find them fascinating and heartwarming - thank you.

I have a somewhat bizarre question that I hope you can shed some light on. Shamans from indigenous cultures across the world (Africa, South America, and Mexico) talk about a race of interdimensional reptilian beings that came to Earth long ago in order to escape another race of beings that were persecuting them. They found that they could hide inside Human Beings and avoid detection unbeknownst to the majority of humanity. This concept doesnít worry me, as we are all one and all ultimately part of the divine. Iím curious as to whether these shamanic stories are based in fact, and if so, are these reptilian beings really our fears, our ego that we must overcome in order to reach enlightenment?

ANSWER: Physically: Those of you who actually study the pieces and parts of DNA wonít see many physical changes. The changes we speak about are interdimensional. However, for those unbelievers who say, "How convenient," we say this: Even though you may not see physical structure changes, the chemistry itself will change. Immune systems will strengthen, life expectancy will lengthen, genes may rearrange themselves, and other systems will seem to be on a new track. So youíll be able to see the results of something else seemingly affecting the 4D layer of DNA (the Human Genome). When you finally get the instruments that can detect interdimensionality (the shadows of other realities), youíll see it very clearly around our DNA. This will beg the question: "Is there more to DNA than whatís under the 4D microscope?"

ANSWER: Spiritually: We told you many years ago that your DNA has been altered by off-world energies. It was on schedule, and we even told you when it occurred within your Human history. Your anthropologists know of the anomalies of Human development, too . . . asking why evolution provided such a vast variety of all Earth species except the Human Being! They can even point to when it happened (the end of the variety).* These historic facts all point to a truth that weíve given you before: You had help, and it came from that part of the sky you call the "Seven Sisters."

*Scientific American, January 2000, Volume 282, Number 1

*Kryon Book Eight, Passing the Marker, pages 367Ė69

ANSWER: Reptilian: Due to the above-stated truth, which can never be proven but which is intuitive and surges through your DNA, many stories have surfaced within many cultures about wars, battles, good and evil, reptilian origins, and how this could have been. So I will ask you to go inside and ask yourself: How much of this information fits into a loving scenario of the creation of a Human Being whoís divine and has a loving role to play within the Universe? Did you ever wonder who you might have been on another planet in past Universes? We told you before that the Humans who come here have done this before (lived in duality) in other places. We also told you that your whole spiritual record is in your DNA. This also means that thereís a subtle memory of you being other kinds of creatures if you look hard enough. But this is meaningless within your life on Earth at the moment, and has a "residual" energy that has been obsessive to many, and has even created fear-based teachings.

Think about it, family: Did you evolve as a result of a mistake . . . or a battle between evil and good Gods . . . or the spoils of a cosmic war . . . or secretive reptilians? I think your own divinity will tell you a better story - one of honor, logic, and divine purpose.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, almost every Human seems to use either their right or left hand better. When I, for example, write something using my left hand, I notice that Iím not very good at, it to say the least. Why are Humans usually better at using only one of their hands (and most commonly the right one)? Is it a good idea to actually practice using the other hand/side, too? (Perhaps that will open us up to more awareness of the whole Human.)

ANSWER: Part of the Human condition is that youíre polarized. Your right and left sides are actually separate parts of your body system that compete. Surely youíve noticed the outside symmetry of your body, where one side of you is simply a copy of the other? This is the efficiency of your evolutionary process.

The subject you bring up, however, is a good one. For indeed, if you spend a little time using your other hand for writing (or even throwing a ball), you increase the balance of the bridge between the polarity of your body. Your brain is involved in this profoundly, as well as your DNA. Anything you can do to create a better balance within yourself is good. Hereís an exercise: Try writing a letter to yourself using the nondominant hand. You might actually find yourself!

QUESTION: Dearest Kryon, whatís the difference between the soul and the Higher-Self?

ANSWER: There are many divine ideas and concepts on your planet that have many names for the same thing. This might be one of them, but from our standpoint, theyíre different. Before we define them, weíd like to give you a brief discussion about names in general.

When youíre dealing with interdimensional attributes or intuitive energies that are being revealed, thereís no cosmic dictionary to consult. Therefore, those who channel or regularly give this kind of information must deal with concepts that have no established names, but which are still very real. The result is that you may end up with many names for the same thing, depending on the source. This isnít a conflict, but rather just semantics and the result of being in a very new energy where many things are being presented that are unique and unusual.

The soul is often seen as the overview of all that you are. It includes all the "selves" that you have, including the ones that arenít here in 4D. Therefore, itís a name that would indicate a "divine wholeness," and is often meant to reflect the "entire system of you." This would include the "I AM" presence you have in the Universe.

The Higher-Self is a name thatís given to the part of you directly involved in communication with God, and the part of you thatís "connected" full-time to the family. Therefore, you might say that it describes a part, a section, of you.

So the difference between them is that one describes the whole, and the other describes a part.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what is the opinion of Spirit when it comes to two people, married to others, who are in love with each other and have been having a love affair for years? Iíve tried to remain out of judgment with a dear friend whoís had a longtime friendship/romance/physical relationship with another man (not her husband) for years. Sheís also had a two-decade relatively happy marriage and three happy, well-adjusted nearly grown children. Iíve taken the position of neither encouraging her nor judging her in her affair. I know that it would devastate her family, yet it seems like these two people are in a close love relationship for a reason and have both managed to remain respectful of each otherís family commitments. Can you shed some light on what your position is on relationships like this, and also what mine should be? I like her husband, and Iím torn about how I feel about this.

ANSWER: We fully understand the protocol that you have in your culture and your society that establishes rules around behavior and what you call morality. However, now I tell you that thereís no judgment around anything you do that has pure intent and love. This is different from the "call of biology" (lust). Weíre speaking about pure love.

We also remind you that many of your rules that you think are "rules of God" are merely rules of Humans, structured to look spiritual in order to keep things in order. In many societies on Earth, partnership is not monogamous at all, and people have no feelings that theyíre in violation of any rules of God, as your religious leaders would indicate you might be if you did what they did. Therefore, even the original Commandments are in question as far as being accurate and true.

You might ask about the morality of taking a new partner after the death of the first. Your society says that this is not only acceptable but expected, yet there are other cultures that say that this is a horrible violation of morality and is against the rules of God! So whoís correct?

The answer is that the divine "rule book" is far more complex than you might think. When it comes to love, the Human is very expansive. It is well-known and common information that Humans can love and partner with multiple Humans, but itís not the norm in your society. Add to this the fact that you carry over powerful love karma from one lifetime to another. Questions have been asked about this, too: "What happens when youíre partnering successfully with one person, and you meet a Ďsoul mateí from another lifetime? Do you throw this away, pursue it, or ignore it?" Do you really think you understand the complexity of love and can compartmentalize it to fit within the rules of a culture?

The answer is truly one that has to fall within the purview of your own divinity, and the divine rule book that all of you personally carry. If you establish spiritual rules and vows for yourself, then follow them. Youíll benefit by the structure you have self-created. In all things, seek the council of your Higher-Self, and the divinity within you. This is your moral compass, and the "book" that is filled with truth. When you do this, some of the things you may wonder about start to become very clear. Youíll end up changing what you do because of it.

I know you want an empirical (positive and final) answer, and this isnít it. I also know that there are those who would read this and say, "See . . . those New Age Lemurians have permission to do anything they want. What kind of spirituality it that?" The short answer is that itís a spirituality that places responsibility for the largest decisions about integrity and morality at the feet of each Human being. How easy this would be if you just had a yes or no answer. Then you wouldnít have to claim responsibility for being a child of God who has divine wisdom.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, with 4D collapsing, and an intertwining of multiple-D, how can we maintain harmony and balance within ourselves and our homes (to keep the chaos down)?

ANSWER: What a wonderful question! This, dear one, represents the entirety of the work of Kryon and the Kryon entourage. We will continue to channel and fill books with answers, teachings, and instructions about precisely this subject.

The first step? Claim your partnership with the divine. Once you begin to "own" this attribute, the answers to so much begin to show themselves. Your DNA changes, and your patience factor is enhanced.

Actually, 4D isnít collapsing; itís joining with the rest of the "Dís" as the veil lifts slightly. Indeed, the result could be chaos if you remain in an old paradigm. So the answer is to shift.

QUESTION: Is there any way a Human can experience their true selves, at least emotionally, so as to be refreshed and to have some peace while we go about the task of multidimensional creation?! I long to do so. Iíd like to "go home" and experience myself, intimately acquainted with the divine.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, itís clear to me that one of the greatest achievements of Human Beings in this new energy is the development of The Third Language. Since the language of Spirit is not linear, is the understanding of symbolic information such as archetypes, metaphors, parables, and symbols a way to improve The Third Language?

ANSWER: Yes, yes, and yes! This experiencing of The Third Language is what we teach. Itís about "talking to your cells." Look at our teachings in 2003 and up through 2005 for these answers, for itís about claiming master-hood.

This isnít something that you have to call the press and stop your life to accomplish. Itís about a daily walk thatís so loving, peaceful, and different that your cells refuse to go into drama, anger, or worry. Youíre "connected to the family" as you walk in ordinary places, and you know it.

You asked how: Start with asking for this in the most quiet times you have. Take time to meditate, and ask for nothing but this. Tell your God-partner (the Higher-Self) that you wish to start this connection and keep it. Take the profundity of the emotional feeling you have during these quiet times with God and keep them going! Come out of meditation and walk this 4D earth in an interdimensional bubble of love. Donít close the mediation . . . just get up and keep it going!

These are all concepts. They donít seem to relate to a linear step-by-step procedure, do they? You may not have received the answer you wanted, either. So many of you want the solutions in a simple way. It isnít simple. You begin a process through divine co-creation, and you stair-step through it as your own process demands it. But you canít climb the stairway until you open the door.

Can you show the color blue to a child? Yes. This is simple. Now, explain it to a sightless person. This is complex. Interdimensionality is this way. You want steps, rules, and procedures, but itís far more complex than this. Itís also the goal of everything we teach. Begin with pure intent. Follow it up with joy. Add some wisdom and give it some time. God can hardly wait to fill up your cup of understanding.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, is the expression and movement of energy based upon the inherent properties of a circle/sphere? Do the polygons that we cannot presently construct geometrically, link or connect with those we can. If so, how?

ANSWER: The movement of energy indeed has sacred geometry at its core. However, thatís only the shell of whatís really there. Think of the shapes as containers for the energy, and the vessels of their potential. They structure something that has no structure. You wonít like this answer, since I wonít give you a shape, and I canít fully describe the beautiful truths that are actually here. Energy is like that. It doesnít come with much shape, but certain shapes "point" to the core of it. This is very difficult to explain. Think of someone finding sunlight, and thinking itís the end of the line, not realizing that thereís a sun somewhere making it.

Shapes and designs play a tremendous part in your sacredness, but theyíre only the shadows of whatís inside them. As you use them, however, you actually emulate the core of the DNA, the medullas, and the relationships of 12 (lots of 4ís and 3ís). There are generic shapes that are known to have energy, but the "magic" is in interdimensional aspects, and these have to be transparent in your mind and intersect in complex ways that move through each other and violate 4D lines. These things simply cannot be drawn, or given from me to you.

I know you wish to construct shapes that will do things and create energy, but thereís a limit to what you can do within 4D, and you have basically reached it. The next step has to be what your mind can be taught to visualize, and that can never be recorded, drawn, or conveyed to another. However, it can be sent!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, the Canadian farmers have been hit hard with two cases of BSE, or Mad Cow Disease, reported as coming from Alberta. This is a fatal disease thatís scaring many people away from beef. Is Spirit trying to tell us to be vegetarians? Why is this disease coming out now? Will beef ever be as safe to eat as it was before?

ANSWER: As weíve discussed before, there isnít enough fertile land on the planet to feed humanity if youíre all vegetarian. In addition, weíve told you that a balance is needed for most Human biological systems that includes meat. Therefore, one of the reasons for the existence of animals is for your sustenance, and they come here for that. Animals are in service to humanity, and they do it in several ways. (This has been channelled many times . . . the reasons for animals on the planet.)

Weíve also told you that in order for them to be healthy sustenance, they must be treated with a higher consciousness than they are now or theyíll die. This is what youíre seeing. This disease is one thatís here to draw attention to this issue, not to force you to eat vegetables. Itís to bring the plight of the animals into mainstream consciousness, and to eventually demand changes in the way theyíre treated.

Many of you donít wish to think about these precious creatures being sacrificed for your sustenance, but remember, this is all part of the support for your life on the planet. What you owe them is honor and dignity within the scope of creating food for your lives. When you see these kinds of diseases, they exist to make you stop and look at what youíre doing. If you donít, these animals will self-destruct on their own.

QUESTION: Kryon refers to audience members as Lemurians and sometimes as angels. Please explain. And does that mean that only the people that have gone to that specific session are Lemurians?

ANSWER: This isnít that hard. Youíre all angels, since youíre all divine and also eternal. You always were and always will be pieces of God.

But in the beginning, many of you who are now called Lightworkers were part of Earthís Lemurian experience, a life within a time and place that your historians deny ever happened. It was a different kind of society, and was a "warm-up" for what you have now. Your bodies are not exactly the same as they were then, and much is now different. This is also why we tell you not to look that far back when you want to know about your "current history." For Lemuria was during a time when duality was not as high, or the energy as low, as it is now. The planet was "wiped clean" of this society, and a re-start was done. This is old news, and weíve given it before. You all gave permission for this, but at a very profound level, as a Lemurian, you prepared for this time on the planet.

So your angelic properties are a property of God. Your Lemurian properties (if you have them) are properties of an early Earth experience that was filled with high science and DNA differences. A group that may come to a Kryon channelling is one thatís often filled with past Lemurians, since many of you who are "awakening" to new spiritual truths have these old-soul Lemurian backgrounds. But youíre also all angels in my view. My reference to you within these meetings is a greeting and an honoring, asking you to remember who you are. There are many past Lemurians, and only a fraction will ever know about Kryon. Youíre all over the earth, but youíre all awakening to some degree.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, does a geographical area have an influence on the energies of a person?

ANSWER: Absolutely! If you live within an energy portal, you will be influenced by the energy of the earth. If you live within a "null" area of the magnetic grid (the poles), youíll eventually die early. So part of what we teach is to begin to "feel" if the area where you are vibrates to you or if it doesnít. If it doesnít, then move! This is spiritual logic, and also takes into consideration your partnership with the earth.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, how can I distinguish between a creation of my mind, as opposed to intuition or extrasensory perception?

ANSWER (from Lee): Since these things are so similar in perception, I encourage you to give it the "reality test." Begin to coordinate something you experience in your mind with what happens next. Did you actually feel an energy that was later confirmed by the revelation of truth? If so, try to remember what that felt like.

This is what I felt regarding channelling, since the beginning feeling was that I was "making it up." Later, however, when the information given in channel became mainstream news, I knew I wasnít making it up. Then I started to feel the difference between imagination and channelling. I believe itís the same with intuition. If it bears out a truth of some kind, then you were feeling energy. Go back and try to correlate what that felt like, and then look for that feeling again. Soon youíll be able to detect the difference between intuition, spiritual knowledge, and your creative mind.

I think we all start out with everything, but itís in a big "box," and we canít see any differences. Later, weíre able to start putting smaller boxes in the big box, and sorting what is and is not spiritual or intuitive. Itís a learning process, and it takes time. But many have reported exactly this process of sorting out energy.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I want to validate my understanding of what NOW time really is. I understand it to be that Spirit is in a spot (for lack of a better word) where you can see the potentials of all possible things to come. I can understand this concept because I equate it to looking at a tree and seeing the branches extend out in an ever-increasing pattern. My questions are:

What happens when events come to pass? Do they form a singular path of reality, similar to the bottom of the tree, where thereís only one path back to the ground? Or is Spirit able to see all possible paths that did not come to pass?

This is sort of a linear-time question, but is Spirit able to see all possible things that reach into infinity, or does it become too cumbersome to see after a certain point (such as you would have with an ever-expanding tree going into infinity)?

You say that NOW time is circular, but we are in linear time. So somehow the two must correlate. How long (days, months, or years) does it take in our linear time to complete one circular path of NOW time? Or is that different for each person, based on where they are on their path? Is there a collective correlation of linear time traversed to complete one circular NOW path for the earth?

ANSWER: Dear one, first, throw away the tree. Itís way too 4D for you to relate to it. It may serve to help you with your metaphor, but itís very limiting within this complex analogy.

Thereís no such thing as predestination, but only predisposition. As events come to pass, you tend to stay in a predetermined groove, much like the old LP phonograph record groove that plays only one song as long as you stay in that specific groove. So watching a Human Being play the song he began when he was born is very predictable and not all that complex. Itís when you decide to "play another song" that it becomes difficult to explain to you.

Picture this: Spirit stands in the center of a huge balloon. Inside this balloon your potentials exist. All the "if you go this way, then this is the potential" kind of energy is shown. For instance, if you void a whole reality (in the same way that you might sterilize yourself), then all the potentials involving having more children go away. This means that as you move within your life, this "NOW map" changes depending on what you do. It also shows you where you are now, and the potentials of whatís possible at the next step. Although many potentials are there, only the nearest ones are shown, since they are the most energetic ones.

Now understand that this map is not just for God. Itís for you, too. This is the "You are here" map that we tried to explain in the parable of Michael Thomas (Kryon Book Five). Becoming interdimensional gives you insight as to which way to turn in order to accomplish what you want. Itís also an energy map that gives you the intuition to move accordingly.

Youíre right to think that time is not linear, and this is what makes it really tough for you to understand. We encourage you to "think in the NOW" and to understand that your path is not what you think. Itís not a straight line from one place to another. Instead, this circle of the NOW takes into consideration that you created it, so you have the ability and permission to change it anytime you wish. Want to get off the "road" for a while? It may feel unsafe, but thatís because reality isnít what it used to be.

The two kinds of time exist together, but one is an illusion. Theyíre always connected, but this is hard for you to see. For instance, consider that youíre on a road that goes to the horizon. It seems to disappear into the distance, straight ahead. Seemingly it goes forever in one direction. But your mind knows that thereís a potential that this road could circle the earth and actually be the same road, all the way around in a circle. (Naturally we assume that it goes over the ocean, too.) So instead of what your eye tells you (a straight road that goes forever away from you), itís actually a circle, and therefore the road in back of you is the same as the one in front of you.

How long it takes to travel over the same spot in the road (that is, to complete the circle) depends entirely on you. If you tend to revisit the same thing over and over, then the circle is fairly small. However, for some, the circle is a lifetime. It just depends on your own path. Even the earth has a path, and has the attributes of this same circle. One of the most interesting things is that when you traverse the same path again (start to go over the ground you already covered), the energies you laid down before are now enhanced, and more apt to manifest themselves than when you first traveled the road. Metaphorically, this is why a past life often leads to a current life that has more resolve, or more manifestation than the last. Itís also why Lemurians know they are Lemurians!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, wonít the increase in population affect the ecological balance? More people gives rise to more requirements for houses and companies, resulting in destroying more natural resources and leaving the earth barren and an increasingly difficult place to live. Did we ask for this as a "free choice"? How do we control it? We are growing like viruses and destroying everything around us, with little regard for the environment.

ANSWER: Yes. Your free choice can cause you to overpopulate the earth and destroy it. This is all part of an awakening that the new children of this planet will tackle. Itís very solvable, but takes responsibility and cooperation on the part of most of humanity.

Like so many other issues, however, it may have to reach critical mass for it to be considered seriously. So look for starvation in the future to be an even greater issue than it is now. When the starvation issue hits the West, then something will happen.

Again, itís about responsibility, and this is the dispensation of responsibility for the earth. Most viruses donít destroy the host (AIDS is the exception). So even in nature, thereís a point where thereís an awareness of evolving systems, at the micro and macro levels.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my husband had a vasectomy 15 years ago. Weíre giving full intent for a nonsurgical reversal by talking to our cells and our DNA, and giving full intent for trust in having a baby together. Can you give us any advice?

ANSWER (from Lee): My father had a vasectomy a year before I was born, and I donít look anything like the milkman. [Smile] In other words, anything is possible. Kryon has answered similar questions before with this same scenario. If you want a child, try the approach that best suits your intent. If you feel youíre really good at changing things in your body, then do it that way. But if that doesnít work and you still want a child, then let science help reverse the vasectomy. Itís not about how you do it as much as the intent to let that kid come to Earth! Donít make him wait too long, though. The issue is the child, not the method of vasectomy reversal.

QUESTION: Why have the government and the media been silent on the geothermal activity in certain national parks? Can Kryon provide guidance on the time frame for an eruption?

ANSWER: Itís because nobody understands whatís happening. Geology is changing greatly, but not beyond what I told you might happen back in 1989. Even global warming is related to the shift youíve created in consciousness on the planet.

When? It may happen sooner than youíd like, but it will happen. Know this: Like earthquakes, this is changeable. Matter responds to Human consciousness, and the quicker you try experiments involving more than12,000 people, the faster youíll understand a brand-new power that you have. The reason this is dangerous before its time, however, is that mass fear consciousness often brings about disorder and unbalance . . . and the matter within the earth will cooperate with that, too.


QUESTION: Kryon, I'm a BodyTalk System healer, and have been getting more intuitive lately, which has helped my work. The protocol I follow seems somewhat restrictive. What can I do to move more quickly and deeply into my clientsí needs, and help them realize that all healing comes from within them? What can I do differently to help them get better results faster so that they can feel more encouraged?

ANSWER: Change your protocol! With your intuition, expand what youíve been taught about the way your system works, and go beyond it. You wonít violate the system. If you work with the meridians of the body, then find the other meridians that are above the ones you know . . . and so on. As far as meeting your clientsí needs, you can do that far easier than you think. Each clientís consciousness field is shouting at you exactly what they need. So "tune in" to this and make the appropriate moves. You never have to tell the client whatís happening, since sometimes this gets in the way. But youíre still dealing with the individualís healing power, and actually talking to their divinity process. Remember, thereís no accident that they find themselves on the table before you.

Become a channelling, intuitive, BodyTalk system healer!

QUESTION: My question is about the Bermuda Triangle. What is the significance of this part of the world? Has this anything to do with vortexes or portals? Why have so many ships and aircraft gone missing in this area? Is there a spiritual significance?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon/Lee, what is in the Bermuda Triangle? Can knowledge about it be of any use to us now? Is there really anything there?

ANSWER: This area of the planet is a profound combination of anomalies in the earthís magnetics, combined with attributes of interactions with the weather and water. Thereís a process that has been seen, yet not understood. These are not ETs, and itís not spiritual. Your science will eventually discover it, analyze it, and understand it. Itís about the earth.

QUESTION: Iím having trouble knowing "who" to pray to. Slowly over the years Iíve come to believe that we are all a "piece" of God" and that the Human on Earth is only one of a "group." Youíve told us that you are part of a "group." There are angels like Michael and Gabriel, and masters like Jesus and Buddha, and I assume that they are "groups" as well. I know that we can confer with our Higher-Selves and our guides, but is there any one group or entity In charge? Is there a "Father"? Is the Universe a big democracy?

ANSWER: Your question not only shows intuition and wisdom, but also the limitation of what you have placed upon yourself, called duality. No matter what is explained, Humans wish to compartmentalize and build organizational charts around everything. This is a totally linear process, and doesnít represent the reality of the way it is on the other side of the veil.

Take a large bowl of soup. It has organization, taste, matter, nourishment, and form. Yet thereís nobody in charge of the soup. Now you might say, "Sure, but thereís no consciousness in soup. It doesnít have to think or make decisions and is not aware of itself." You think not? Do you think all those molecules just happened to create themselves and organize themselves into intricate structures that combine in complex ways that are so involved that science doesnít even understand them? Were you aware that even in something as simple as soup, thereís a plan, a system, and coordination? If so, then whoís in charge? Whereís the democracy? Who gives the orders?

What if, instead of a linear order of command, all the pieces had full knowledge of what the plan was, and without any interfacing, just fit into what they all know? Not only does soup do this, but so does the Universe and what you call God.

Yes, you are all pieces of the whole. But all the angels and other entities that have identified themselves through the ages, have this in common, also: Theyíre all reading from the same script, one that is one consensus, and that updates itself all together. This is like nothing youíve ever experienced, so you canít really imagine it. Youíve even built mythology around "wars in heaven" so that you could somehow justify why things were as they are, thinking that only a

conquering energy could be a certain way. These Human actions are all about trying to linearize God.

Your DNA contains a divine code that says it all. You are divine, and also included in the "knowing" of this map. The closer you get to your own divinity, the more this is evident, and the greater your wisdom is. Weíve encouraged you to find the prophet inside, the rule book inside, and the compass of who you are and why youíre here. Critics say that this is also what serial killers have done, mocking the process as something thatís unbalanced and even evil. "Just think," they say, "if everyone had their own rule book, it would be chaos!" Then they give you their rule book, often in full integrity, explaining what they say God wants you to do.

The truth is that this "rule book" is individual, but like the soup, itís something thatís common to each molecule of the soup. So itís the same script for everybody! It has to be, or what you call "nature" wouldnít work at all. Itís the book that says that the "group" is all one family. The organization portion (explained for the benefit of your linear reality) is one that speaks of specialists. Some of your family is dedicated to working with the 4D interface between you and us (guides). Some of the family is dedicated to being angelic before you, and some, like me, are involved in your physics. But weíre all involved in the love of God, the support of humanity, and weíre all a group . . . your group . . . the family group called God.

Who should you pray to? Start turning inward. Instead of praying "to" anyone, start to understand the wisdom of where the power actually is. Then create what you need, apart from any thought of sitting there hoping that God might give you something - like a dog sitting patiently on the floor under the dinner table, hoping for a handout. Itís not that way! Itís the grace of your own existence, which is the essence of God on Earth, and which drives all creation. You are your own master, a fact hidden completely within the face of your duality. Join the group called God. Pray - not to a higher supreme being - but as a family member whoís writing home during the front line of a battle. Youíre part of God, and are a family member. Youíre also a Human Being, one of the few entities in the Universe who lives and works in a place where you canít know the truth, since it would spoil the fairness of the test.

And you wonder why we support you and love you so?

QUESTION: Can the Human body exist or live productively without the presence of a spirit or soul?

ANSWER: No. Even the most seemingly uncaring or evil Human, or the one who is brain-dead or insane, has a soul and an essence of divinity. Itís all part of a combination of free choice and that of fulfilling specific energies for the benefit of creating balance (or the lack of it), which helps the rest of you make important decisions about your own divinity.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my first questions are regarding stabilized oxygen water. Is it really of any value other than to the people selling it? Is it a good idea to pH-balance our water before we drink it? What is the best water accessible to us, in general?

My second question: Iím extremely confused regarding what foods to eat and whether pH balancing is really all Iíve heard it is. Would you expound on this?

I guess my most profound question (to me, anyway) is, through the power of intent and melding with our total self, is any of this really necessary?

ANSWER: The answer to these questions is quite logical, but they donít conform to a simple answer.

Three years ago we told you that there would be more water products coming your way than ever before. The reason? Because your heath workers would begin to understand how important this basic sustenance is for you, and the beginning of the "secrets" of real biological balance would begin to be found. We told you that youíd discover that what you had felt was needed and healthy would end up looking like the dark ages of knowledge. In other words, youíd say, "How could we have ever believed this would be good for us?"

Now all this is at your doorstep. There are many waters available, and the first thing you do is ask, "Which one is right?" What if most are right? Why do you wish to limit your options to just one? Yes, the pH balance will be new information that will be controversial, then be validated over time by the health of the individuals who drink it. The process is still not fully understood, since your health industry still gives no credibility at all to the bodyís intelligent structure. That is to say that the body isnít just a chemical machine that reacts. Itís a creative machine that actually calls upon processes that are beyond chemistry, and which change portions of your DNA that speak to all cellular structure, and which create new paradigms of reality for you . . . immune setups, and longevity schemes that you havenít discovered yet.

Are some just making money from this new fad? Yes. So what do you do? The answer is obvious: Try samples of what is offered and decide for yourself. Donít weigh what others say or experience as your guide, since many of these new products arenít generic to all biology. This means that they will affect some more than others. This is knowledge we brought to you many years ago. Throw away the idea that all biology is the same, and that a cure is a cure is a cure. Itís not, and youíre going to begin to see far more individuality within medicine and health substances.

The same is true with food, and there will be many discoveries there as well. But through all of this, weíve also given you information that says that above all, the power of your consciousness can change both food and water. You can balance both to allow for everything you need. You can even change matter, and create a situation where ingesting food or water that might make another sick will actually nourish you. This is the promise for those who wish to examine this issue and take it all the way.

So, greet the food and donít worry about it. Change it to match your own biological structure. This is actually very old spiritual information, lost along the way of modern civilization.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, some years ago I bought a dowsing pendulum from a New Age shop. Itís made up of two pieces of mineral stones joined by a chain. I used it several times and thought it was inaccurate, so I put it aside.

Recently, I took it out of storage and used it again. Somehow, now seems like a more appropriate time. Are the answers that we get from the dowsing pendulum reliable? Where are the answers coming from?

ANSWER: The ability to douse and to receive answers from a pendulum are completely dependent on the Human Being using them. These instruments are an extension of what weíve called "Intelligent Human Cellular Structure," as we told you in the last answer.

Let me ask you this: What is the principle behind kinesiology? Did you ever wonder how the body could "know" what youíre holding in your hand, and could then produce communication about the substance through the strength of your muscles? What about homeopathy? Did you ever wonder how a substance that was so small that it was undetectable by your modern chemical analysis could send a healing message to your body?

The answer is that your body has a process that goes way beyond chemistry or biology. Some have the gift to extend this bodily "awareness" to douse. Itís simply that your body is connected at an interdimensional level to everything around it. It knows about the earth and more. Did you know you could douse for oil? Yes. Thatís not all. These are gifts that are just being discovered, but now theyíre being considered seriously instead of being "strange and unusual powers."

So the answer is that the power to douse comes from your internal connection to the earth. Itís only as reliable as the Human using it is, and itís not for everyone. But we encourage you to try it. You might be surprised!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what can you tell us about the increase in premature births that weíre seeing in this country? Is it related to the change in the grid magnetics? My children were born at just 24 weeks gestation on February 28, 2003.

ANSWER: So youíve noticed the trend, have you? Itís not just within your country. Itís actually everywhere. It has nothing to do with the grid specifically. It has everything to do with the new paradigm youíre in.

The souls coming into the earth at the moment are far more "ready" for the task than you ever were. They come into your planet as old souls, and you can see it in their eyes as theyíre born. The increase in premature birth is due mostly to the new consciousness of the children being born today. Theyíre impatient in life, and also in birth. Coming in at full term isnít needed for many of them, since they wish to get on with it!

As proof of this, I ask you to notice how they act later in their development. They already know so much! Theyíre not patient in school if they feel they already have the concepts (if not the facts), and theyíre very impatient with a parent who treats them as a young soul instead of an old soul whoís simply reviewing!

Itís all part of a new kind of Human being born on this planet. When you can see it firsthand, you no longer think this kind of message is foolishness. Look to the children for proof of what I say.

QUESTION: Kryon, my quest is one of power, rather than "enlightenment." I've attempted all manners of psychic or magical feats. Iíve contemplated the nature of perception and existence. Iíve sought to communicate with beings of this dimension and others, to further my quest. Do you have any suggestions for how I might succeed without having to reincarnate into some other form that has these abilities from birth? As an example, Iíve had dreams (for decades now), in which I possessed psychokinetic abilities (flight, moving objects at a distance, healing and changing living flesh, transmuting elements, generating energy, etc.), and thereís nothing in me that doubts that a person can have these abilities. Science is constantly discovering more "magic" in the Universe. So, for me the question is not "Why?" but "How?"

ANSWER: The days are gone where you can separate the two. Enlightenment is power, and one without the other is something you only found within an old energy. Humanity has changed its course, and within the things that have changed greatly are precisely these attributes. Thatís why integrity is becoming such a great issue. Thatís why weíve encouraged you to find truth . . . because biology is involved, too.

So, know that the magic you seek is truly there . . . everything you mentioned. However, itís now linked to master-hood, and not any outside source.

QUESTION: My husband and I have always tried to do our best to work for love, light, and life. Over many years, weíve done many things (at least we had the impression of doing so but now weíve lost our friends, and we seem to have come to a stop. Sometimes we think itís okay; perhaps the new tools weíve asked for need a little time to manifest but sometimes weíre a little afraid: Maybe weíve mistaken something? Maybe the "old" in ourselves is still fighting against our quest for the "new"? Iím certain you can help us, as usual, to understand and go further on the path of Light.

ANSWER: Dear ones, youíre right on schedule. The friends have gone because what youíve asked for is happening. They saw something in you that they didnít understand or they didnít agree with. Itís truly a clash of consciousness, isnít it? This is happening to many.

Yes, the duality will fight you all the way. It will shout to you that youíve messed up. It will cloak itself in righteousness and give you seemingly spiritual information that says to "Please come back" and to "Stop this silly quest you have." All the while, youíre beginning to vibrate higher, and this isnít only different for others around you, but also for your own biology.

Check this out with your own Higher-Self: Regularly go to a very quiet place and ask yourself, "Is this proper?" Ask for the love of God to be stronger than fear, but check what youíre doing with your "divinity compass." This is the only proof thatís valid. It wonít be what Kryon says, or what those around you say. Itís the old soul inside that you should listen to . . . always.

Blessed are those who hold fast to the purpose they came here for, for they will have the rewards of peace in their lifetime . . . both in their own bodies and on the planet Earth.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what is meant by an "old soul"? Does having lived many lives mean that youíre a slow learner or that youíre unable to ascend or increase your vibration?

ANSWER: When we use the term old soul, it refers to a Human Being whoís been on Earth so many times that they come in with spiritual knowledge that sits on them like a mantel. They have "been there and done that." This doesnít make them dense at all. Instead, it makes them very ready for the next step in Earthís spiritual growth. Theyíre the ones who will awaken first.

QUESTION: I recently attended a Kryon "At Home" seminar where Lee discussed that due to the grid changes, places like Sedona, Arizona, have less energetic resonance, while places like Mt. Shasta, California, now have an increased resonance. What other places now have an increasing resonance, and what can we do to help contribute to the new energy?

ANSWER (from Lee): There really isnít anything you can do to enhance or contribute to what Kryon calls the new "vortals." This is an Earth process, and we just get to participate. Sedona is still a beautiful, energetic place, but it lacks the profound polarity of energies that used to be present there. Itís not because of anything that happened there, but rather the new energy of the planet, which is moving more toward Lemurian energies.

So Mt. Shasta is a big one, and Kryon has indicated that itís ripe for a major change. Other areas that are being affected are New Zealand and Bali. These have very strong Lemurian energies.

QUESTION: For me, going to Bali is one of the most amazing experiences Iíve ever had, and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Is there something different or special either energetically or magnetically about that island? Has it always been like that, or is this more recent? Also, is this disorientation something thatís experienced by many people, or was I just particularly sensitive to it?

ANSWER: Funny that you should ask this apart from the other question. See the above question and answer. [Smile]

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, there have been quite a number of sociopaths in my life. Psychiatrists tell us that they have no conscience, as opposed to a good or a bad one. So, doctors cannot help them because thereís nothing to fix. How can they be a spirit soul, having a life, if they have no conscience? Isnít that the essence of a soul?

ANSWER: No. Conscience is not the essence of a soul. Itís only a biological reaction to chemistry. Many of these you mention have actually been born without the needed biology, but they still have a soul. From a much higher place than youíre giving credit for, their soul is active, looking down on a life they planned for themselves, where they would come to the planet and help balance something or unbalance something that would eventually lead to something far higher and better. This is one of the most difficult things for you to see or understand. How can abuse or even murder help the planet? The answer is one that only time can reveal. It often pushes Humans into understanding, spiritual endeavor, or laws that change a country.

A Human Being can have a glorious soul, but never speak to it, see it, or be in touch with it. Even the lowest of the low of humanity have souls. Itís all part of a plan that you participate in, even if you donít believe you could ever have a part in something like this.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've been pondering your statements about light and multidimensionality, and something occurred to me today. I'm not sure if this is a flash of insight or just plain crazy. Iíd appreciate it if you could tell me if Iím on the right track. Have we missed something about light thatís blindingly obvious? We live in 4D space-time. Does light experience time? Light is a massless particle, according to physicists. My "insight" or "crazy idea" is that light is in another dimension than 4D space-time. If this is right, then is it just our perception that needs to change?

ANSWER: Yes, the perceptions need to change. Instead of seeing light outside of time, you must start seeing light as controlled by time. It may not experience time, but its attributes (speed, especially) are controlled by it. Why does light travel at all? What is the engine behind it? When you look at the core energy of reality, it demands that light be related to time. But since time is different for many parts of the Universe, then light is not the constant you think it is.

Your insights are good, but you need to carry them still further. Light is indeed partially interdimensional, but itís forever locked to formulas about the reality of where it is. Each time-frame will create a different "speed of Light." This is perhaps the most difficult part of what we teach in astronomy and physics. When you look into space, the light that has come from a far away place is seen as traveling at a constant speed to get to you . . . the same speed as the light that came from the bulb over your head. In fact, this isnít so. Instead, think of this faraway light as having made a long journey through "light roads" where there were construction delays, stops, and even expressways! It didnít get here in the simple linear fashion you think it did. Along the way, it reacted to the time frames that it passed through. This will also give you pause to wonder if your distance measurements are accurate, too.

When you begin to discover more about the dark energy (not negative, but unseen) in your Universe, youíll have to conclude that itís interdimensional, and therefore some of itís even in a quantum state (all together, without distance). As soon as you add this attribute to the reality of space, you then must consider that what youíre seeing and measuring as light might actually be far more complex than you thought.

What scientists call the "big bang residue" is an energy left over from a dimensional shift, not an explosion. It creates a reality where you can only see part of it in 4D, and where the energy doesnít "add up" to the whole you know is there. This will lead you into interdimensional math and eventually to also discover the vents weíve spoken about. More is coming on this.

QUESTION: In one of one books, you mentioned that the flow of charged particles interacting orthogonically with a magnetic field can induce zero and magnetic mass. (I hope I got this right.) Could you kindly elaborate more, and hopefully predict when we can expect this kind of technology?

As a sidebar, you mentioned that the equator is not conducive for ascension. Iím actually living near the equator. Does this mean that for the people here, there can be every little or no spiritual progress?

ANSWER: The creation of massless objects (what you call anti-gravity) is the insertion of specific multiple dimensional attributes within 4D. It can be done when you understand some very specific and easily accomplished relationships of magnetic fields within magnetic fields. We told you to look for clever ways of spinning fields within fields, and attuning them to certain levels of gauss. These are definitely "designer fields" and not stray ones, and they must "see" each other in a certain way. When you do that, suddenly you get a massless object. If you do it inside an object and follow some specific alignments, the object itself will become massless. You can also "steer" it with the very magnetics being used to create the massless attribute. But the "steering" is about "where in space" it must exist, rather than what you consider "turning left or right."

Although only a few will understand what Iím speaking of, later some will read this and they will absolutely "know" that this is accurate and therefore must be channelled. For there are only a few scientists on Earth right now who could read this and relate to my next statement: The "magic" of a massless object is contained in the energy artifacts of whatís remaining after magnetics voids magnetics. These artifacts of energy are interdimensional gold (as far as youíre concerned), meaning that theyíre the essence of what youíre looking for, and what they contain is what will change the "rules" of your physics, causing you to revamp your understanding of matter.

Know that even interdimensionality can exist in 4D (gravity and magnetics are examples), yet be part of your system of 4D physics. But they remain only reactive physics, in that all you can do is see what happens around them. The magic will happen when you can begin to understand what actually creates them, and manipulate that. Then you begin to see beyond the 4D, and begin to manipulate the attributes of the other dimensions and get reactions.

All dimensions are in your lap for you to work with. Thereís nothing hiding, or against some spiritual law. Magnetics is only the first area of interdimensional physics, but itís the most obvious, since it exists in 4D in a way that can be seen and manipulated. Be careful not to have too many presuppositions about what might or might not be the results of experiments. Remember one of the most basic quantum rules: When you get into interdimensionality, distance isnít a factor.

Living at the equator makes it harder to find enlightenment, and also harder to maintain spiritual balance. Itís also this way at the poles. But remember, Humans carry divinity with them, so although harder, itís still possible.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Iím trying to understand how Feng Shui works. When we tested where the energy in our house was happiest in activating certain corners, we came up with the Pa Kua system that gears placement from the front door of the home. This was different with the directional system. I can see that if your intention was to work on certain areas such as wealth, your intention would make it happen regardless of which system you used, but I donít understand how it can apply to missing corners which for example could be wealth or powerful mentors. Iíve read how people were having money troubles and when a Feng Shui assessment was done it was found that the wealth corner was missing, but if you used a different system, it would be powerful mentors.

I know Feng Shui works; Iíve felt the difference in the energy, but this part is confusing.

ANSWER: This is a good question, for it shows how linear the thinking is. Hereís a simple answer. Even without any of the movement of chi, your co-creative energy as a Human Being will work. However, if you then decide not to isolate yourself, and instead use the energy of the earth as your partner, then everything youíre doing will be enhanced.

So again, itís not either/or when determining which system is best. Itís your goal to use all the systems together to enhance the big system, which is your intent. Pa Kua actually holds hands with Feng Shui, but there are times when one is better depending on the individual circumstances of whatís around you, including the energy of the land! You canít plop a house down on the earth and expect to only have the energy of the house! So the land plays a part, too. The answer is to try it all and use what works.

All this is to say that these energy systems are like the conveyor belts you walk on in your municipal areas. You can walk at your own speed, or walk on the conveyor. Both actions will get you where youíre going, but one will enhance your travel and get you there faster.

Unfortunately, so many Humans look at the whole thing and just sit down. Then nothing happens at all.

QUESTION 1: The following are burning questions for me! Was there a specific event, chosen by all of us, of course, which was pivotal in our shifting out of the old Earth paradigm into this new one?

ANSWER: Yes. The Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

QUESTION 2: How can the free choice of those of us on this small little planet affect a Universe where there is no free choice? Our physics says that the Universe is one seamless whole composed of a singular one-stuff. How can the nature of that stuff be free will in one section and not in an all the rest? What kind of existence would the rest of the Universe even have without free will?

ANSWER: There is free choice all over the Universe, but yours is the only planet inhabited by pieces of God who donít know who they are and have free choice about changing their

reality and their spiritual quotient. The "one-stuff" is accurate, as is the energy of God. Itís the reason this works, not the objection for why it shouldnít.

QUESTION 3: Is the rest of the Universe condemned to suffer for our mistakes? What kind of All-That-Is creates a Universe without free will, then puts a tiny spot of free will in an insignificant, obscure solar system in an insignificant, obscure galaxy? Is free will that dangerous?

ANSWER: None of the Universe will suffer anything due to what Humans do here. Youíre not making mistakes, but rather youíre deciding on a balance of energy, and where dark and light may balance itself. Your efforts will apply to a new creation. The Universe will celebrate what you do here, and take from you the light youíre creating. Think of it as solving problems, where only the solutions get seen, not the work around their creation.

Itís the Human duality that finds objectionable logic in a divine system. When you place a limited paradigm over a complex one, you only get partial answers. But those in the limited paradigm donít know it. They think theyíre complete, and their thinking is clear. If all you can do is add and subtract, and you try to compute complex physics problems, youíre going to get very simple and inaccurate answers. But if all you can do is add and subtract, then youíll never know theyíre inaccurate, will you?

QUESTION: Kryon, Iím wondering about magnetic fields and people. Do some people have larger magnetic fields than others? My son seems to have magnetic energy coming out of his fingers; he can even draw on a Magna Doodle. Can you shed some light on this?

ANSWER: Itís really not magnetics that your son has. It seems that way, but itís just a portion of a powerful energy field around him. Many can drain batteries or cause electronic equipment to malfunction (crash computers). This is not as much magnetics as it is a very energetic Human field.

So yes, many Humans have fields that are different. Theyíre not larger, but more active. The actual size is set for all, and is the same. How active they are is the point, and thatís about activation of DNA. Many young people have this naturally, since their DNA has been changed . . . not chemically, but interdimensionally.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, when I read your words, my energy level rises dramatically. Thank you for them. My question: Dr. Ovokaitys is openly supported by you, and his works are very intriguing. But kinesiology tells me that none of the laser-enhanced products you probably helped to design, work with me, although the symptoms (i.e., "Heart Gems") would fit perfectly. Iím pretty disappointed and feel a bit "left out." Do you have an idea for me?

ANSWER: As we told you even within this Q&A session, biology is shifting in order to be very independent and unique. Remember, kinesiology is a wonderful tool, for it "knows" all about your specific chemistry. Others may test very positive for something you do not. This is the beauty of your cellular intelligence.

So move on. In your case, there is indeed something that might "fit" the symptoms and will work for you. So keep looking, and remember not to overlook water . . . very different water.

QUESTION: 1: Dear Kryon, about two months ago, a friend suggested that I read The Journey Home (Kryon Book Five). That was my introduction to you, and Iíve been reading as much of your channelled information as I can since then. I honestly donít think I've ever cried so many tears of relief as I did when I read this book.

I have two questions. The first one is about The Journey Home. As I read this book, it felt like my chakras were being opened up. Through each house, a different part of my body had strange movement in it that corresponds to the chakras. Shortly after I read the book, I had the biggest emotional release Iíve ever had. Since then, the scope of my healings has changed, Iím doing things much differently than I did, and my abilities have been much greater than they were before. Is it possible that the book helps to clear you of old energy, and how do you know if youíve cleared out all the old energy?

ANSWER: Dear one, yes. This is the reason for the parable of Michael Thomas. As you read it, and are open to the metaphors within the metaphors, your DNA awareness is activated. Itís different for every Human, but those who are ready, respond!

QUESTION 2: My second question is about shielding and psychic protection. Throughout my journey, Iíve been told that shielding is a must. Iíve never really liked to do it because I usually forget to do it. Now Iím wondering if shielding myself is keeping me in a duality mind-set? I have friends that say shielding is a must, especially when youíre a healer. What are your thoughts on this?

ANSWER: As weíve discussed many times, shielding yourself keeps you not only in a duality mind-set, but also in an old energy of fear. If youíre carrying the light, and you know it, then no other energies will harm you. We understand what youíve been taught as a healer, and also the reasons that were developed in an older energy that would require you to shield.

So let me ask you, do you think the masters who walked the earth shielded themselves? Itís almost laughable, isnít it? Well, smile and laugh, since this is the energy we teach you about. As you create this light, know that you are whole. Know that the light is the shield, and that nothing can exist in it as long as thereís integrity. Youíre claiming the exact energy of the masters.

There are some who point to this teaching as a "Kryon trick." They say that if you lower your shielding, then "creatures of the light" can invade you and take away your intelligence, your power, your logic, your divinity, and even your ability to know that something happened. Our answer to this is to examine what all the masters told you. They gave you this same message, over and over. They encouraged you to be just like them.

Some trick! Itís not a Kryon message, but a universal message thatís as old as humanity and just as potent for you today as when it was first given so long ago.

QUESTION: Kryon, I read your answer on addiction. Iíve known for years that Iím a highly evolved spirit, but cannot go to the next level. Fear has me crippled. How can I move to the next level?

ANSWER: Fear will cripple, paralyze, and keep you from even understanding this answer. Itís that potent! Youíre poised on a revelation. But before you can understand any of this, you must create self-worth in yourself, and also speak to the child within (this was you, before you had the addition of the things that currently are feared). Weíve given the methods for this.*

And yes, youíre not only highly evolved, but very ready to get rid of this attribute. We stand beside you and will support you when you begin.

*See Kryon channelling on Self-Worth [http://www.kryon.com/k_chaneldelmar03.html ]

QUESTION: Kryon, do have any sense of what the immediate (and not so immediate) future of education may be?

ANSWER: No entity can tell your future, but we can all give you readings of energy based on what youíre doing now.

The potential future of education will be one that the next generation will begin to put in place. It will be a dynamic system where the children can change the classroom as the term unfolds. This would be classroom-by-classroom. The teacher will only have one goal . . . that the children learn certain concepts by the end of the term, and prove they know everything expected. Each classroom will be able to govern how long this takes, and how long is spent on each concept or step, based on what the collective student group decides. This will eventually feature an evolved classroom where the students, based on their performance, will actually determine the term. Those classes who finish their terms early will get longer vacations.

In addition, the classrooms will be able to collectively dismiss other students in the class who detract from their learning, and/or individually help those who need review. So instead of the system deciding whoís fit for a class, the students will. It will be a far more empowering system, and will always be under the direction of the teacher. But itís a far different system from what you have today, where the system drives the student. In the future, the student will drive the system.

There wonít be chaos, as many educators may predict. A funny thing happens when you give leadership concepts to those who can lead: They do.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my heart has been greatly changed by your channellings and books. I had never felt much empathy for organized religion, although Iíve always believed in God. Frequently, I was confused by what I was taught about God, but I always believed in a divine creator. Iíve read that what we do here on this planet determines the energy set-point of a Universe thatís being created. That begs these questions: Since we are eternal, have we done this in other Universes? Will we do it again? Will this be our goal always? Are there others, elsewhere, who have other tasks? And what is the purpose of all this? Why do we do this at all? Why donít we just simply "be" what we naturally are for all eternity?

ANSWER: Oh my . . . the wisdom and intuition of the Human is beginning to broach the veil! Yes, you have done this before. Yes, you will do it again. There are many of you "in the wings" who will continue to come in as your population increases to a critical level . . . and all of them have done it before.

Perhaps you may begin to finally understand? This is what you do! This is your specialty. This is also the "heavy lifting" weíve spoken about which you do, and your colors show this.

The purpose is beyond Human understanding, but itís one of the grandest things that exists within the scope of what you call God. Itís about the integrity of creation, about life in general, and about the love of God.

So just "be" with it, and continue to search for your divinity. At every step, be certain that you remain in integrity. Let everything you do be "well with your soul," meaning that youíre totally comfortable with the faith of your intent.

The core of every religious teaching of the planet asks you to have faith that thereís a bigger picture. They tell you that you are forever . . . beyond Human death . . . and that some things are simply not to be known while youíre here. Then they tell you to keep your eyes on God.

Itís my message. too.

QUESTION: In a channelling posted on the Website, you state that when a family member dies, he/she becomes part of their children. When that child dies, he/she becomes a part of his/her children . . .and on and on. My question is twofold: First, what happens when a personís sibling dies without children? Does that sibling become part of his/her brothers and sisters, or go somewhere else? Second, what is the dynamic when a parent dies and becomes part of his/her child, but the parent was antagonistic toward the child during his/her lifetime, was abusive, etc.? Is the child now going to have a part of himself/herself that is going to be at war with his/her other "parts"?

ANSWER: Dear one, try to stop placing these interdimensional concepts in 4D boxes. It will never suit you. The whole channelling revealed a concept that you are a group. This group moves around your immediate karmic group, and when you leave, part of you is active. Itís with children and parents, brothers, sisters, and even good friends.

Remember that, karmically, your parents and children are all mixed up within your group, far beyond what you think are parents and children. Also try to get beyond what the Human thinks about other Humans while they were here or after theyíre gone. Donít you understand that when you pass over and become angelic, you have the mind of God?

Abusive fathers will be with the daughters they abused . . .just like they agreed to before they came. When they both get to the other side, they may even decide to change roles and come in again! On the other side of the veil, itís no different than a play. When the play is over, you go to the cast party and choose another role.

So, "feel" those who have passed on, whom you loved and lost. Feel the friend, the parent, the brother or sister, and yes . . . the child. They are with you forever, and are part of the makeup of an interdimensional system that is family.

Placing them in physical form and drawing up organizational charts of who is with who and what they must think about it all is a very 4D exercise!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, how do we know when a divorce is appropriate or not?

ANSWER: Itís appropriate when the energy and consciousness of the one is on a different reality from the other, and itís obvious that it will never change.

This isnít about enlightenment, either. Itís about your individual paths. Although contrary to your society, the rules of the church, and what your family wishes for you, sometimes you go through "partnership stages" that are appropriate but temporary. It can also be between two enlightened souls who simply needed to be together for a while.

So if youíre going to separate a partnership, do it with integrity. Do it in a way where you offer friendship. Do it with wisdom and maturity. Never slam the door. Offer the other person your maturity all your life, and always give them the opportunity for forgiveness and discussion.

As you grow older, youíll eventually see the dynamics of growth, and why a temporary partnership might have been needed in your own personal path, or in theirs. Sometimes itís only about being a time placeholder, keeping each other in a place so that something else could happen. Each path is different, and there are as many who will stay together until they stand and hold hands on the other side of the veil. Then theyíll do it again the next time around! Donít pass judgment either way. There is appropriateness in many things that result in growth and maturity for either or both of those involved.

As I discussed before, your cultural rules are often designed to look like theyíre also the "rules of God," but often theyíre just the rules of Humans who are doing their best, without full understanding of how big God really is.